What hurts your ex the most when they still have feelings for you

What hurts the ex the most when he still has feelings for you

Although most people think that the end of a relationship is too is the end of all feelings, life usually proves you wrong.

On the other hand, there are some couples where one or both partners exhibit odd behaviors that can easily be misinterpreted .

When this is the case, one of the partners usually has doubts as to whether the other person has unresolved feelings for them.

You always do still have feelings for your ex? Do you still love him?

Or is this feeling more hateful towards your ex since he caused you so much breakup pain? Do you want to hurt him too?

I can understand you. We've all been there.

We thought that if our ex-spouse felt as bad as we did, we'd feel better about ourselves. But maybe you're not sure how to hurt him and what could hurt him the most.

Don't worry, this article will tell you everything you need to know, I promise it you!

How can I hurt him the most?

Did you want to spill all his secrets and all the intimacies he told you in confidence? Want to say bad things about him?

Want to create a fake dating profile for him and give his number to anyone who might be interested? Do you think that's a good idea?

But before you do that, ask yourself what this kind of revenge would actually bring you. Are you really going to feel better?

Probably not. Hurting others to make themselves feel better doesn't actually work in most cases. Even when it works, the satisfaction is short-lived.

But there's one thing that hurts men more than all of those previous ideas – Show him that you can do just fine without him!

And you can do it in a few simple steps:

1. Be happy when you see it

You've probably heard by now that after a breakup, there's always a winner and a loser. The winner lives their best life after the breakup and the loser obviously suffers.

The first time you see your ex after your breakup, don't be angry, don't be sad, smile Look at him and tell him how great you are.

2. Don't ask about him

Not only will you probably meet your ex-partner from time to time, but also their best friend or family members. They are not to blame for your breakup and you should be polite to them.

You can chat with them for a few minutes, of course you don't have to tell much about your private life, but you should pay attention to one thing – Don't ask how your ex-boyfriend is.

Chances are pretty high that they will tell him very quickly that they met you. He will expect you to have asked about him, but if they tell him you didn't, it will be a sign to him that you are over him.

3. Do all the things he didn't want to do

Maybe you always wanted a dog, but he has an allergy. Or you had long hair because he said he liked you better that way, even though you've been wanting to try short hair for a while.

But think about it, what's stopping you now? 😀 The breakup doesn't have to be the only change (or even improvement) in your life.

4. Find a new partner

Nothing hurts men more than the fact that they are replaceable. Yes, actually women too, to be completely honest.

If someone believes, or even knows, that they were your great love, they will probably believe that you can no longer live without them . He will expect you to stay single.

The last thing he will expect is to see you with a new partner. Of course you should only do this if you are really ready for a new relationship.

So now you know how to hurt your ex the most, but there are there's another problem: you can't hurt him if he doesn't have feelings for you anymore!

Well, in order to hurt your ex, you have to be 100% sure first he still has feelings for you.

How do I know if my ex still loves me?

Here are 24 obvious signs he still loves you and hasn't moved on.

If the things below observed individually, they don't have to mean anything.

But if your ex does most or all of these things, he definitely still has feelings for you.

1. He keeps in touch with you

For me, one of the first signs that my ex-boyfriend still has feelings for me is the fact that he is trying to keep in touch with me. Whether he's calling you or texting you on WhatsApp, it's clear that he still wants to be a part of your life.

It's common for people to stay in touch after a breakup, but if your ex insists you two keep in touch, chances are he still has feelings for you.

2. You see him all the time

You and your ex have been together for a long time and that means he knows most of your habits and routines.

< p>He knows where you work, where your gym is, where your friends and family live and where your favorite place is.

Another possibility is that he has feelings for you but is too cowardly to admit it, or perhaps his pride won't allow it.

It may be that he's afraid you won't return the feelings and he doesn't want to feel rejected if he doesn't get the signals he expects from you.

If he still loves you but doesn't want to be the one to make the first move, this is his solution.

3. He's asking about you

If you've been in a serious relationship for a long time, chances are that you and your partner have a lot of mutual friends.

While that doesn't mean that either or both of you should stop hanging out with all of these people when you break up, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea if you want to sever all ties with your ex .

He probably doesn't want to contact you directly, but uses people you both know to get the information he needs.

While this can also mean that he just wants to see how you are, there's a good chance he misses you and wants you back.

He might not even realize how much He talks about you to other people, but you're always on his mind, so he can't help it.

4. He has kept in touch with your friends and family

Mutual friends and acquaintances aside, it's not uncommon in a long-term relationship for your partner to have good relationships with your friends and family members.

And while you've enjoyed it, that he had this kind of relationship with them when you two were still together, it bothers you now that you have no plans to get back together with him.

It's one thing if your ex-boyfriend is polite enough to say ”hello” to your family and friends. to say when he bumps into them on the street or when he calls them to congratulate them on something, but it's a completely different thing when he uses every opportunity to get in touch with them to kick.

He probably has no other way to keep in touch with you, so indirectly, through her, he is trying to stay in your life.

During hanging out with them makes him feel like he's near you and it helps him keep up with everything that's going on in your life without having to contact you directly. eat.

5. He's trying to find out things about you

But if your ex still has feelings for you, he'll behave completely differently.< /p>

He will try to find out things about you, like if you moved on or still have feelings for him. For example, he will ask your best friend when he meets her if you have met anyone.

Despite the breakup, you're obviously still a big part of his life and he wants to know everything that's going on in your life.

6. He is interested in your love life

One of the first signs that my ex still has feelings for me is his interest in my love life.

All of a sudden he wants to know everything about the guys I've been dating or if I stayed single.

If your ex-boyfriend behaves the same way, you can be sure that he hasn't stopped loving you.

He is afraid that you will find a new partner because that would be devastating for him so he wants to know if you are available for others again and if so he would like to know all about it.

He wants to know every detail about your new relationship if you have one, but he's probably acting like he's only asking you about these things as a good friend.

7. He returns to your unresolved issues

When you and your partner broke up, it was for a reason.

But all the problems and disagreements you two had should be forgiven and forgotten when the end comes.

If both you and your ex acted like this towards everything that happened in your relationship, it means that you both moved on with your life.

But if he keeps trying to Going back to everything that happened between the two of you, it's obvious that your ex isn't over you.

To him, the relationship you two had isn't just a part of the past. He doesn't want to accept that you are his ex-girlfriend and he hopes to solve your relationship problems to get a second chance with you.

8. He is jealous

But it can be weird when your ex-boyfriend shows jealousy.

If your ex acts like you two are still together and has a desire to control your love life is it's obvious he still has feelings for you.

It's also possible that he's acting friendly and pretending to be happy for your new start, if you have found a new partner.

But at the same time he takes every opportunity to tell you that the guy you are with doesn't deserve you and that you could have something much better.

9. He doesn't follow the no contact rule

If you were hurt in your last relationship, the best thing you can do is implement a no contact policy.

This means that you should ask your ex-boyfriend to help you get over him by cutting off all possible contact for at least 30 days.

This means no calls, no SMS or WhatsApp messages and no conversations with your friends and family. So total silence.

But it seems that your ex-boyfriend is refusing to follow this rule even though he promised to respect your wishes.

If that's the If so, it's a clear sign that he's not indifferent to you.

He's scared that once he's out of your sight, he's out of your mind and he's not willing to let that happen.

Instead of respecting your wishes, he does the exact opposite because he can't refrain from contacting you.

10. He Stalks You On Social Media

Social media has made stalking and obsession easier than ever.

So, if your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you, the first thing he will do is visit all your accounts.

This will give him a glimpse into your life without never having to leave the house.

If he never misses your Instagram or Snapchat story, or you accidentally “like” on something you posted a long time ago, that's a sure sign he's stalking you through social media and he's still not over you.

11. He avoids you completely

While you might think that if someone doesn't want to see you at all costs that isn't a sign of their feelings for you, you could be dead wrong.

< p>For me, one of the first signs that my ex-boyfriend still has feelings for me is that he avoids me completely.

That means he doesn't have trouble encountering you when necessary.

But if you see him avoiding events you're both invited to, or not even saying hello to your friends; says if he sees her you can be sure he still has feelings for you.

12. He'll call or text you when he's drunk

It's been said that people are most honest when they're drunk. Your ex-boyfriend is no exception.

You might think you're getting mixed signals from him because he always ignores you during the day when he's sober.

But once he's drunk you get one Call or WhatsApp message from your ex and you wonder why.

It's obvious that this guy still has feelings for you, but also that he's probably running from them .

He may not be sure if it would work out with the two of you and his common sense will outweigh his emotions when he is sober.

13. He hasn't been in a relationship since you broke up

Some people don't like to jump from one relationship to another.

Instead they are happy to take some time to get over their ex-partner and wait until they are ready to start a new relationship.

And that is perfectly acceptable.

But if you and your ex-boyfriend broke up a long time ago and he hasn't been in a relationship since then, you can be pretty sure he still has feelings for you.

He is aware that he still loves you even though you broke up and he doesn’t want to hurt and be with another girl while he still has feelings for you. He knows that this new partner would just be a stopgap.

14. He pretends you’re still together

Breaking up from a person you love is one of the hardest things to accept.

One of the signs that my ex-boyfriend still loves you ;feel for me is when he acts like we're still together.

When your ex bids you good night &nd; and sends good morning messages when he keeps asking you to hang out when you're the first person he comes to when he's in trouble or when he expects you to see him regularly. If you contact ig, it's a clear sign that he definitely didn’t accept the fact that you guys broke up.

It's possible that he didn’t take the breakup that seriously like you and that he sees it as just a fight between the two of you, so he keeps acting like you're his girlfriend.

15. His new girlfriend looks like you

But sometimes the resemblance between partners is more than just a coincidence.

If your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you but decides to find someone else, this girl will probably have a little bit of you in her.

If he finds a girlfriend who looks or acts like you, it means he will look for you in every woman he gets can.

He can't accept that he can't have you anymore, so he has decided to subconsciously pretend you two are still together.

16. He takes responsibility for everything he did to you

You probably had a friend who didn't treat you the right way but acted like it as if he never saw a problem in his behavior towards you.

But now that you guys broke up, it seems like he suddenly sees all the mistakes he made in your relationship.

Not only that, he also regrets everything he did to you.

From nothing he has grown into a man who, for the first time in his life, takes full responsibility for his words and actions.

And you don't know what to think or feel.

Although there's a possibility that he either just wants you back because you were a fitting victim for his emotional manipulations, or he finally realized he'd done you harm and now he's making up for it; If he feels guilty, the most likely scenario is that he still has big feelings for you.

17. He takes care of you and your needs

It's always nice when your ex-boyfriend is polite even after your breakup and all the best to you wishes.

But he is no longer your partner and therefore it is not his duty to look after your well-being.

Well, if your ex-boyfriend is particularly concerned about your needs, it is very it's likely that he still has strong feelings for you.

It's acceptable if he picks up the phone from time to time when you ask him to help you with something, but if he goes out of his way to please you, he definitely cares.

This guy is always at your disposal and he is willing to do anything in his power just to make your life more comfortable and to help you.

18. His non-verbal gestures

Sometimes people don't need to say a single word to reveal their true feelings.

Is he indifferent when he looks at you or does it seem like you brightened his day?

If his eyes light up and he can't help but smile even though he wants to put on a straight face when he sees you, he definitely still has feelings for you.

It is he may want to hide these feelings, but eyes never lie.

It's just – if your ex misses you, you'll be able to tell from their non-verbal gestures because they reveal everything they're trying to hide.

19. His social media reveals his suffering

While it's debatable whether social media can reveal someone's personality, it's true that it can tell you a lot about a person.

There are numerous f’ All where people don’t delete every trace of their former partner from their accounts because they consider those people a part of their lives and don’t want to delete every good memory they shared with them.

But, in most cases, if your ex-partner keeps all your pictures of you being happy and in love, he is doing it because he is expecting a reconciliation.

Even if if he keeps posting sad status updates or songs about a painful breakup, he does it because he hopes you'll see them.

20. He tries to make you laugh

Everyone knows that the best way to attract a girl is to make her laugh.

So, when your ex goes to extra lengths just to make you laugh, it's obvious that he enjoys seeing you happy, but he's also trying to find a way to make yours Finding hearts.

He knows that winning a girl back is quite difficult, so he will need some validation and motivation to continue and your smile is spot on what he needs.

21. He keeps talking about your memories together

Every relationship has its good days and bad days and that's totally normal.

After a couple breaks up, it's a chance for both, everything that happened in the relationship out of one realistic perspective.

But when one partner still has feelings for the other, they only remember the good times and quickly forget everything that led to the breakup.< /p>

So if your boyfriend still loves you, he doesn't think about all the negative things that happened in the relationship.

Instead, he only thinks about the good times.

So he thinks his best tactic is to remind you of all the things you've been through together so you can feel the same nostalgia he feels.

22. He's suggestive

When a guy wants you back, it's natural for him to want to sleep with you again.

So he will try to mess with you one way or the other while being raunchy.

He will remind you of all the wild moments you were together and those Use any passion you may still have for him to get you back. Maybe he will even suggest you a friendship plus.

23. He doesn’t want to give you back your things

All breakup advice will tell you that if you really want to break away from him, you should get rid of any memories that connect you to your former partner. Out of sight – out of mind!

Many of these memories are associated with your ex-lover's belongings and belongings.

But your ex-boyfriend refuses to give you your belongings back, and you don't know what to think about it.

If your ex didn't want to be the first to give you your stuff back, it's possible that he's waiting for you to call him about it so he can use this as an opportunity to discuss things with you.

It can also mean that he's holding on to these things because he can't handle the fact that he doesn't have you anymore because he still loves you.

24. He treats you badly

One of the signs that your ex still loves you is the fact that he is showing negative feelings towards you.

If he is saying bad things about you behind your back; hates you or indirectly insults you whenever he gets the chance, you probably assume that means he hates you badly and can't bear to even look at you.

But what you obviously forgot is that the line between love and hate is very fine and blurred.

It is clear that he has not moved on with his life and that he is still overly preoccupied with your relationship in one way or another.

Why mustö do you want to hurt him?

Another question to ask yourself is why you would want to hurt your ex in the first place. Do you still have feelings for him?

Even hate is a feeling and a very strong feeling and not the opposite of love. Indifference is the opposite of love.

As the saying goes, the line between hate and love is a very thin one, and having strong feelings for your partner might even mean it that you still love him. But if you are sure that you don't love him anymore, you shouldn't waste your time or thought about him at all.

Live your own life, be happy and remember – The best way to get revenge on your ex is to be happy without him.

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