What his cuddle style says about his feelings for you

What his cuddle style says about his feelings for you

Men aren't exactly vocal and open when it comes to expressing their feelings towards women ; at least most of them aren't.

So it's really true that their actions speak louder than their words.

The way they behave towards you is the first and most important sign -; how a man treats you, how much he invests in you and the relationship he builds with you.

There are some sweeter signs though, like his body language, his touch, kisses and cuddles.

Even if he's not ready to say something outright because he thinks it will make him less of a man, his cuddle style will speak for him:

#Cuddle Chaos

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He knows; not exactly what he wants, but he wants you around, so his cuddle style is a little messy.

He wants you to be close to him, but not too close.

That's why he'll try cuddling positions with you from time to time until you find the perfect one.

If he's as naturally indecisive as cuddling, it might be a while before he reveals his true feelings for you.

#Face to Face

Not only is he in love with you, he also feels like the happiest man alive because he can enjoy this moment with you.

He looks at your face so he can see your reactions while caressing your arm.

He wants to enjoy your smile while you're talking and just look at you for a while, because in his eyes and in his heart there is no one more beautiful. 

And more importantly, when a man and woman come face to face, it is a sign of trust.

#Your head on his chest

He cares about you metaphorically and literally.

He wants you to feel safe around him and he has this natural and probably subconscious need to protect you.

He will probably be there for you wanting to be, carrying your shopping bags, being your handyman around the house, etc.

In the bedroom he will want to be upstairs and be more dominant, but that too is a great thing.

# He leans against you

His head can be on your chest or on your lap. lie down and you stroke his hair to make him feel comfortable.

If this is his favorite snuggling position, it means he needs you.

He needs a strong, independent woman he can rely on.

He might seem a bit needy, like he needs attention, an ego boost and some support.

If you're a dominant woman, he's the man for you.

#One Arm Cuddle

This is a bit tricky. He obviously doesn't like cuddling, so he does his bare minimum.

This has two possible meanings.

The first would be that he realizes that you need to cuddle and that he is trying, even though it's not his thing.

The second one isn't fun to hear, but he may not be into you that much, so he doesn't even want to try.


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One could call his favorite cuddling position curled up body to body.

Your butt is usually in just the right spot… pressed against his manhood.

And he has his hands free to explore up front.

The first thing he's trying to say is that he is very sexually attracted to you.

Besides cuddling, if he's able to behave properly in other aspects of your relationship and express his emotions through it, that's a clear sign for wanting to be close to you.

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