What do men want from a woman? 25 characteristics of the ultimate dream woman

What do men want in a woman? 25 qualities of the ultimate dream woman

”What do men want in a woman?” is undoubtedly one of the most common questions people ask nowadays.

Do they only care about your looks and don't care about your personality?

Do they care only for the so-called ”model women”?

None of this is true. Well, to some extent, yes, but what men really want is a lot simpler than you might have thought – and don't worry, I'll help you understand it better.

How many times have you labeled men as assholes who only think about one thing (doing your laundry ), and immediately associated it with the fact that they only care about your looks and nothing else?

How many times have you come across emotionally unavailable men or guys who have no idea what they want and how many times have you thought you'll never understand them because they don't understand themselves?

I know the feeling. I've been through the same thing countless times and I've always asked myself the same question: “What do men really want in a woman?”

There are really men out there who just want to get your hands dirty and there are men who have no idea what they really want right now, but these men just do it going through a phase that has nothing to do with what they really want from you.

They're just not ready for a relationship or anything more serious than physical contact, which doesn't mean they're ready for anything ;r always will be.

And you don't want to waste your time with men like that, so you don't need to worry about their preferences.

Rather, you should look at the big picture.

If you ask any grown man out there what he really wants in a woman (assuming he's confident and not just interested in mediocre romance), he'll tell you he has the right woman wants, a woman who stands by his side, a woman who loves him as unconditionally as he loves her.

And, believe it or not, that's the definition of every man's ultimate dream girl .

The only difference is that some men realize this sooner and others later.

Eventually every single one of them gets to the same point.

But don't get me wrong.

Although the emphasis is on your personality, character and other traits that make you a human being, appearance also plays an important role, albeit not the decisive one!< /p>

So don't think that the ultimate dream girl has to have a perfect body, go to the gym 5 times a week, have perfect makeup and so on.

No! Being a dream woman means knowing what you want, respecting yourself and others and being comfortable in your own skin – because that's much more attractive to any man out there than just good looks.

A good-looking woman will surely catch a man's attention, but her looks alone will never be enough to win his heart.

And a woman who exudes a special, positive energy will always be the dream of every man because her energy is like food for him and her inner beauty will never fade away!

As you can see, there is so much more at stake and this was just the beginning . 

To make it easier for you to understand, here is a list of the 25 most important qualities that men really want in a woman!

1. He wants a woman with character

Yes! He wants a woman who isn't afraid to show her weird side and true self, and who isn't worried about what others will think of her.

He wants a woman with character, who is not afraid to contradict or criticize him when necessary.

A woman of character knows what she wants and is not afraid to speak her mind. And that's exactly what he wants from you.

Men want determined women who have their own goals and will dance to nobody's tune.

They want a woman who is sincere and will never change no matter what others say about her (as long as she knows she's doing everything right). And believe me, nothing says sexy like that!

2. He wants a woman who takes care of herself

No, he doesn't want a woman who sits around in beauty salons 24/7. Men don't want a woman who is too perfect, remember that.

They just want to see that she takes care of herself, that her hair and nails look neat, that her outfit is appropriate etc.< /p>

They don't expect you to wear makeup all the time; most of the time they don't even notice it. It is enough to simply emphasize your natural beauty.

Taking care of yourself means paying attention to small details that make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

It doesn't mean you look like a model on the runway look because like I said men don't really look for perfection.

You just want a woman who takes care of herself both inside and out, but not too much of her Ä ;exterior is fixed.

3. He wants a self-respecting woman

yup He wants a woman who respects herself and doesn’t let other people talk nonsense about her.

Men don’t like women who get attached to other men too easily; Let yourself in because they want to feel like they had to fight hard for you.

He wants to feel like he's the one for you, and that even though you could have had someone else, you chose him because he deserved to be with you.

And that only works with women who have a lot of self-respect.

Self-respect is something every woman should work on throughout her life anyway, and something that men will always cherish.


4. He wants to share his passion with you

He wants a woman with whom he can share his passion for various hobbies, his favorite activities, travel and the like can live it out.

He wants to feel connected to his partner and if you show him that he can share everything with you, he will be able to open up to you even more.

He wants to feel comfortable enough to tell you about things that are particularly important to him.

He wants to tell you about his passion for things that inspire him, and he wants you to be a part of it too.

So when a man talks to you about something he recently did, it means he wants to get you interested in it because it means a lot to him.

5. He wants a good listener

Although men are quite well known for just disappearing and keeping it to themselves when they are going through difficult times in their Going through life isn't always the case.

Most men want to be able to tell you how they feel and what's bothering them.

You want people to listen to you too (especially when you're having a bad day at work) and a man wants the same from you.

He wants himself feel comfortable enough to tell you every little detail of his life, to get your opinion on important matters and with your help to understand certain things better.

6. He wants your affection

Yes, men are also known to enjoy physical contact more than anything else.

And there's a good reason for that. Men are mostly visual and physical contact is what connects them to you.

So he wants you to show him your affection by holding his hand. kiss him, touch his face or make any other kind of physical contact (it doesn't have to be sexual).

He just wants to feel wanted and that you still like him.

Yes, men can get pretty insecure at times and that's why you need to show him your affection show.

7. He wants a woman who has the same goals and dreams as him

He wants a woman who has similar ideas and perspectives on the subject of common future and others important things.

He doesn’t want you to agree on everything he says.

He just wants to see if you agree on certain things that are important to him.

So if he wants to have kids someday but you're not a family person, then there's really no compromise.

If he's family oriented and you're quite indecisive, it will be for It may be difficult for him to develop a serious relationship with you because you are unsure.

8. He wants a woman who has her own dreams and goals

Every man out there wants a woman who thinks about her future and isn't just interested in the present.

Men want women who can fulfill their own dreams and Having goals and working hard to achieve them.

And that's one of the most important qualities of every strong woman.

Having dreams that you believe in and doing your best to make them come true is a quality that every man values ​​greatly.

Men don't care about Women who are couch potatoes with no plans or goals in life.

You will always choose a woman who is passionate about something because being passionate is extreme SEXY.

9. He wants a woman he's compatible with

They say opposites attract, but it doesn't always have to be that way.

There are men and women who are completely different and yet cannot find a common language.

And, believe it or not, men are particularly careful here.

They want a woman they're compatible with, meaning they want someone they can be themselves with without being judged for it.

To be compatible means to be willing to compromise despite all the differences.

So a man wants a woman who is different from him but willing to accept their differences.

10. He wants a woman he can have great sex with

He wants a woman who is not ashamed of her body and will have sex with him enjoys it as much as he does.

No, he doesn't want you to look like a porn star or do any magic tricks in bed.

He just wants a woman to be with he experiment and funß can have.

A man also wants a woman who doesn’t just lie there waiting for him to do all the work.

He wants to see that you are as committed as he is, that you are everything reciprocates and enjoys every second of it.

11. He wants a woman with whom he can have interesting conversations

There is nothing better for a man than conversing with a woman, who can think critically and knows what's going on in the world.

Men don't want you to just nod your head to everything they tell you.

He wants a woman who is just as active in the conversation and with where he can lead exciting discussions on various topics – not just about fashion and other women's topics.

He also wants you to initiate the conversation every now and then and show interest in certain topics, even if you're not very good at them know.

12. He wants a confident woman

Confidence is undoubtedly the biggest turn-on.

But confidence is also a requirement when you want your partner to respect you.

And believe me, men want to respect their women, and they want women to respect themselves too.

Er wants a woman who says something and stands by it because she really believes it.

He doesn't want a woman who's insecure because that way he'll never know what she really wants and means.

He wants you to go through the world with your head held high and, if you have to, tell everyone to fuck off when you know you're right.

13. He wants a woman with a positive attitude

Men don't want women with the personality of a potato.

They want women with an inspiring and uplifting personality and charisma because that's the most attractive thing in the universe for them.

For them there's nothing like being with a woman someone whose heart is pure and beautiful, who takes care of herself both inside and out, who doesn't hold grudges and who knows when to apologize.

Such women are real treasures. They inspire a man to become the best version of himself and to constantly seek new ways to improve himself.

Men want women who will cheer them up when they are depressed, but also keep them on the ground of facts when their goals are too high.

14. He wants a woman who loves him for who he is

Just like you want a man who loves you for who you really are, so you want a man who loves you for who you really are. he also wants a woman with whom he can be himself.

He wants you to love all his quirks as he loves yours and not immediately try to change him.

But that doesn't mean he wants you to be silent stay when he does something wrong.

He wants you to react to all his mistakes, but also wants you to appreciate his efforts to be the best for you. tzen knows.

He wants you to see his commitment and never doubt his intentions or his love for you.

15. He wants a woman who has her own life

He wants a woman with whom he can spend a lot of time and have endless fun. can have, but he also wants a woman who has her own life.

Men don't want to feel restricted when it comes to their friends or hobbies.


He wants you to understand that he has his own life and he expects you to have your own life too.

He doesn't want to feel guilty if he leaves you at home alone because you have no other interests outside of your relationship.

As much as he likes to wash with you 24/7; re, it is neither possible nor feasible.

16. He wants a woman who will fall in love with his heart

A man wants a woman who doesn't just care about his looks or how many cars he has.

He is looking for a woman who will fall in love with his heart.

He wants you to appreciate and respect him for who he is and not just what he can offer you.

He wants a woman whose main goal is to be special to have with him and to enjoy the love, affection and all phases of the partnership.

He wants to experience that special connection between two people who are crazy about each other and who fü will do with each other – no matter what happens.

17. He wants a woman who will value and respect him

He wants you to notice the little things he does for you and he does wants you to appreciate him as much as he appreciates you.

You don't have to agree with everything he does, but he does want you to appreciate his decisions and the things you do. accept what he loves to do.

And a woman who values ​​and respects herself will be able to treat her man the same way.

He wants you to say thank you every once in a while for something he helped you with and appreciate how hard he tries to make you feel to be special.

He wants to feel like he is your partner and that you are proud of him and everything he has achieved so far.

< h2>18. He wants a woman who is not afraid to ask for what she wants

Nothing gets on a man's nerves more than a woman who doesn't dare to ask for what she really wants.

It drives him crazy because then he racks his brains and long ü needs to think.

So if you really want to know what kind of woman a man wants, you want one who isn't afraid to ask for what she wants.

< p>A man wants a woman who will tell him what she likes in bed and ask him certain things because she knows men can't read minds.

Because he just wants to make you happy, but he needs your help to do that.

So if you tell him what you really want, his performance will improve significantly.

19. He wants a woman who doesn't take herself too seriously

He wants a woman who can relax and doesn't take herself too seriously, no matter which one circumstances.

He understands when you're pissed off and don't want to talk to him, but if you're like that 99% of the time, it's not healthy for you or for the people around you.

< p>He wants you to enjoy your time with him without worrying about your makeup or other unimportant things you shouldn't worry about.

< p>He wants you to have fun’ and enjoy life to the fullest without thinking about what others will say about you.

He wants you not to worry but to have fun; with him, and don't make him feel bad because he's having fun himself. want to have.

20. He wants a woman who will bring out the best in him

He wants a woman who will always confront him if he does something bad or anything she doesn't like agrees.

He wants a woman who will bring out the best in him and will not confuse or devalue him.

He wants you to love him for who he is, but he also wants you to correct him when he isn't fair to you or other people.

And the ultimate Every man's dream girl knows how to criticize him while bringing out the best in him.

21. He wants an honest woman

He wants to be able to trust you and he can only do that if you are honest with each other.

He doesn’t want to worry about every little thing you say or do.

Men like uncomplicated things – especially when it comes to relationships.

He wants a woman who is thoroughly honest, because he is looking for someone who will be his confidante, his lover and his best friend at the same time, and because honesty is a prerequisite for any healthy relationship.

This is undeniable, because without trust there is neither a real connection nor true love.

22. He wants a woman who will make him laugh

We all know how much men love humor and that when they are with a woman they become real comedians together that they like.

But what most of us don't know is that men also like to be with women who make them laugh!

But don't get me wrong. You're not expected to remember everything from the most famous stand-up shows in the world.

It's enough to just tell him something funny every now and then.


It can be something very mundane, such as B. a joke about some pointless beauty product – I guarantee it will make his day.

23. He wants a woman who is willing to give him some space

We all need some space for ourselves in relationships, but sometimes women forget that and they accuse their men of being too selfish when they want to be left alone.

What So what a man wants in a woman is that she gives him some space when he needs it.

He doesn't want you to snap right away because that doesn't mean he doesn't like going with you is with you.

He enjoys spending time with you, a lot, but sometimes he just needs some alone time to recharge and process all his feelings and emotions.

24 . He wants a woman he feels safe with

What does it mean to make a man feel safe?

It means showing him that you're there for him, that he can trust you with all your heart, that you won't do anything stupid if you go out with your friends or do anything else without him.

A man wants a woman who makes him feel at home.

When he hugs you, he wants to feel your serenity and your love that calms him down.< /p>

He wants the ultimate dream woman with whom he feels safe and doesn't have to worry about every little thing.

25. He wants a woman who can handle her feelings

While it's true that usually men are emotionally unavailable and struggle with their emotional side, here comes the problem This also happens with some women.

Just like you want a man who can handle his feelings, he also wants a woman who is not afraid of her vulnerability to show or cry in front of him.

He wants to know that you feel safe enough with him to show the real you and be yourself.

< p>Men don't want you to be perfect, they just want you to be genuine and love yourself no matter what.

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