We get to the bottom of it: Why do women cheat?

We get to the bottom of it: why do women cheat?

Everything starts with a little flirt.

A few deep looks here and there, a gentle touch of the hand, the closeness, the crackling, chemistry, fire – and boom! It's already happened.

One moment everything is normal and another moment you are being robbed of your sanity while your two bodies indulge in the passion and lust that comes with fling.

Cheating seems to be hanging today Being a part of a relationship is more common than ever and one of the stereotypes pervading male-female relationships is that the unfaithful gender is still male.

But it is is it really like that?

Some research has shown that among the older generations, men have in fact cheated on their wives more often, while today both men and women cheat equally and the reasons are related to; r the infidelity are more or less similar in both cases.

Whether they are unhappy in the relationship or just succumbed to temptation, the realization that the loved one has cheated and found what they lacked in the relationship in someone else's embrace hurts the betrayed and puts an end to any relationship at stake.

The fact that sometimes you're willing to give up all those years of love, attention and effort for one crazy night of passion is terrifying.

Although sometimes difficult to understand, we still need to hear the other side of the story.

Why do women cheat?

While most men tend to seek adventure in affairs, most women attribute cheating to their partner's lack of attention and love.

In this article you will find top reasons why women cheat:

1. Why do women cheat? Lack of attention

One of the most common reasons for cheating, in this case for both men and women, is that the partner is taken for granted.

At the beginning of a relationship, while infatuation is still ongoing and you are still trying to win over your partner, you try very hard.

You shower your partner with attention and bullying; localities, buy roses and take the stars from the sky.

But that changes after a few years.

A study by the University of Göttingen has shown that that Risk of infidelity increases from the third year of relationship.

It's because you relax and think that you don't have to try anymore because you let yourself be guided by the idea that your partner is there in both good and bad

times will be. However, this is a huge mistake.

We all need the touches, kisses, hugs, compliments and attention of a loved one to know that we are still valued and loved become.

Without them we feel less valuable, unappreciated and unloved.

It is precisely this recognition and attention that women seek in the embrace of another man and makes them engage in affairs to replace it and feel again what they once felt in their relationship had.

2. Why do women cheat? The longing for intimacy

Not every affair has to involve physical attraction and sexual intercourse.

There is also another type of affair that many women throw themselves into and that is the emotional affair.

In an emotional affair you bond so much with someone on the level of intellect and emotions so that one shares one's most intimate thoughts, fears and desires.

Women also feel valued in relationships through non-physical, emotional connection and estimated.

Women love it when they talk to their partner about anything, fun; have a life together and just enjoy each other’s company.

Unless they feel that such a connection exists in their relationship, unfaithful women will seek it out in others men.

3. Why do women cheat? You are overwhelmed with the needs of others

Another reason given by women for cheating is being overwhelmed by the needs of others.

Women who constantly have to do different tasks for others, such as cooking, cleaning up , driving kids to school, working, etc., feeling tired, drained, unsupported and overwhelmed.

Although most of the unfaithful wives claim to love their partners despite the cheating love, they still rush into an affair.

A one night stand or a brief fling with someone serves as a sort of outlet and distraction, and an opportunity to feel like women again, not just a nanny or housewife.

4. Why do women cheat? Boring Love Life

It's not just men looking for excitement and a spiced up love life.

For men, love life is an essential part of a relationship and women fully understand this and know that if you suffer from listlessness, something is wrong in the relationship.

Women in relationships where a When there is doldrums in bed and there is no passion, they feel that their partner no longer loves them or does not find them physically attractive and that is why they seek validation in another's embrace .

Although all other aspects of the relationship are working well and her partner is a dream man in all other areas, he just doesn't satisfy her in that regard.

As a result, women often resort to fantasies that they believe in Fulfill opportunity in strange beds.

5. Why do women cheat? You succumb to the temptation

There is another type of infidelity: the slip. Temptation, opportunity, flirting and maybe a few drops of alcohol and what we said would never happen has already happened.

Many men claim that their efforts are far greater than a woman's efforts to remain monogamous and faithful.

This is not true. A person remains monogamous and faithful because they make a choice and stick to that choice.

But like men, women are also tempted.

It can be a handsome second floor neighbor who is single, a friend from early school who you met after a few years in the shop…

It can even be an ex-partner be when the old spark kindles.

Temptations are everywhere and sometimes they are very hard to resist.

It's a lame excuse for the duped because it is said that a person who cheats has planned it for a long time or at least thought about it subconsciously.

However, sometimes circumstances really do overlap and before you know it you're jeopardizing everything you've built.

6. Why do women cheat? They are looking for revenge

It is not uncommon for women to cheat to get revenge on their partner after they have been badly hurt and often cheated on as well .

Some women, instead of drowning in lovesickness or talking to girlfriends and crying bitter tears, want to treat themselves with the same measure; revenge and aim below the belt line.

A betrayed woman then finds comfort in the hands of an attractive stranger to show her partner exactly how painful it is to be betrayed.

Such behavior is not good in most cases Solution, but it's completely understandable!

Yelling and yelling can bring at least some relief, but the pain after cheating is intense and can "block" rational thinking. and even ”good girls” to incite such a reaction, or revenge.

7. Why do women cheat? They are adventure lovers

Danger, excitement and adventure are what make cheating interesting in the first place and forbidden fruit is known to always taste better.

A cheater knows they are doing something they shouldn't and may or may not be caught in the act and that makes cheating irresistible.

On the other hand, planning , who invent meetings in secret places, look over the shoulder, adrenaline – an indescribable excitement for adventure lovers.

Although everything can work like a charm in a relationship, for some people fidelity is just a long-outdated value and boring at the same time.

< p>You are looking for an adventure.

8. Why do women cheat? The relationship is over

Sometimes you just feel like the relationship is ending and doomed.

You grow apart over time, spend little time together and prefer to go out with friends , turns to career, focuses on something else, etc.

In many cases, people still stay together even though there is no longer an emotional connection between them.

They live like buddies or roommates because of the children or for financial reasons and in this case it can't even be described as fling.

However, if a woman has a gut feeling that the feelings of her partner fade away for her and the relationship is surely coming to an end, the woman can get into an affair.

In this way, she fills the emptiness inside to “soften” the blow that the breakup will deal to her. and to show herself that she can easily find a new partner if the current one leaves her.

What are the most common signs of infidelity?

The signs of cheating are more or less similar in both men and women.

1. Constantly staring at the screen

Whether it's her smartphone or her computer, she seems to be constantly staring at the screen and texting with someone.

If she keeps smiling and answering the question: Who is texting you? with ‘Nobody‘ answered, alarm bells should ring loudly.

2. Leaving the room

When the cell phone rings, she runs out of the room as if she just heard that there is a bomb in the room.

Cheating people tend to carry their cell phones with them at all times and leave the room when someone calls them – obvious signs that they are hiding something

3. Overtime

Suddenly your partner has become a workaholic, working overtime and devoting all her time to work.

It may not always be the case, but work is a good excuse to meet a lover when she is actually cheating on you.

4. Change in appearance

From a woman who wore ordinary clothes and minimal makeup, she became a top model.

She wears tight clothes, lots of make-up, heavy lipstick and always looks well groomed.

The fact that your partner takes care of her looks is a great thing , but the question is why she does it. For yourself, for you or for someone else?

5. Constant fighting

Cheating partners often feel guilty and try to break up the relationship in such a way that their partner leaves them.

Because of this, they often criticize, looking for reasons to quarrel even when there are none, just to give a reason to break up.

6. She avoids togetherness

Suddenly she has new friends, new hobbies that you are not supposed to participate in?

There are no more conversations, no tenderness, no togetherness – an obvious sign that something is wrong.

The end of the relationship or a new chance?

What if you find out that your partner has cheated on you?

Does this automatically mean the end of the relationship or is there another chance?

Cheating is a major breach of trust and it takes a long time for the betrayed to process and, if at all, overcome it.

< p>For some people the rule is: cheat once, cheat again and they don't try at all to give their partner a second chance.

As unbelievable as it may sound, anyone can cheat Giving a relationship another chance.

Cheating is a big sign that something is wrong in a relationship.

When the partners agree to work on it and Doing your best to save the relationship can even lead to a major turning point.

The betrayed person can realize that despite everything, they still love their partner and do not want to lose them.

Through self-reflection, he can see why his partner cheated on him and maybe work on it.

On the other hand, the cheater must be willing to prove that he can be trusted again and try twice as hard if he wants a second chance.

In this case, confession plays a big role.

Because if the cheater himself admits that what he did and really regrets it, maybe he deserves a second chance.

However, it all depends on the situation and the length of the affair, because the longer the affair lasts, the bigger the problems, the more difficult it is to solve them to end and the harder it is for the betrayer to forgive.

In any case, it is important to recognize the signs of cheating, talk about it directly and openly, and make a decision: Abandon the sinking ship or save it.

Conclusion: Women and men often cheat for similar reasons and these are the lack of something in of the relationship or the desire for adventure and change.

This betrayal of trust can destroy the relationship to its core, but it can also turn it 180 degrees.

It sounds It depends on the situation and the reason for the infidelity and it is up to the dupe to make the right decision for themselves!

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