We answer the question: What is important in a relationship?

We answer the question: What is important in a relationship?

Finding the right person to spend our life with is not easy.

Although you can meet interesting men anywhere, a lot has to fit together for an acquaintance to become a happy partnership.

First of all, the man we like has to be single and fill ;to be ready for a relationship.

The attraction we feel should be reciprocated and that is just the beginning of a relationship.

Often it comes to that everything works great in the beginning, but then, although we don't even realize where it all started, problems suddenly arise and the relationship ends before it could develop properly.

One then asks oneself, do men even know what women want? What is important to a woman in a relationship?

And vice versa, what is important to a man in a relationship? Are there any differences at all?

No, not really. While every relationship is unique, there are a few things that go into making love a happy relationship.

If you are wondering what is important in a relationship to be successful in your current relationship or to prepare for your next one, read on, you will find the answer here.

1 . Infatuation and love

You can have one without the other. We fall in love several times in life and sometimes that falling in love is unrequited love.

Sometimes it's reciprocated, we start a relationship, but the first infatuation passes and a breakup occurs. This infatuation had no chance of becoming real love.

It is also possible to have love without infatuation. This is the love we feel for our friends and also for family members. This love is no less important than romantic love.

But sometimes we are lucky enough to fall in love and the love is returned. Over time, this infatuation turns into a real, true love that we couldn't even imagine.

If you ask yourself what is particularly important in a relationship, is it infatuation or love, the answer is: both.

For a happy relationship, the first infatuation must develop into true love .

2. Keep showing love

When it comes to a relationship, nothing should be taken for granted.

At the beginning of the relationship we think so much about how we feel, how we feel about our partner and we try to see if they have the same feelings about us. r has us.

We think so much about when we're going to say I love you for the first time and we make such a big deal out of that first love declaration ;rung.

But then as time goes on we forget how important those three little words are.

Even though we're pretty sure our partner knows how much we love them, we should never skip an opportunity to tell them.

And something even more important than Saying I love you is showing that love. Attentions, surprises, gifts…these are all signs of love.

For a happy and long relationship, it is also important to celebrate love.

Anniversaries should be a special day to take time to go back to the beginning, why you fell in love and why you still love each other.

3. Trust

Hand in hand with love comes trust. Loving someone but not being able to trust them is a huge agony and most of the time it leads to a pathological jealousy that can end up destroying the relationship.

The trust of You usually get partners as a gift, so to speak, together with your love.

But even if there are problems with trust, it is possible to build trust.

You have to be patient, try hard, but it's definitely worth it. If there is no trust in the relationship then it is better to be single.

4. Good communication

If you were to answer the question What is important in a good relationship with just two words, it would be good communication be.

Partners who don't communicate with each other or who communicate wrongly with each other make life difficult for themselves.

In the beginning of a relationship there are hardly any problems because we have rose-colored glasses on and everything seems perfect.


However, as the relationship develops, there are various relationship crises, which is actually quite normal.

Hardly any relationship is without problems. But the biggest problem is not talking about these problems.

If we don't tell our partner what's wrong, if we expect them to read our minds and work things out on their own, then we will be disappointed.

In a healthy relationship, they talk Partners about their problems, their needs and their expectations.

Only together are they able to achieve the expectations and overcome the problems.

< h2>5. Honesty and openness

A big part of good communication is definitely honesty and openness. Relationships and lying just don't go together.

At least not when our goal is a healthy relationship. It's human to make mistakes.

We all make them every day. Sometimes it even happens that you make bigger mistakes and that there is a breach of trust between the partners.

But even in such a situation you don't have to give up.

If you really regret your mistake, if you honestly and openly admit to your partner that you made a mistake and if you are really sure that you don't want to repeat something like that, it is even possible to lose your partner's trust to win back.

6. Friendship between partners

At the beginning of the relationship, we get butterflies in our stomachs, even if we only think about our partner.

We can hardly do it expect to see him, we want to hear all about his day and we want to get to know him more and more.

But as time goes by, there is less and less to discover. The butterflies are replaced by a warm sense of security.

Infatuation develops into real love but also into a kind of friendship. Having your best friend in your partner is a special blessing.

Then we can truly say that we have found our person. But it can also work the other way around.

Because we've been through a lot together, because we already know each other pretty well and because we already like each other the way we are, such relationships often succeed without major problems.

7. Activities together

When we are newly in love, we try to spend as much time as possible with our partner. Everything else can wait.

However, as the relationship develops, that often changes. Especially if you move in together.

Then the everyday relationship takes over. We live together now, so we think that's enough time together.

But it really isn't. If we don't pay attention, we can end up acting more like roommates than a real couple or rather like a happy couple.

Time together in which we concentrating on us and our relationship should not be neglected.

Common interests like a common hobby can help a lot.

But even if you don't have common hobbies, it's not the end of the world or the relationship.

Man should then simply treat yourself to a romantic evening with your partner from time to time. Everything else can wait that evening ?

8. Similar physical needs

Of course, love life also plays a major role in every relationship. It is also very important that the partners have similar needs.

For example, if one of the partners wants to make love right from the start and wants to do it a lot, but the other is demisexual , it is difficult for this relationship to develop into a good long-term relationship.

But not only making love belongs to these needs. Showing affection through kisses, hugs and general physical closeness is very important to some people, but others don’t enjoy it.

Having a partner who’s ’ has similar physical needs, then it is much easier and more comfortable. Don't keep asking yourself if you're overdoing it or giving too little.

9. Maintaining the tension in the relationship

If you ask yourself what is important in a partnership to be in love like the first day, the answer is to maintain the tension.< /p>

At the beginning we put a lot of effort into showing what good partners we are and to please our counterpart …

In a few words, we seduce him. But once we've conquered him, we often forget that we shouldn't stop seducing.

Regular date nights and surprises are a great one Idea how to reawaken the tension in a fallen love.

10. Be loyal

Being loyal to your partner doesn’t just mean physical fidelity.

It is also possible to have a happy relationship without physical fidelity. If both partners want it, an open relationship can work quite well.

But being loyal to your partner means so much more. It means standing by his side, supporting him and putting him first.

In a happy relationship, partners know they can count on each other. They know that nothing and nobody can come between them.

They feel a certain security. They know they are never alone. Loyalty in a relationship is one of the cornerstones of any happy relationship.

11. Commonalities

While not in themselves crucial to a relationship, commonalities can help to have a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Similar backgrounds, similar incomes and even the same level of education can sometimes mean a lot in a relationship.

It's just easier to share life with someone when you already have a lot in common as if you have to adapt to each other again and again. Common goals and values ​​are even more important than similarities from the past.

It's a good idea to ask and answer certain relationship questions before the relationship gets serious. One of these questions should also be: What is important to YOU ​​in a relationship?

12. Willingness to compromise

Since we cannot always agree on everything and cannot always have the same opinion, it is very important to be willing to compromise.< /p>

Sometimes this means putting your partner first, even ahead of yourself.

Putting your own wants and needs aside and making your partner happy.

Of course, something like this is only acceptable if you know that it is mutual. If it's always just one partner giving up their desires, it's not a healthy relationship.

If one of the partners keeps saying, If you love me, then you would and do it for me … If you love me you wouldn’t behave like this …and so on, this is not a healthy relationship and willingness to compromise, but emotional blackmail.

13. Apologize and accept

No one is perfect. This is something we learn very early in our lives.

As children, we believe that our parents are perfect people. We have a special relationship with them.

Especially the father-daughter relationship can be very important as we always see dad as a hero. Then we learn that the parents are not so perfect and we are disappointed.

It is similar in a relationship. We believe at first that we have found a person without flaws.

After a while, however, we realize that this person is also capable of making mistakes, just like us.

We must be willing to accept our own mistakes and apologize, but also to forgive our partner's mistakes.

Together with a willingness to compromise, this can actually be the most important key to a happy relationship.

14. Love needs love

In order to be happy in a relationship, to really love someone, we have to start with self-love.

Only someone who is satisfied with himself, who accepts himself and who loves himself can also love other people.

It is even more important that only someone who knows how valuable they are can also accept the love of their partner.

Those who suffer from self-doubt, who lack self-confidence and do not feel self-love, cannot understand what the partner sees in him and keeps believing that he will be abandoned.

15. Don't neglect yourself

As so often in life, nothing good comes from heaven. For a happy relationship you have to make an effort, you have to work hard, you have to do your best.

But even with good things it is possible to exaggerate. It often happens that one concentrates so much on the relationship that one forgets oneself.

Of course, this cannot last long either, because after a while one becomes dissatisfied with oneself and this is also reflected in the relationship. You should definitely not skip self-care.

Even in a relationship you should take time for yourself from time to time. It is just as important to give your partner some time to yourself. Otherwise we couldnöt miss each other, right?

Nowadays you can see #couplegoals on social media a lot. This creates an idea of ​​an ideal, happy relationship.

However, the truth is often different than in photos and what you can see in the photo is not something that often occurs in everyday relationships.

One then asks oneself What is important in a relationship? How can I have a happy relationship?

In some cases it's even harder, like in a long-distance relationship. Unfortunately, there is no easy, magical answer to this question.

The key lies in a lot of communication, loyalty between the partners, mutual trust and in common values ​​and goals.

< p>But the first and most important answer to the question What is important in a relationship is: two people who are willing to work on this relationship.

No matter how much M&uuml ;he you give yourself, no matter what you do, if you are the only one working on this relationship, there will be relationship burnout.

So if you have a loving partner who together wants to work with you on the relationship, you are already on the right track.

I wish you the best of luck. Just follow these relationship tips found here and everything will end well. If not, then it's not the end yet ?

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