Wait for the man who never keeps you waiting

Wait to the man who never keeps you waiting

Everywhere you look, you are bombarded with advice on how your perfect man should be.

The People keep telling you what this man should look like, how he should act, how he should treat you, how much money he should make and so on.

Well, I gotta get you out of your Tear away illusions and tell yourself the truth: You will never find a perfect man, so you better stop looking right now.

After all, you are not even close to perfect, which mean whü rd you are looking for someone who plays way out of your league.

And what does that mean? It is absolutely irrelevant to discuss this man's income or savings, his education, whether he is taller than you, whether he is good looking or a few pounds over his ribs, or what his romantic history is.< /p>

Don't get me wrong — you have every right to analyze each and every one of these questions, but they're all just a matter of taste, and in the end they're not as important as others think.

However, I would like to ask you to be aware of one thing when it comes to the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Wait for a man who will never makes you wait; anyone else is just not worth your time, effort, energy, and patience.

Don't settle for guys who make you wait forever before things are official between you.

Stop wasting time with men who keep fooling you without ever committing or making your relationship official.

Wait for a man who will Don't wait for his text or call, a birthday card, or a simple “I love you” waiting.

Wait for the man who won't make you wait to put him first or get back all the effort he got from you has.

Wait for a man who will never stand you down or let you down. Someone you never have to worry about how he feels about you or what he's going to do next with you.

Instead of all those “fast guys” someone who will call you their girlfriend from the start. Someone who will proudly hold your hand in front of the world and catch you before someone else does.

Have patience until a man comes who is serious about you from the start.

A man who has no doubts about your relationship, who doesn't just treat you as one of his options and who knows exactly what he wants to do with you.

Stay single until a man comes along who is decent enough to choose you without a second thought.


A man who would never compare you to other women and who would never make you feel like you had to fight for his attention.

Don't wait for one Man you have to wait for to change his ways.

Don't wait for a man who expects you to save him and drive out his demons.

Don't wait for a man who expects you to sit around patiently while he lives somewhere like a bachelor.

Who only comes to you when everyone else has let him down, and who only calls you when he's in need because he knows you're the only one who will help him no matter what.

< p>Have patience and wait for a man who won't make you wait for him to grow up and break his shit’ gets a handle on.

Wait for a man who doesn’t need you to be a mother to him and who will never ask you to love him for life. and take all his burdens on your shoulders.

A real man will be mature enough to walk shoulder to shoulder with you, he will not be daunted by how much you can achieve, and he will be there to push you forward instead of dragging you down.

Wait for a man who won't make you beg for his love or attention. To a man who will know from the first moment that he only wants you.

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