Unrequited love – A breakup without a relationship

Unrequited love - A breakup without Relationship

You finally met the man of your dreams. He is an incredibly handsome, intelligent man with a good sense of humor.

You are head over heels in love. Only one thing stands in your way to happiness.

It's actually a small thing, a little problem – He doesn't share your feelings. Your love is unrequited love.

Maybe you're willing to be with him and wait for him to see how perfect you are for him, but trust me, it's not worth it.

The best thing about unrequited love all you can do is let go.

The sooner the better. If you allow your feelings to continue to intensify, you will find it even harder to give up that love.

It may even come to that that unrequited love accompanies you for life as a kryptonite person .

I know you can't say right nowOkay, enough with this torment of unrequited love, I won't love him from tomorrow.

But you don't have to. It will be a process but I am here for you. Step by step I will accompany you and help you to say goodbye to your unrequited love.

Overcoming unrequited love – it's possible!

It doesn't matter if your unrequited love is someone who just wants a friendship with you, someone who is already in a relationship or even a married man, or someone who just doesn't feel the same as you despite being single themselves is, the steps you should take are more or less the same.

1. Accept reality

The sooner you realize your unrequited love will never work out, the better for you. It is very important to separate your dreams, your hopes and your desires from reality.

To keep asking yourself: What if … Maybe it's possible … Maybe if … doesn't help much with unrequited love.

It's not easy to accept that someone doesn't love us and that our feelings are unrequited. But it can be even more painful to allow yourself to have false hope.

This false hope can only prolong your lovesickness and suffering. The more you invest in that love, the harder it will be to let go.

2. Don't depress yourself

This is my one and only chance for true love, I'm sure. He's the love of my life, I'll never find anyone as perfect as him.

Well, if you've had thoughts like this, I'll have to be cold blooded. be ready and tell you this is nonsense. What you feel is infatuation.

And although you now think that you know this man, that he might be the perfect man, you can never really know how he'll act in a relationship if one hasn't materialized.

He can be a great friend, colleague, or acquaintance, but a cruel partner. You think all your friends are great guys, that's why you're friends, but do you think they all make great partners?

And I have to tell you something else. The idea of ​​just one great love is wrong.

We all experience multiple great loves in our lives. We get more opportunities to love and be loved. A one-sided love is not your great love.

3. No friendship

Time for plan B: I will be his girlfriend, I will always be with him. He will see what a great person I am and after some time he will fall in love with me.

You should avoid such and similar advances. Yes, a love born of friendship can be very successful, but it takes two people who are both in love with each other.

This is actually the same as saying after a breakup: We can remain friends. At least one side doesn't want to be friends after the breakup.

The same is the case here. Be honest with yourself: do you really just want to be his girlfriend?

Probably not. You want something more from him and you won't be happy just getting a part of him.

Even if you think it's possible to spend time with him now spend, try to imagine what it will be like for you when he finds a partner. Will you be happy for him?

Can you imagine spending time with him and his new partner on a regular basis? Will you be nice to her?

This idea will only bring you more pain. In the end you may even lose your whole circle of friends because you can't stand to see him in love with another woman.

A friendship between the two of you may even be m&ouml in the future ;Similar, but for now you should leave it alone.

If your infatuation passes and you still wish to be friends with him, then you can get in touch with him again.

4. Don't allow yourself to be just an affair

Because we don't get to choose who we fall in love with, sometimes our love object ends up being someone , who does not deserve our love.

This person then impresses our admiration and it may even happen that our feelings are exploited.

If a man tries to propose you a friendship plus or an affair, even though he is aware that you are really in love with him, you can be sure that this man does not deserve you.

You should never settle for being the second wife.

Even if you are very, very, very sure that he is unhappy in his relationship, that there isn't one between him and his partner love more, require him to break up with his partner first before beginning a relationship with you.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that men rarely break up, even if they are in unhappy relationships.

5. Feelings are okay

Even a crush can't be overcome in one night, and especially an unfulfilled love. No one expects your feelings to go away anytime soon.

Your heartache doesn't get any less just because you didn't end up in a relationship.

Allow yourself to love and allow yourself to grieve. Holding back your feelings is not good for you.

Only one who is aware of his feelings can also learn to control them and let them go. We're just getting started, but healing begins with acceptance.

6. From love to anger

When you first fell in love, you probably thought that your loved one couldn't go wrong. He is perfect. he is wonderful He's the best you've ever met.

And now he's made the worst possible mistake – He doesn't love you back. He can't be that perfect if he doesn't see what a good partner you could be, right?

Suddenly you don't just feel love for him , but you have the need to rage! You now have a few words for him and they are certainly not pet names.

It's okay to feel this way, but you have to realize that it's not really his fault that he doesn't love you. Did you think it through, considered several men and finally made the decision to fall in love with him?

No, you didn't. Likewise, he didn't consciously choose not to love you.

7. You don't have to change

Not taking a rebuff personally is very difficult. We start blaming ourselves, finding faults in ourselves and we ponder if a change is needed.

Please don't try from your unfulfilled love just a question of taste. Unrequited love won't be solved by searching Google for styling tips and changing your look to suit his zodiac sign.

Yes, the first thing we notice about someone and fall in love with at first is the outside, but when it comes to real love, the essential is what counts.

Changing the way you look, act and everything you are just to please a man is a step backwards.

Much more important than changing yourself it's working on your self-love. Don't blame yourself for not falling in love with you.

If it's easier for you, you can observe it like this: Try to remember some of the men you declined.

Now be honest, would changing his hairstyle or his clothes change anything in your opinion of him or was there just no spark between you two?

You know then that it is not worth changing. And trust me, you won't even have to think about it for the right one. He will love you just the way you are.

8. You shouldn't neglect your own life

When we are in love, nothing is more important than the person we love. We forget everything else. We are not hungry, we are not tired.

Our friends and family members have to wait until we find time for them because we are always with our partner. Even at work, it's impossible not to dream of our crush.

Whether love is reciprocated or not, it takes over a large part of our lives and all other things become less important. But if the love was returned, you can understand that.

Who doesn't want to use the first time with their darling? We just want to be happy together and celebrate that we found each other.

But since unrequited love actually brings you much more pain than happiness, you shouldn't destroy your own life because of it neglect.

It's much easier to get over unrequited love if you focus on other things in your life.

9. Time for yourself

There is one thing that's better about unrequited love than about love returned. You don't believe me that such a thing exists?

Yes! You have more time for yourself! When you fall in love, your focus is on your relationship and you would rather spend time with your loved one than take time for yourself.

When the relationship is going well, you spend every minute with your loved one because you are so happy with them.

When you are having problems in a relationship, you always worry about whether things are working out will or not, you keep trying to work on the relationship.

In both cases, however, you focus much more on the partnership than on yourself and this can also lead to relationship burnout for you. honor.

But when you're single, you have all the time in the world to spoil yourself. When you're single, you have all the time in the world to fulfill all your wishes alone.

Whatever you want to do, you can do it, you don't have to compromise. You can find a new hobby, you can concentrate on your job, but you can also just take your time and be lazy.

10. You have more than one important person in your life!

How many times have your girlfriends called you and invited you to do something with them, but you already had plans with your partner?

How often have you spent the holidays with your partner and not with your family members?

Now is your chance to catch up on all that. Being single doesn't mean you're not loved.

Love comes in different forms and types. Besides a partner, there are also several people in our lives who we care about and who care about us.

Now is your chance to show these people how grateful you are for them and how much you love them.

Cook lunch for your family, take your mom to a spa day and invite your best friend over for a sleepover and a movie marathon to make.

Romantic love is just a small part of the love we experience in our lives. Allow yourself to enjoy other forms of love too.

11. Learn from the past

Yes, you feel bad now. Yes, you are lovesick. Your love was unrequited.

Repeating yourself over and over will not help you. It's just the way it is now and you can't change that.

What you can change is your future and that's what you should focus on now. Try to remember the worst way you were abandoned.

have you been scammed It wasn't easy, you also had heartaches then and even then you didn't believe that you could ever love someone again.

And yet here you are, in love again. Yes, unfortunately unhappy, but that just shows that feelings can change.

You are now going through different phases similar to a breakup. You'll have to grieve for a while before you'll get better. But as you have already learned, it will get better!

12. Get away from him!

I'm going to buy this chocolate now. At home I will open them, put them on the table and forbid myself to eat them. Yes, that's how I strengthen my will, but I don't make my life any easier.

It's the same with your unrequited love. Being around him on a regular basis but not actually being in a relationship may strengthen your will, but it doesn't make your life any easier.

Get as far away from him as you can you can. At least for a while.

This jump is very important. You know how to say: Out of sight – out of mind. Disconnecting altogether is the best thing you can do.

If your unrequited love is a friend of yours or a colleague, breaking contact will be a little harder to achieve, but it's not impossible. same.

You can only deal with your colleague in a professional manner and avoid all personal contact.

You can always tell your friend that you just need some time for yourself and that you need a break for a while will withdraw. If he's a real friend, he'll understand and give you the space you need.

Once you get your emotions under control, you can move forward with the relationship with that person as well.

13. Meeting new men

Do you know what's the best way to forget a man? Another man!

You don't have to start looking for a partner right now, but you should definitely be open to new opportunities. You can meet interesting men anywhere.

Next time you're going to the gym, when you're at a concert or just when you're grocery shopping, take a look around . I'm sure you will see a lot of handsome men.

Why wouldn't you approach one of them? Just ask him a question, it doesn't have to be anything important and you don't even have to talk to him for a long time.

It's important to show yourself that there are still many fish in the sea and that you still have many opportunities for a new love.

Finally, take a look at these wonderful quotes about loving someone who doesn't love you.

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