Unhappily in love: 8 infallible tips to learn to let go

Unlucky ;falling in love: 8 infallible tips to learn to let go

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings there is and it's hard to find the right words to to put it clearly.

When you're in love, the world seems like a perfect place. You're overwhelmed by happiness all the time and can't stop smiling.

With rose-colored glasses on you feel like you could turn the whole world upside down just to spend time with that special someone.

It follows that that being in love means being happy. Or?!

Unfortunately, that doesn't always have to be the case, because one can also be unhappily in love.

Once one has finally recognized the bitter truth, lovesickness appears and brings sleepless nights, constant carousel of thoughts, bitter tears, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

Unrequited love is very painful and very difficult to deal with.

It hurts when you are willing to give your heart to someone who is not feels the same.

There are countless kinds of unhappy love. One can be unhappily in love with someone one is not allowed to love.

In a best friend or with someone who doesn't love you back.

Someone who doesn't want to commit or just isn't a good match for you.

It's also possible that you're already in a relationship and you fall in love with someone else, but does not want to separate from his partner. Or maybe it's an ex-partner.

Whatever the reason, one-sided love doesn't bring anything good and you'll just keep suffering and waiting for that to change.


Are you also unhappily in love? Are you aware of this? Do you also hope that the situation will change?

Do you sometimes ask yourself how can you fight such feelings at all?

Before I tell you how to get out of this emotional hell, I want you to ask yourself this question: Do I really feel love, or is it a crush that's after could disappear in a while?

First you have to realize how strong your feelings actually are. Only then can you act and heal effectively. You can find more about this below.

Read on to find out how to deal with one-sided love.

Here you can find:

•  5 signs you are unlucky in love

•  8 tips to learn to let go.

•  What should you do when someone is unhappily in love with you?

I hope you find the answers!

5 Signs You're Unhappily In Love

You think you've met your Mr. Right and you're over both ears in love.

Everything between you is going perfectly and you can't wait to see him again or hear his voice.

You hope something serious will come of it but unfortunately nothing happens.

When you are in love, you close your eyes to the truth. You go blind and deaf when it comes to warning signs.

Maybe you need to take off your rose-colored glasses to see reality better?!

These are below most common signs of unrequited love.

If any of these apply to you, I am very sorry. Because that means you suffer from unrequited love.

1. He cancels the appointment without any reason

Even if you have other commitments, you will rearrange everything so that you can come to the appointment.

Have you ever received a message from him in which he writes that something came up? without further explanation?

He may just want to spend his time with someone else or somewhere else.

If he likes you, he will make time for you ;r find you or at least give you an explanation. It's actually that easy.

2. He texts you out of boredom

He doesn't text you all day and suddenly you get a WhatsApp message from him late in the evening.

He asks you if you want to hang out with him.

If he likes you and you mean something to him, he will text you all day.

If you is in love, you want to keep in touch with the other one as much as possible.  Point. Anything else is just an excuse.

3. He doesn't ask you about your day

If questions like “What did you do today?” or "How was your day?" if you don't show up, it means he's not interested in you.

During the introductory phase, you want to find out everything about the other person. Even the little things like favorite food or color.

But if he only talks about himself or general things, that's a red flag that he has no intention of approaching you.

4. You are the one who takes the initiative

This is another sign that you are unlucky in love.

You entertain you every day. You exchange thousands of messages.

You also meet frequently. But if you don't text first, your phone will remain silent.

You're always the one who takes the initiative and invites him to hang out with you.

Don't try to contact him first to see if he will. That way you can see if he doesn't care.

5. He is indecisive

When the chemistry between two people is right, nothing stands in the way of the relationship. Except for the one person who doesn't want a relationship.

Should you make excuses like, ”I know; just not what I want.” or “It's not you, it's me.” listen, run away as fast as your legs can carry you.

It's easy. If a man wants to be with you, he will be with you. End of story.

If you are unlucky in love, then you have two options.

Either you can keep hoping for true love or you can let go. The first option will only deepen your suffering and you don't want that.

I know it's hard, but you deserve someone who wants you in their life.< /p>

Not just because he's bored or lonely. It's someone who really appreciates you.

Here are 8 tips on how to deal with unhappy love.

Read on to find out how you how to get out of this state.

8 tips to learn to let go

1. Rethink your feelings!

Take your time and think about how you actually feel about this man.

Are you really in love or is it just a passing phase?

Maybe he just seems so perfect in your mind, but the truth might be different.

Because you can't be sure until you get to know the person well.

Only when you're at peace with yourself can you begin the healing process.

2. Tell him how you feel!

He may not be aware of your love.  Maybe you haven't confessed your love to him yet and he can't see the signs.

Now that you're sure, it's time to open up and show your feelings to him.< /p>

Sure there is some risk involved, but at least you'll know if you're on the same wavelength.

If yes, then great! But if not, at least you know it's time to say goodbye. You can't force love. Just learn to let go.

3. Accept the situation!

No matter how difficult it is, you must accept once and for all that the situation will not change.

< p>You need to stop living in a fantasy world and waiting for something that isn't going to happen.

If you whitewash the situation, you are only lying to yourself. Don't say, “Maybe it will work out.” Instead, say, “I need to let go and move on because I deserve the best.”

The sooner you accept that, the quicker your miracles will happen heal again.

4. Start blocking contact!

Only if you don’t hear from him can you start falling out of love.

Block him on social media. Avoid the places you know he will go. Don't talk about him at all.

Breaking contact is good if someone is unhappily in love. However, if you meet him frequently, either at work or at uni, try to keep contact with him to a minimum.

5. Focus on yourself!

Instead of sitting at home wallowing in self-pity, you can do something for yourself. Get out there and do something fun!

Is there anything you've always wanted to do but never did?

Then you can do it now! Do sports, find a new hobby, learn a new language! All the doors of the world are wide open for you.

This will take your mind off him for a while and I'm sure you'll feel better.

6. Disconnect from memories!

This might be one of the most difficult tasks. It is often very difficult to part with beautiful memories with a loved one.

But this is how the healing process begins. If you have your pictures together, either developed or posted on Instagram, get rid of them!

You don't need anything to remind you of your heartbreak.

Even if you catch yourself doing it, how you think or talk about your time together, stop right now! Because holding onto it won't do you any good.

7. Know that it's not you!

The question “What is wrong with me?” occurs frequently. Let me help you with that!

The answer is: nothing! You are perfect just the way you are, you just haven't found someone who appreciates you yet.

Just try to think like this: It's all a matter of taste. Maybe he just likes a different type of woman and after all that doesn't make you better or worse.

8. Open yourself to something new!

Not every love is unfulfilled. If you've been unhappily in love once, that doesn't mean it will happen again.

Even if you doubt it and maybe fear it, you have to learn that life is sometimes uphill and sometimes going downhill.

Maybe fate had something to do with it because someone better is waiting for you.

Therefore you should also be ready to meet someone else to give a chance. Don't give up on love! There are many other fish in the sea.

You just have to be patient. Your Mr. Right is waiting for you somewhere.

What should you do when someone is unhappily in love with you?

What if you are on the other side? When you're the one who can't love you back and someone is unhappily in love with you?

Put yourself in their shoes. Think about how you want to find out.

The most important thing is to be honest and not hurt that person.

< p>Be open and don't give him unrealistic hopes just because his attention feels good.

Don't offer him friendship. Even if you don't have bad intentions, saying ”But we could be friends” like a slap in the face.

If he wants to initiate a contact ban afterwards, respect his wish.

Maybe there's a chance that you'll have something like friends.

Conclusion: Being unhappily in love brings a lot of suffering and pain.

It takes a lot of time to get out of this state and free yourself from the feelings.

There are many reasons for one-sided love, but only one conclusion: we just have to let go of things that are bad for us.

I know it's hard. Especially when that one person has become a part of our lives. When we are willing to do anything for her.

When we have already planned the whole future together in our minds and suddenly everything is gone.

But there will come someone who will give you all the love in the world. Someone who will be lucky to have you in their life.

Then you will remember the unfulfilled love and be thankful it didn't work out because you are the right person will have by your side.

Good luck!


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