True soulmates recognize each other by their eyes

True soulmates recognize each other eyes


Just thinking about it or hearing the word always makes us think of something pure and vulnerable, yet so beautiful .

When we think about love, we just imagine that there is one person in our life who will always cherish us.

And in our minds we call that person our 'soul mate'.

What is a soul mate?

A soul mate is someone who literally ”your other half” is. A soulmate doesn't always have to be a romantic partner.

It can also be someone you see as a friend and that's totally fine. It's the only person in this world who knows you better than anyone.

A soulmate is someone you carry with you forever.

You see , that's always kind of in the back of my mind and I keep going back to it and I think there really is someone out there who is so close to me and who makes me feel safe and sane when he hugs me.

We will become one again and his touch will feel so familiar. So many people describe their soulmates just like that.

From the moment we were born, our souls are meant to be with someone.

There are fü A perfect match for each of us. This person will help us heal from all the people who have hurt us before.

They will help us become better versions of ourselves and they will show us how much better the world can be if we only have one "accomplice" have.

But how do soulmates meet?


Would you believe me if I told you ;ere that the best way to recognize your soulmate is through the eyes?

It is not without reason that the eyes are said to be the windows to our souls.

Hast have you ever seen those movies where two people meet and can't take their eyes off each other?

You just stand there and stare at each other for no reason?

Well, that doesn't happen without a reason. These things really happen in real life.

When you meet your soulmate, it's not so easy to take your eyes off them.

It seems that you communicate with your eyes and that you two connect on a whole new level.

You seem to feel like you've met somewhere else, in a different time or place.

It's really scary, isn't it? Knowing that there is a person out there whose eyes can pierce right into your soul.

Her eyes can pierce every fear, thought and little spark of happiness look.

What you feel, they feel. It just fits perfectly.

Don't confuse this with something physical!

Of course, eyes are a wonderful human quality, but don't confuse a connection through the eyes with something physical.

Your soulmate may not be an A+ human creation, but their soul connects with yours.

His heart is pure and he loved you before he even knew you.

Your soulmate is the one person who makes everything right. He makes your heart whole again.

Your soulmate doesn't think twice about calling you and everything he does, he does for the future of both of you.

Of course, your emotions are wild too and everything you is somehow connected to your soulmate.

Some of the clear signs that your souls have connected through your eyes are:

1. You can't breath

Have you just forgotten to breathe or are they taking your breath away? You and your soulmate once again intervene in your destinies when you meet.

The energy of the universe is unbearable so you get carried away by the amount of overwhelming emotions you feel.

When you experience this by looking into someone's eyes you know he really is your soulmate.

2. At first you felt unstable, but then you calmed down

From the many emotions that overwhelmed you, your feet started to tremble. Your heart was racing and your head was foggy.

Your whole body started shaking, but the moment your soul realized what was happening, it calmed down.

You know that feeling when you come home and you're safe?

Well, it's the same feeling when you first look into your soulmate's eyes.

Your bodies, minds, hearts… you've all waited far too long for this moment.

3. You have Déjà-Vus

Looking into your soulmate's eyes, you might feel a little nostalgic.

As if you've seen those eyes before. Like they looked at you a long time ago and those eyes knew you better than you know yourself.

You may even have déjà-vus and feel like you know that person before a long time and loved somewhere else.

4. You are confused

Although your soul knows what is happening, your body, our rationality and your ego do not let you see what is ahead goes.

You keep rationalizing about what's happening, despite experiencing all the other signs that say he really is your soulmate.

For the same reason you might feel confused when you look into your soulmate's eyes.

You will forget what you were about to say and you will feel fascinated.

5. He feels it too

Even if he touches you, the atoms in both of your bodies respond with the greatest joy.

If he says he didn't feel a connection or that he just isn't in love with you, then he's telling you the truth.

Your soulmate will look at you and know that he has been waiting for you all this time and he will not think twice about inviting you into his life.

6. You see them somewhere

Once you've seen your soulmate, they appear to you all the time.

Whether you're in a whole new café you go knowing you won't meet him, he's still there.

There's no way you can avoid him. Because your souls have been apart for too long and they finally met, they keep looking for each other because they don't want to be apart anymore.

7. You understand him even though you've only just met

Even if you've just sat down with your soulmate and you've never had the chance to talk, you know but that the only reason the two of you are connected is because of how you two talk to each other.

You understand each other's slang and finish each other's sentences with ease. You can't do this with everyone.

It has to be someone special and someone to fall in love with.

8. You remember the details

You two just met, but just think about this moment and you'll find that you remember every single step you took did both.

Though you were both confused and overwhelmed with wild emotions, you remember the way he looked at you, the way he spoke, what he was wearing, the color of his eyes- you just remember everything that happened at that moment.

9. You have changed

You are a completely new person. Your life has become happier and all you can do is think about the fateful moment when you two met.

You are a new person because you cannot imagine to be with anyone other than him.

You can't imagine ever living life again without thinking about the time your eyes met.

That's the power of soulmates, because you're totally committed. changes. You've finally met your other half and there's no going back to a world without him.

10. You daydream

Now more than ever. You always thought about the moment of connection between you and your soulmate, but from the moment you saw him, you met true love and that's when you experienced a turning point in your life.

There won't be a day in your life that you don't think about him. It will stay in your head for the rest of the time.

You will dream of the day you kissed, the day you decided yours To live together.

Everything. It's just the two of you against the rest of the world.

And don't be afraid. Your soulmate is not just someone who easily disappears from your life.

He won't be able to live a day without looking into your eyes and seeing his future in them.

If you haven't found your soulmate by now, know that it will happen sooner or later.

His soul is looking for yours too, and there's no way you're in this one left alone in the cold world without connecting your soul to your other half.

Remember that it doesn't have to be a romantic partner.

It can also be a friend who you don't have a romantic connection with, but you two are just so compatible.

Don't give up. Your time will come and you will be mesmerized by the sense of belonging that will flood your body with joy when you get to the point where your eyes open they meet.

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