Toxic Relationship: Get Out of Emotional Hell

Toxic relationship: get out of emotional hell

Indeed, a toxic relationship feels like emotional hell.

What feels like at the beginning what the sweetest dream felt like turned into a nightmare in an instant.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and it's perfectly normal to have arguments or some reproaches with your partner from time to time, but when this crosses a certain line the relationship becomes toxic.

While toxic relationships are always associated with violence, arguments, cheating, and the like, there are so many types of toxic relationships that you may not even be aware of and that are difficult to spot are. In most cases, emotional abuse occurs.

When you're in love, you ignore all the warning signs, no matter how many times they come.

It's hard to be honest with yourself and admit that our favorite person is hurting us.< /p>

Even though some people recognize the warning signs of a toxic relationship, they still don't leave their toxic partner for a variety of reasons.

Some are afraid of suddenly being left alone because they are hanging off ;dependent on their partner.

Others are more likely to want out of the relationship but don't know how or are being manipulated by their toxic partner into staying with them.

But the biggest problem with an unhealthy relationship is knowing when that it is harmful to you, but you still can't get rid of it.

The inner voice tells you to run away from it, but the inner conflict, stay or go won't leave you in peace.

Most of the time it's not possible without your partner, but unfortunately not with him either.

But how do you recognize a toxic relationship?

< p>What are the most common warning signs you can't see with rose-colored glasses?

And most importantly, how to get out of emotional hell?

< h2>How is a toxic relationship expressed?

Quarrels and reconciliation, closeness and distance, love and hate, threats of separation and declarations of love…

Anyone in a toxic relationship will recognize these opposite extremes immediately.

Such a relationship is like a poison that spreads throughout our lives.

It has a bad effect on our self-esteem, other relationships and even our health.< /p>

The constant stress of such a relationship drains our vital energy and even manifests itself in physical symptoms such as headaches, weight loss, stomach ache, insomnia, etc.

Many people find themselves in an unhealthy relationship feel lonely.

Some even develop feelings of depression and they don't know why they feel that way.


In most cases, sufferers look for the cause in all areas of life except their relationship and partner because it is hard to believe that our loved one could hurt us in any way.

It's hard to admit that the person we love so much can do us so much harm.

Toxic people have this ability to deal with playing on your mind so you're not sure if the relationship is the best thing you've ever had or your worst nightmare.

This is also the problem with toxic relationships: one moment everything is fine and the next moment you want to pull your hair out with anger.

But most of the time people are not aware of this and forget how what a happy relationship should be like.

They forget how they should be treated and what true love feels like.

Others know that the relationship is toxic but don't have the courage to let go because they have invested so much in the relationship just to throw it away.

That's why it's difficult to end such a relationship, because you don't recognize the signs in time and you fall into it so deeply that you can't find a way out.

It would be better , to spot the signs in time to act, because an ounce of caution is worth a pound of cure.

If you feel like you are in an unhealthy relationship, but want to know for sure then read on.

Below are 7 signs of a toxic relationship so you can spot them early.

7 signs of a toxic relationship

1. Good disguise

Try to remember the beginning of your relationship. When it seems too good to be true, it usually turns out to be.

At first it looks like he's the one. The world seems like a perfect place and you can hardly part from each other.

He showers you with compliments, gifts and romantic gestures so much that you don't know if you dream or not.

Unfortunately, it only turns out later that this so-called love-bombing technique was only a camouflage, because only later does the toxic one show Partner his true self.

He uses this trick to convince you that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

And you slowly start falling into the trap.

You fall in love. Step by step you open your heart to him, share your insecurities, weaknesses and fears with him because you have faith in him.

Unfortunately he will use this later, to hit you where it hurts the most.

2. You can't do anything right

Do you sometimes feel like you can't do anything right? Does he blame you or criticize you for every little thing?

In most cases, this is a sign of a toxic relationship. A toxic partner will make you feel like you're not good enough.

No matter how hard you try to be a perfect girlfriend, you'll bite the bullet with him.

As long as you agree with him, everything is fine, but if you express dissatisfaction or your opinion, he will quickly become angry and argumentative.

It makes you feel small and unimportant and this always leads to self-doubt in you.

In most cases, people in love begin to adapt and change in order to avoid provoking violent reactions from your partner, which you absolutely should not do.

3. He plays the Uncertainty

card“Have you gained weight? Looks good on you.” Is that supposed to be a compliment?! Toxic people often use this strategy to insult someone.

Compliments are just a pretty wrapper, but there is an insult behind it.

A toxic partner will make your cock angry. use cheers against you instead of making you feel good about it.

Often he will pick something he is sure is your big ;e uncertainty is.

In many cases, he will use your fears or insecurities in an argument or because he wants to manipulate you.

This makes you feel low on yourself, making you easy prey his manipulation tricks.

That's why it's important to have enough self-love, because that's the only way he won't hurt you, no matter whether he reveals your insecurities to the table or not.

< h2>4. Bad conscience

Toxic relationships are often characterized by daily arguments. Even to such an extent that they are considered normal.

Most of the time they come out of the blue and you don't know what's wrong with the situation.

In most of the time he blames you and makes you feel guilty and guilty so that you are the one responsible for the argument.

Toxic people always blame someone else and always play the victim to appear like they're not the bad guy in the relationship.

Also note that in many cases big Unfortunately, quarrels can also lead to physical violence. Do not let it happen! Be reasonable and react immediately!

5. Jealousy

He wants you to spend your time only with him. If you want to go out with your girlfriends, he'll make a scene.

Even if you have a family reunion, he can't take it and blames you for it.

Excessive jealousy is always a red flag. If he is jealous of your friends or people you associate with, you should act on it immediately.

You need to know that jealousy is a result of your own insecurities and if a man is satisfied with himself, he will never be jealous.

Some people cut off contact with their friends and family because of their partner. Don't be like those people.

If he can't accept your friends or family, consider whether he is right for you.

6. The whole world revolves around him

His own needs are #1. He never asks your opinion or your feelings. He doesn’t care.

When you try to strike up a conversation with him, he’s always trying to have the last word and get your attention.

Your success, your dreams and your life do not interest him at all.

He never talks about your future together, makes his own decisions without discussing them with you Talking about it.

If he asks you to do something, you definitely have to do it, but if you want him to do something for you, he whines about how needy you are.< /p>

In a partnership, the I becomes a We and if you only hear the I all the time, there is something wrong with it.

7. You can't be yourself

The key to a happy relationship is to love your partner for who they are. But you feel like you can't be honest.

You have to repeat every single word to yourself three times before you say it so you don't accidentally upset him.< /p>

Your family and friends say you've changed. And you know it's true. You disguise yourself and play the role he likes.

If you try to change something about yourself or to develop yourself personally or professionally, stö&szlig ;leap on ridicule and judgment.

Toxic people will convince you that you are not up for anything.

A partner should be full of support; should be appreciated and encouraged and not stand in the way of each other's development.

Unfortunately, if these signs apply to you, it means that you are stuck in a toxic relationship. Then you're probably wondering what you can do.

Find out below.

Toxic relationship: what can I do?

Je l&auml ;the longer such a relationship lasts, the harder it is to break out of it.

It's easy to say, “Break up with him!” or "Just get away from him!" Unfortunately, the truth is not that simple.

Most people don't break up with their toxic partner for a variety of reasons.

Some are afraid of breakup for a variety of reasons: They're afraid of being alone and thinking that they will never meet anyone who will love them again.

So they cling to the toxic relationship even though they know it is harmful.

This also creates a pathological dependency.

Those affected only see, or rather try to see, the beautiful side of the relationship and negate the problems they have.

This is mostly due to a lack of self-esteem and the feeling of being unlovable to be.

It may also be that you are afraid of your partner's reaction because he may have a violent nature and you don't know what he could do to you.

Whatever the reason, the first step is to recognize the signs so you can decide what to do.

First ask yourself if he's really worth the fight.

If you really want to save the relationship, you can try breaking up with your partner for a while to see if he is the cause of your suffering.

In such cases, couples therapy is also desirable.

If he’s not ready for that and doesn’t want to work on your relationship, then it’s time to break up.

It always helps to talk to someone about it.

You can ask your family or friends for advice. Maybe they have an eye opener for you that will help you in your decision.

Think about it and determine what's best for you. Even if it seems difficult, you will thank yourself for it later. Be strong and persistent and don't let him manipulate you.

Because if you're not happy, nothing else matters.

Finally Here you will find the power to leave a toxic relationship behind. 

Conclusion: Toxic relationships can change our lives by 180 degrees. The biggest problem with it is that we are not aware of it.

Even if we realize it after a while, we don't know how to get rid of it.

Toxic people use many manipulative tricks to convince you that they are the best thing in our lives and force us to stay with them.

< p>It is important to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship in order to take more effective action and break free from it as quickly as possible.

I hope you make the best decision for’ r meet you because you deserve the best. Remember that!

Good luck!

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