Togetherness: Finding the ideal balance between closeness and distance

Togetherness : Finding the ideal balance between closeness and distance

Togetherness is the wishful thinking of many singles when you ask them about a happy relationship. Just the word togetherness awakens a feeling of comfort in women, but also in men.

When you know that someone is waiting for us at home and that we don't have to spend the evening alone , it helps us to cope with the stressful everyday life.

Being together means not only sharing the apartment with someone, but also our feelings, thoughts and above all our fears.

We were taught from an early age that every obstacle in life can be overcome as a couple easier to master.

This is exactly why so many singles long for the well-known togetherness. But how much togetherness is enough?

Can you lose your partner through too much togetherness?

Do you have to think about the potential togetherness when flirting? Can our desire for togetherness make the search for a partner more difficult?

When you think of great love, romantic togetherness is simply part of it, isn't it?

Who could I thought that such a beautiful, soft and soothing word would raise so many questions, but it's not that complicated either.

You just have to find the right balance and then you won't have any problems either of togetherness.

We have a few useful tips for you that will make living together with your partner more enjoyable and will help you to enjoy the intimate togetherness to the fullest.

Healthy togetherness as the basis of a relationship:

If we get to the bottom of the meaning of the word togetherness, we get a wide spectrum of meanings. Togetherness is every time two people are together.

These can be best friends, family or people in love.

But in this text we will focus on couples in love and bring you a little closer to the meaning of togetherness.

Every newly engaged couple wants to spend every free minute with their partner at the beginning of the relationship. You turn off the rest of the world and only have eyes for your partner.

It can work for the first few days, weeks or even months, but after a certain time you realize that you also have a life outside of the relationship.

How much togetherness is too much and is it even possible to balance togetherness and your own needs?

Of course you can start a relationship with a healthy dose leading togetherness. The most important thing is that you never overdo it.

As I said at the beginning, the beginning of a relationship is always exciting. After a long time you have fallen in love again and you want to make up for lost time.

You had almost lost hope and thought that you would never fall in love again and now you are sitting happily on the sofa with your partner in intimate togetherness. You don't want to let go of something like that.

It will be fine for a while, but then your daily tasks will shake you up. That's when you realize you've got to find a way to juggle it all.

The key to a loving relationship is a romantic togetherness. It doesn't always have to be a romantic scene, with candles, rose petals and fireworks, it can also be a nice evening on the park bench.

Each of us has had one Met an elderly couple in the park and wondered how they still manage to laugh after all these years together?

The answer is very simple. They make time for each other. So, when you're together, you should really focus on your partner.

Turn off everything else and only have eyes for your partner.

The biggest The problem of today is the fact that couples can no longer focus entirely on their partner.

They keep checking their smartphone, replying to WhatsApp messages or e-mails and that unsettles or annoys the partner.

He gets the feeling that you don't care about him and that you're not interested. So it would be best if the time together is fixed.

You take one, two or even three hours a day for each other and talk.


You can talk about anything, the important thing is that you look into each other's eyes and that there are no distractions. In this way you will use the togetherness qualitatively.

Of course it can also happen spontaneously, but then you should also stick to switching off everything else.

Once you move in together, you can enjoy your new togetherness in many different ways.

It can be a nice, wordless evening in front of the TV, cooking together or just hanging out at one cup of coffee talking about life.

If you have been living together for a long time, togetherness should not only take place within your own four walls. You can use the time together outside, go for a walk or pursue hobbies together.

Does distance damage the relationship?

Many couples are alone afraid of the word distance, because distance means being separated and losing closeness to your partner.

But in this case it doesn't mean that you want to separate from your partner, but that you needs some time for themselves.

If you don't give your partner the freedom you want, dissatisfaction in the relationship can very quickly arise.

The partner will feel crushed and cornered and after a while they will start to run away.

In order to avoid such a development of the relationship, you should also pay attention to the need Respect your partner's needs, especially if you live together.

It's perfectly okay for your partner to hang out without you and for them to hang out with their friends alone.

At first you will feel like he has lost interest and you are not that important to him anymore. But you will catch yourself wanting to have coffee with your girlfriends again, even without your partner.

Such a development in the relationship is good for that in most cases Living together. What do I mean by that?

After the separate activities you will get new topics of conversation and can refresh your time together.

It brings some variety to everyday life and you will be happier and more exuberant in your togetherness. It can also lead to missing each other and then coming home real quick.

The time apart can strengthen your emotional bond and remind you why you love each other.


You should never force your partner to be together, because in that case it will certainly backfire and it can push him away.

As always, communication is the most important thing, if you are open with your partner about your needs, there can be no arguments or disappointments.

You just have to understand that your partner also had a life ahead of you, which he wants to continue now.

If you cling too much to your partner, he can get the feeling that the relationship has become a burden and that he no fun more to it.

Love consists of give and take. You can't expect to sacrifice all of your own needs because of being together.

Such a kind of togetherness can't have a healthy future.

That's how you find the right balance!

1. Find time for each other for at least an hour every day. You can eat, drink coffee and cook together.

She just cares that you use the time to talk. Communication is the cornerstone of any happy relationship.

Make your partner feel important and that you want to be a part of their life. Always listen carefully, ask questions and, if necessary, also give useful advice.

2. Find common hobbies. This way you can also do something together outside of the house and it will bring new momentum into everyday life.

You might discover new things you have in common that you didn't know before.

3. Be understanding. Sometimes there will be days when your partner just won't be as talkative. This is perfectly normal. Maybe he just had a stressful day at work or he just wants to enjoy the silence.

In that case, you shouldn't push him to talk. Sometimes it's enough if you snuggle up to him and watch a nice movie together. There are moments when you don’t need words to understand each other.

Listen to his heartbeat and interpret his eyes, it will be enough for you.

4. Give him his space. If he wants to do something without you, don't make a drama out of it. Let him! He needs to know that you understand his needs and that you're not a bard.

It's totally OK that he has fun sometimes. without you.

Show him you trust him. This strengthens your relationship and afterwards the togetherness will be even nicer.

5. Show him that you value togetherness. If you sometimes come home from work in a bad mood, you shouldn't push your partner away. S

be honest with him and explain what's going on. Otherwise, he'll think it's his fault that you're in a bad mood and that he did something wrong.

Any problem can be solved much faster and easier with two people. The most important thing is that you know that he always has an open ear for you and your problems.

For a happy relationship, it is the most important, a healthy measure to be found in proximity and distance. Each couple decides for themselves how much closeness and space they need.

You should always make sure that your ideas of togetherness are fulfilled, because you will be dissatisfied in return.

Therefore, it is not wrong to pay attention to your own ideas when looking for a partner. Because relationships in which the partners are completely different from each other almost always have an expiry date.

A person who needs a lot of closeness will not be satisfied with a person who is looking for a lot of freedom . And a person who needs a lot of space will feel crushed by a person who wants to spend every minute with them.

State your expectations right at the beginning and leave them don't deviate from your path. In order to have a happy relationship, you have to enjoy your time together and not see it as a punishment.

”Love is like a butterfly if you hold it shut tight, if you squeeze it, if you hold it too loosely, it flies away.”, that means togetherness. Not too much and not too little, just right!

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