To the woman who is still waiting: No answer is also an answer

To the woman who is still waiting: No answer is also an answer

There you are again, looking at your cell phone and flipping through your messages.< /p>

You're waiting for him, for that one message that will change everything and remind you why you fell in love with him in the first place.

You want to see that he cares about you. You want him to convince you that it's not over and you want to get some sort of answer from him, but honey, all I can tell you is that no answer is an answer.

You've waited way too long. No matter how long that might be.

No matter if it was two days or a week, you just wasted too much time on someone who doesn't even try to show you that you care mean.

He doesn't respond and doesn't mind losing you.

He knows he will lose you. No man is stupid enough to think that by ignoring a woman he'll get her affection.

He's doing it on purpose, and no matter how much you want to deny it, that's a fact.

Do you really think a man who loves you would behave like this? A man who loves you would be afraid of ever losing you, hurting you or making you cry.

A man who wants you in his life would never make you doubt if he is serious about you because you would just know it.

You would know that he appreciates you enough because he doesn't play games with you because everyone who wants you in their life tells you they need you.

But that man who doesn't answer will be surprised the next time he sees, texts or calls you and you don't say hi to him. Not texting him back or answering the phone.

He will be surprised and he will regret not making an effort to keep you in his life.

I can guarantee you that no man is heartless enough not to consider another option, to consider what would have happened if he had acted differently.

He won't take your stone cold behavior lightly because he can't deal with people just like him.

You deserve so much more than walking towards a blank screen stare. You deserve more than crying over his missed messages and all the times you wanted to talk to him but he wasn't there for you.

I know it was so nice to talk to him. It was so inspiring to have him in your life and to be sure that you found someone who makes you feel so special.

Now that this is all over , you wonder what went wrong. You thought you both had so much potential, so you waited and waited.

You waited for him to make the first move. You've been waiting for him to show you that he wants something serious.

But he keeps disappointing you. He keeps showing you that what you hoped for only exists in your head.

Now you're stuck in this cycle of tears and heartache that keeps you from moving on.

You keep breaking your own heart and you feel like it's in your stabs you in the chest and begs you to stop. But you can't lose hope, can you?

Yes, yes you can. It doesn't mean you give up something real. You don't give up on someone who is willing to do whatever it takes just to make you happy.

You are leaving someone who doesn't even know what true love feels like. You move on and that doesn't make you weak.

You've learned a lesson. You had an experience with someone who didn't even try to show you their affection and respect.

Someone who wasn't ashamed to take a whole day off for you to to make you happy. Someone who doesn't mind putting you first every day.

The next time you meet a man, don't sit and wait for a call, just live your life Life.

You don't need a man, and he will never be a significant thing in your life.

Just allow yourself to live your most amazing life without ignoring his call or text need.

Not answering from him is perhaps a clear message not to wait any longer and move on?

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