To the one who comes after her heartbreak

To the one who after her heartbreak

You noticed her – probably because of the fiery glow she gives off when she smiles now that she's learning how to be happy again.

She has a mystery about her that you just can't quite name .

It's not that she doesn't want to get close to you, it's just that she's worked so hard to get to where she is now that she's become very picky is who she will let into her life.

If you are the one she lets through her walls, please read on.

She was destroyed by someone who promised her the world.

She was told she was loved, but was treated as if she was anything but.

She has never had anyone say anything to her and really meant it, so you can understand why she's so careful.

Love was nothing but a confusing, heartbreaking experience for her, so now it scares the hell out of her.

She's picked herself off the floor hung over too many times, full of black tears , so now she wants to run away from anyone she can feel ANYTHING about.

It's not like she's unable to love someone though – ; in fact, it's quite the opposite.

She still has so much love to give to the right person despite all the wrong ones that have drained her so much she forgot to love herself.

She loves so damn hard and you will realize that this very quality is the best and worst about her.

When you look at her and you don't see the fire in her soul and the flames dancing in her eyes as she laughs … please don't stay.

Don't fool her for a second.

She has done her best to get where she is now, so please don't do anything that will jeopardize her healing heart.

She may l’ smile and laugh and appears to be the strongest woman you know but she is still very fragile whether you can see the bruises she still bears or not.

< p>Loving her will be challenging at times, but I promise it will be the greatest and most rewarding thing you will ever experience, apart from the love she has to offer.

You must be patient while she learns to trust again.

She will keep apologizing for things she didn't do. She'll think you're mad for no reason.

She'll carry doubts with her and fear that at any moment you're ready to leave because that's all she's ever known.< /p>

She won't call or text like she would like to because she feels like she's bothering you, but she's waiting to see if you care enough about her to send her something and let her know ;sss that you think of her the way she thinks of you.

Her heart will sink in her pants when her phone rings at night or when you don't answer it, even if she doesn't say a word about it says.

She'll think the worst if you don't answer her calls or texts right away.

When you're not around, she starts running scenarios in her head about what you're doing and why she's not good enough.

If she kisses you, before you leave like it's the last time you need to know she's doing this because she knows it could be.

She might get that look in hers Have eyes when she says goodbye to you because she wonders if this time it's forever.

She will always love you like there's no tomorrow because if she's learned one thing it's how much time really is borrowed.

She's not crazy, but she can be jealous at times will. You must be willing to understand why.

If you are not willing to make her your priority, then you don't deserve to be in her life.

She will no longer be anyone's convenience. The self-love she possesses today is worth leaving for anyone who doesn't know it.

Don't make the mistake of letting them go. You may need to remind her sometimes that she's the only one you want, but don't just tell her … show her.

She needs more than words to feel the truth in everything because of all the empty promises she's been told.

Her fears aren't irrational because she's just relying on what she's been used to for so long. Be the man who changes that for her.

I can promise you that she won't believe anything you tell her until she sees it.

Please don't think that she is punishing you for the mistakes of those who came before you .

She just doesn't want to be disappointed again. She's just trying to protect her heart because no one else ever did.

I'm not trying to scare you away or give you reasons not to stay, I just want you to know that this isn't a game for her – she's done with people wasting their time.

So I'm just trying to weed out the weak. You must be able to handle the heat of wildfire if you are to light up your world.

She will be the most loyal, dear, loyal woman you will ever have by your side, but you have to be willing to work for it.

Fight for her every day even if you feel like you have her and she will do the same for her do you.

She just wants to be loved like she loves herself. She wants to know that someone’s worth her, that she can’t just walk away, and that the thought of leaving isn’t even an option.

If if you are lucky enough to be loved by her, it will be a love that is unshakeable, unquestioning and so fulfilling that you will wonder if you have ever been truly loved before.

Why should she settle for anything less than that? She shouldn't.

Do you realize that despite what this girl has been through, the pain she has felt, the people who made her question themselves to ask, she still puts her heart in the pan for the chance that someone else loves her besides herself.

She knows she's taking a risk. She knows the outcome may not end well for her, but she's not giving up!

If you're not honored to be such a resilient creature then you're not the man for her.

If her presence alone doesn't make you feel something, then please don't let her get attached to you, because when she falls for you, and she will … then she goes all in.

So if you're not planning on being the one to catch her, don't stand there and watch her foot; leaves the ledge.

She will love you long before she ever has the courage to say the words, but you will know that she does it in the way she loves you shows.

Are you ready to pay attention? She tells you everything you need to know without saying anything.

She's just so damn tired of giving in to someone who doesn't appreciate it, so she tries her Best to hold back for fear of being made a fool of.

So if you have the opportunity to be the guy who comes after her lovesickness after she patches herself up ….

Please don't disappoint her. Be the one to shoo the demons out of her past, not another haunting memory for her to overcome.

Be her savior and show her she's not fighting a war she is will never win. Please, please … don't be like the rest of them.

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