To the guy who stopped appreciating the girl he loves

To the guy who stopped appreciating the girl he loves

She can't see what's in your heart, unless you show her. She's tired of reading between the lines. She's tired of interpreting your actions to find out what you're trying to say.

It's driving her insane. She shouldn't be wondering if you care about her or not – it should be obvious.

She's happy on the days when she catches even a glimpse of your warm side. When you're blown away by her. When you express your emotions.

But the cold days are there more often. You keep your distance. You forget to text or call. You forget to hug or kiss her when she doesn't ask.

You forget she's in the same room because your mind is elsewhere.

Your mixed signals make her life a living hell. She clings to the warm days, but the cold ones are killing her little by little.

She's sadder more than happy and she knows it shouldn't be like this. Love shouldn't be so hard. You shouldn't be the one making it so difficult for her.

She wants to see the best in you. She doesn't want to feel unloved and unappreciated, but she can't help it. It's not just her. You have to give her more. You need to be there more often.

You need to stop taking her and everything she does for you for granted.

What's going on in your brain? Do you really think she will stay with someone who makes her feel invisible?

Do you think she can fight for someone who won't lift a finger for her?< /em>

Believe me when I tell you she won't. She is worth so much more and it is only a matter of time before she realizes that herself.

She will put her love aside and remember that she deserves to be loved back. That she is worthy of receiving everything she gives.

That she needs to feel valued or she will no longer be there for you.

Don't let your male ego, pride or selfishness get in the way of having true love. Kiss her. hug her Hold her tight.

Don't spare any effort to make her happy. Show her that you appreciate her. Show her she matters. Say how important she is to you and stand by your words.

Don't you know how rare it is to find someone like her? Don't fool yourself into thinking there are others like her.

Of course there are women who are pretty, smart, interesting and whatever. But there is no one like her. And if you lose her, you will never forgive yourself.

She is unique, also in relation to you. She sees you for who you really are instead of what you pretend to be. She respects you and everything you stand for. She sees you as an equal.

She believes in you when you don't even believe in yourself. she is your rock She loves you for what you are.

She loves you like no other will ever love you and that's what makes her different from everyone else. That makes her ‘the one’ for you.

Don't lose this. Don't waste your chance to be really happy with her. Don't fight your feelings, let them flow.

Don't hold back because you're afraid of getting hurt. Go above and beyond. Take down the cold wall you show her and be the man she sees inside.

Give her the love and warmth she deserves. Be there for her when she needs you. respect her Send her a goodnight message. Kiss her at every opportunity. Listen to her.

Make her feel like she's the only one in the whole world for you. Open your eyes and see how wonderful she is. See how much she cares about you and how much she gives.
Return it.

You still have time to make things right. You still have time to make things right for her to show how much she means to you by treating her the way she deserves. Learn to appreciate her again.

You can still find a way to make both of you happy.

You still have the power, true love to keep. Don't wait until it's too late. Don't allow yourself to spend your life regretting the things you should have done.

Take a step before you lose them for good.

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