To the guy who hurt the good girl while he was suffering

To the guy who hurt the good girl while he was suffering

To save yourself you got rid of her.

You never gave her a chance, a real chance, for fear of getting hurt.

You didn't even really try. It was a pathetic effort.

You didn't allow yourself to feel while she was the one experiencing the feelings for you both.

You let your past get in the way of your future.

You kept looking back and seeing her as everything that hurt you.

She paid up every time your heart was broken.

She was the one who did all the pain wore at once &nd; all the pain you went through in the past she went through all at once thanks to you.

In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with gold.

The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history which adds to its beauty.

She could have been the gold in your heart if you had given her the chance.

She could have fixed it with her love.

You got scared when she got too close.

You couldn't keep your distance forever.

She proved to you that she was different, but you still fought her like she was your worst enemy.

You made her feel like she was doing something bad , even though she only loves you.

You made her feel like she was responsible for how things were between the two of you – it was never your fault.

She didn't deserve to be called only when you were drunk.

She was all those tequila swipes ;doesn't deserve the calls saying you care.

You should have had balls in your pants and said all those things when you were sober.

You should have come straight to her instead of getting the alcohol out of you to let her speak.

She didn't deserve to be lied to.

You lied that everything was fine and you lied when you said “it's nothing”.

It was everything, but you didn't let her see the real, raw you. You were too cowardly.

She didn't deserve to be hurt before you were hurt.

You shouldn't have seen your relationship with her as competition – you wouldn't have come out a loser, but you were too blind to see it.

So you chose to be the predator just to avoid becoming the prey .

Her only sin was falling in love with an emotionally broken man.

But she didn't know you were unavailable.

She knew you were hurt and she chose to love you despite your brokenness, damage and flaws.

And what did she get for it? Well, she was broken.

She deserved a chance, just a little try, even the slightest effort would have sufficed.

You would have ‘you’ should give at least one chance, but a real one. You were really important to her

. She was willing to take a risk. She was ready to fall in love with you, and she fell in love with you.

But instead of catching her, you dropped her on her face.

She didn’t deserve the hell you put her through.

She didn’t deserve it, paraded for months and then left empty-headed ;end up being left behind.

She didn't deserve all the empty promises you made; she didn't deserve to believe that you two had a future when you only used her to make yourself feel better, to feed your insecurities and not be alone.

< p>Instead of using her and pushing her away, you should have let her in.

She would have helped you heal. She would have shown you that there is more to love and life than you have ever seen.

She would have loved you in the right way. But you were too careful and selfish to do that.

Now you've done everything to her that was done to you.

How do you feel about having done the same harm that was done to you?

Don't give in to your past or blame the hell you went through.

Because you would have made it if you had only given her a chance.

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