To anyone who cannot and will not understand why I chose them

To anyone who can't and won't understand why I chose him

Maybe everyone had a different type of man in mind for me or they think so it's nothing serious because they just don't see it.

But I see it and… I feel it.

I see it in his endless efforts to choose me every day.

From my morning whims to my restless nights, he never looks for anything easier.

He stays and he fights for what we have. Even when our relationship is more than stable and I feel like nothing can break us, I can see him fighting for us.

He knows what I deserve and he doesn’t make me feel anything but that kind of love.

I feel it when he makes me laugh, even when I feel like there's no reason for it.

When I'm drowning in my thoughts, I feel like he cheers me up.

I see it in his striving to be the best version of himself, but not for himself.

He is striving to be better for himself ;r his friends, his family, me, both of us and our future. And he may never be perfect, but he will always be more than I ever thought I needed.

Everything feels right with him. I never feel a distance between us.

Not only do we want to learn everything about each other, we also want to show each other things that we don't know about ourselves.

He's always just what I need, no matter the situation.

He's a kid when I need to be reminded that life is too short to be taken seriously.

He is my best friend when I cannot find words for my feelings and need someone who understands me and can take my silence.

He is my ‘partner in crime’ when I need to step out of my comfort zone.

And he's the one who grabs my waist and kisses my forehead to make me feel beautiful, loved and wanted .
I choose him because nothing is more peaceful than his presence.

I would rather hear no laughter, feel no touch and no life I prefer to drive without him.

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