To all the women who fell in love with bad boys, these are the 3 mind games all narcissists play with us

To all women who have fallen in love with Bad Boys: These are the 3 mind games that all narcissists play with us

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I think it's like a curse to get involved with men who aren't good for us, and yet we do it.

The question is, then why do we leave such a person not easy when we realize that someone like that is toxic to us?

Why can't we just pack up and leave?

We would save a lot of time and so many sleepless nights crying ourselves to sleep alone.

When we first meet a toxic person that everyone has warned us about, we are blinded by the attention they are giving us and we think we are special because we were chosen by all other people .

That's such a privilege, there must be something to it!

The only amazing thing that's how naïve we can be in believing that we really are special when in fact we are food for the worst of human predators.

And even though they withdraw from us emotionally, we still stay with them and wait for them to open up to us because we think we are the only ones who can change them .

But such a naive attitude can only hurt us, even though at the beginning of the relationship we hoped that we would be heroines.

Women who fall in love with bad boys become addicted to the ups and downs of the relationship.

We become addicted to the feelings of a toxic relationship and that may answer the question why we don't leave.

With our tendency to date bad boys, we don't give it away easily.

We stay and we fight even harder instead of leaving.

And in doing so, toxic people reinforce our addiction through their abuse.

 It seems that the worse the pain, the more addicted we become.

1. Narcissists shower their victims with love early in the relationship.

Don't get this wrong – every narcissist does. We fall for their “you are my soul mate” story.

They all make a good impression at first and we often (and more than we should) believe the story, that they sell to us about themselves.

But none of this lasts long.

Narcissists aren't talked about in their past relationships, and when they are, it's easy to see that they've had fast-moving, overlapping, and toxic relationships in the past.

The warning signs are everywhere, but only if you pay attention to them.

Eventually you notice these warning signs and it is easy to spot false and empty feelings, but in most It's already too late to fell.

2. Narcissistic people make their victims feel worthless.

No one who is comfortable with themselves would stick with a narcissist.

Narcissistic people are well aware of this and are therefore quick to try to make their victims feel less valuable.

They quickly put other people down and make them mistaken attentive while at the same time seeing themselves only positively.

It's her way of feeling superior – they have to make every other person feel less valuable.

That's how they feed their egos, because they think of themselves as God's ultimate creation.

They don’t handle criticism very well and that could be one of the reasons they demean other people.

You need to surround yourself with broken people who can't think for themselves and will talk softly – that's the main reason why they demean other people.

And once we're under this constant influence and someone keeps telling us that we're not good enough or that they're putting us down when we're superior and we're supposed to be happy when someone like them wants to be with someone like us, then we start believing it.

We become addicted to the idea that someone better than us really wants to be with us and that's why we stay.

We stay knowing that our lives are at stake should run.

3. All narcissists scare their victims.

If we weren't afraid of anything, how could narcissistic people stretch out their claws on us?

They couldn't do that, so they have to create this fear in us so that they can take control of us.

We're afraid of losing her. We're afraid that we won't find anyone better than them.

The thing is, they sell themselves so well, bragging and showing off their achievements all the time, while they usually exaggerate about everything.

The worst part is that they even believe their lies.

They got to a professional level at being liars, so that they managed to convince even themselves of their lies.

We tend to have a better picture of them than they really are and over time we develop the idea that they are the best thing there is.

That's why we're afraid of losing or letting go of them.

And that's why we put up with being mistreated all the time.

“Relationships with narcissists are based on the hope that one day things will get better, yet there is little reason to believe that it ever will.” – Ramani Durvasula

Someone has to tell you – getting into a relationship with a narcissist won't give you any superpowers.

You can't tame the beast.

This "someday it will be better" will never happen and that's why you better take care of yourself than this relationship.

”The narcissist uses people, drains their energy and throws her empty shell away.” – Sam Vaknin

At the end of the day, we need to take off our rose-colored glasses and look behind the scenes.

When those people are bad and we are clear recognize narcissistic behavior patterns, then we have to stop being so naive and believing that we are the only ones who can save such a person.

Because narcissists don't want to kiss each other ;change. Why should they, because they don't see themselves as toxic.

No one in the world can make them believe that there's anything wrong with them.

If we still If we want to be heroines, then we should save ourselves and leave the minute we meet a person exhibiting narcissistic behavior patterns.

Because that's the only right thing to do.< /p>

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