This is what happens when you finally get rid of a manipulative narcissist

That what happens when you finally get rid of a manipulative narcissist

Leaving a narcissistic relationship is extremely difficult. The lying bastard erases your self-worth and self-respect.

Once you're done with him, you won't have the strength to continue. Trusting people is the last thing you will do.

Only after you've gone through the long and painful healing process and realized that it wasn't your fault, that it didn't work out and that he convinced you of things that aren't true, can you end life look at it from a different perspective.

Narcissistic relationships are addictive. You get used to the abuse and it becomes part of your life.

He becomes a kind of pill that you have to take every day or else you will get into a crisis.

His insults and manipulations become the air you breathe and you don't want to suffocate. That's why you stay.

Narcissistic relationships are challenging.

Some women stay in such relationships even though they are unhappy because they keep hoping that something will change.

They hold on to the belief that they can change him and make him a better person.

And the truth is, narcissists are such good actors that at just the right moment, they will pretend to be would they have changed – the moment the woman is fed up – and once again he's manipulating her into staying.

Narcissistic relationships are demeaning. These people take away everything positive from you. They take away your will to live.

They push you around and corner you with no hope of rescue.  You keep going in circles hoping to find a way out, but nothing comes of it.

He makes you a shadow of the woman you once were.

He takes everything you had and creates a woman of his liking — which he can control and eventually destroy.

But a person can also only to a certain extent; endure abuse. All women eventually stop this behavior.

Narcissists bring them to a point where they really don't care what's going to happen to them. They are no longer afraid and their sanity kicks in.

What little strength they have left is screaming out and they finally get rid of the sneaky bastard.

< strong>But that's not the end of the fight. This is just the beginning of the journey. That was just the first step they took.

Now comes the hard part. All women who have had the power to emerge from a narcissistic relationship must find love for themselves again.

They face the challenge of finding their self-esteem and forgiving themselves for that they believed in all the narcissistic lies and manipulations.

Women have to grapple with their healing process and fight against his attempts to win them back.

You know, narcissists can't live without their victims. They need to have someone to suck them dry.

They need to have someone to be their punching bag, someone to make them feel better and someone to hit.

And they will do anything to get you back. You have to reckon with this when you finally get rid of a narcissist:

1. He will stalk and harass you

Any normal person would understand, if not immediately then after some time, that you need to leave a relationship that you brings more pain than joy.

But unlike normal people, a narcissist will see the breakup as your triumph over them, and they cannot admit defeat.

He may not understand that you were afraid for your safety and he will see it as if you gave him up, but no one gives up on a narcissist because they are perfect in their own eyes.

He sees your relationship as a competition and you won.

Since he cannot accept that you left him first, he will stalk and harass you for months, maybe even years, after your breakup.

He will stalk you on the internet, come to your house, text you, call you or even use someone else to manipulate you into coming back to him.

He's ready, book usual to do everything – hack your computer, drive you insane with mind games, or threaten you.

2. He will blame you for everything

In the beginning he acted like he was so lucky to have you and that you were a Godsend to him.

He acts like he’s super lucky to have found someone amazing like you.

But over time he starts to show his true colors and things take a turn for the worse .

And he'll blame you for that.

He'll think of something stupid to blame you for the failed relationship.

The reason is completely irrelevant — what matters is that it's all your fault.

This is so shocking and hurtful and narcissists only do it because they see there's no way the two of you will ever get back together, so they make sure to clear their names and convince themselves that they did nothing wrong.

3. Post Breakup Triangulation

He will intentionally try to create a love triangle to demean you and remind you of the time you were with him.

In these situations, you need to be careful on social media, reduce your online activity and try as much as possible not to go to the places where you might meet him.

It's real important because you are still in the healing process and any contact with him or even a failed attempt to make you jealous can bring back your doubts and lack of self esteem.

You need to make sure that you have no contact with your narcissist so that he doesn't have a chance to suck you back into the hell you lived in.

4. He will make you feel bad about staying

After you get rid of a narcissist, he will try to get you to come back to him.

He will remind you of all the wonderful things he did for you while you were together and there were a lot of them but unfortunately each of those gestures had a ulterior motive.< /p>

Every time he did something nice for you, he wanted something in return.

He will rub it all in your face and hope that you only remember the good things and give him a second chance.

5. He'll make you look bad

You can't dodge this bullet.

You can't hide the fact that you broke up because the narcissist thinks so ;r want to make sure everyone knows you broke up and now it's time for people to take sides.

Your narcissist wants your friends to completely distance themselves from turn away from you.

He will badmouth and gossip about you on social media whenever he gets the chance.

He will try to Convincing people that you did to him all the things he did to you.

He wants to gather as much pity as possible and make you the bad guy .

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