This is what happens when a good girl gets screwed

That happens when a good girl gets screwed

She is generous and kind and loving and always there for other people who need her. Despite her busy life, she always manages to be there for the people she loves.

She never gives up on other people and no matter what happens and no matter how far someone falls, she will be there like a light at the end of the tunnel.

She is special, you know? She is one of those women who love with all her heart. When she falls in love, it is with her entire body, soul and spirit.

She gives everything of herself to the person she loves. While aware of her little imperfections and flaws, she always chooses to see the good in people and accept them for who they are.

She's just through and through by a good girl. It's in her blood and it's something that's very hard to shake off. She didn't plan it that way. But people often take it for granted.

They take advantage of their kindness as if it will never run out. They call her into their lives when they need her and drop her when they no longer need her-until next time.

This didn't just happen once. People always take and take everything without giving anything in return. But she doesn't care because she's selfless. And because she's used to it.

That's why she can endure a lot. But some of these people hurt her a little more every time.

She can't take it when someone plays with her heart. She can't bear to be a person's last resort.

She is not used to being left behind by the people she loves. She is not used to hearing promises that are never meant to be kept.

There are people who are not good to her, no matter how much she gives them. There are people who just take advantage of her and play with her and her feelings.

But she can't draw a line – in fact, she can't bring herself to do it because she is who she is. That's why people keep playing with it.

They take it to the limit. And once she plays with her, everyone ends up losing.

When a good girl is taken advantage of, her feelings are taken advantage of too.

All her feelings have become so alien to her. No matter who or what was in her heart, it just became too painful for her, so she started erasing everything from her heart.

She started locking her feelings away ;en, because to feel something would mean to feel everything, including the pain. She just shuts her feelings away.

Her trust crumbles.

The idea that people will be good to her because they meaning no harm to them, she is slowly slipping away.

The idea that there is good in every human being is slowly disappearing. And when she meets someone she wants to trust, she can't.

She's had her kindness taken away.

It's not like that , as if she wanted to lose her. It's not like she has a problem with her personality. But obviously everyone else had a problem with it.

Someone else didn't care how she felt or what happened to her in the end. People played with her so much that she lost everything good she had inside.

She is changing.

Everything in her changes. She realizes that she can't always be the one who gets the short end of the stick. She can't always be the one who gives and gets nothing in return.

She can't always be the one who ends up being heart broken and taken advantage of and played with in relationships, just because she's a good person.

She begins to put up protective walls around herself.

After everything that has happened to her, she is becoming a little insecure about people she can trust. She knows she doesn't know who to let into her life and she's afraid of making the same mistakes she used to have.

That's why she starts pushing everyone away from her. That's why she puts up her protective walls and never lets anyone in.

She becomes aloof.

Because of all the pain she's going through, she can't think straight. She hates herself for being so naive and allowing other people to take advantage of her as they see fit.

In all this chaos, it becomes difficult to talk to her. Her kind words are replaced by sarcastic comments and she just stops listening.

Even the people who approach her with a pure heart can't approach her anymore.

Everyone loses them.

Even the people who were good to her lose her because she no longer knows who is good and who is bad. She believed that all people are good and she paid a high price for that.

So she also sacrifices the people who have always taken care of her to get away from the bad people . She begins by being her own heroine.

She used to always rush to help other people. She was always there to help people in need and now she has no one to save because she cut everyone out of her life.

She might not be able to save anyone either because her heart was broken. She has to save herself first.

She is now giving all the kindness she has given to other people to herself.

Instead of giving kindness to people who just take her for granted, she now chooses to be good to herself.

She chooses to do things for herself , to do things that make her happy and things that help her to grow. She's slowly learning how to be good to herself.

She's learned some lessons the hard way.

Even if she didn't sign up for these life lessons, even if she didn't want to know, life still showed her that life can be hard at times and that not all people are good.

Maybe she learned it the hard way, but at least she'll never forget those lessons.

She's learning that pleasing everyone isn't good for her.

Being good made her happy, but trying to please everyone ends up draining her physically and mentally.

Because people never stop listening take and she knows never when to stop giving.

Because of this, she eventually learns that she doesn't have time to please herself if she wants to please other people.

She learns that everyone has to stand up for themselves.

That people aren't as good to her as they are to her. That sometimes she has to take care of herself before she takes care of others.

She learns that it's okay to have an opinion that doesn't reflect the opinion of others and that it's okay to speak your mind out loud.

She's learning that not everyone is good.

Just because she's never involved with other people's feelings Playing with people doesn't mean those people wouldn't play with their feelings either.

Just because she's never intentionally hurt anyone doesn't mean those people are her wouldn't hurt either. Not everyone is good and it took her a while to get it.

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