This is the man worth the wait

The is the man worth the wait

Although there are plenty of fish in the sea, not every fish is your fish. Every man has his own counterpart, or rather, every pot has a lid.

With that in mind, here are some tips that will show you which man is really worth the wait. Read them, memorize them and practice them, and maybe you will be able to distinguish HIM from the rest.

No doubt you will find many ”fake ones” date, but they may only be wrong for YOU until you find that special one, ”the right one”, the right one for YOU.

This is the man who really deserves you because just as he is to you, you are worth the wait to him too. That's why you shouldn't settle for nothing, aim higher.

The guy you're looking for has to make you laugh.

And remember, it's easy to laugh at your jokes while you're in the ”honeymoon period” is, but the perfect man will never stop making you laugh and his jokes will never get boring.

He's in it for the long haul.

This man will treat you as you deserve and you deserve the best, so he will make sure that nothing is missing in your life until the end.

He won't just do it when he's in the mood or just feeling happy for no reason.

He'll do it even if his day was horrible, but he won't make your day a horrible one too.

Just because he really, madly and deeply loves you.


This guy will kiss you for no reason and out of the blue. He will shower you with his love when you least expect it. He will show you that he loves you every moment and every day.

He will come to you while you are in the shower just to kiss you,or he will magically appear in the kitchen while you are cooking to do the same.

He will not kiss you just because he feels like it, but because he feels like it ;rt that you want or need it.

You need a man who is an adrenaline junkie. This is especially true for her Girls who feel like they are sometimes stuck in a boring, never-ending routine. This guy won't let you.

He's going to turn things around a bit because it's in his blood. You won't get bored because he will always have some kind of plan for both of you.

But there's a catch and you should pay attention to it! These types of men avoid commitment because that's who they are. If you manage to "catch" one, you are a lucky woman.

This guy must be someone who challenges you on an intellectual level.It doesn't mean he has to be smarter than you. It just means he has to be different than you.

When you're dating a guy who's just like you, who agrees with you in every way , where is the tension then? Where are the short, passionate discussions you'll have?

That he's different means you'll always have something to talk about and agree with or do not agree.

And don't forget, after a passionate argument comes passionate make-up sex!

The man you're waiting for must inspire you to do things and in every way to be creative. He has to be ambitious and he has to make you want more.

He will help you achieve your dreams because by his side you will find the need feel the need to put everything into action. He'll give you the boost you need.

The hardest thing is starting something, but once you start, nobody can stop you.

He will be proud of you. He will be proud of all your accomplishments, no matter how small or big; they are.

He will tell his friends what you did because he will feel that this is his success and yours too.

He will not be ashamed of you in any way. He will take you anywhere he goes and feels comfortable.

He will hold your hand in public and kiss you because he is not afraid to tell the world that you are his sweetheart!

This guy will become your family and friends respect because he knows how much they mean to you. He will flatter them because he knows you love them.

If he doesn't like them, he will never show you or them. He loves you so much.

Your perfect man will always say yes to anything you propose because he will never doubt you. Whatever the little thing you want to do, he will support you. And he'll support you because he trusts you.

If you've done something that didn't go so well, he'll comfort you and tell you that you have time to do it repair and do it again. And he will be there for you once again, right from the start.

He will treat you like a princess, because to him you are one.

He will work on your relationship just like you and you will notice it. He'll invite you out for a romantic dinner and buy you flowers for no particular reason.

And I suggest you do the same.

Love is a two-way street and it should be not expecting. So if you want to find your perfect man, you should know that you have to give in order to expect something in return.


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