This is the bitter truth: if he had loved you, he would not have left you

The bitter truth: if he loved you, he wouldn't have left you

Abandoned by the person you love the most becoming is heartbreaking and one of the most painful things you can go through – there's no doubt about that.

But even more devastating is accepting that the reason this person walked away from you is because they just didn't love you.

< p>Because let's be honest – the last thing you want to admit is that the love you feel is unrequited when that's the only truth.

So instead of admitting it to yourself, you keep finding one Justification for this guy's actions and behavior.

Instead of accepting the truth, you keep making excuses for the fact that he walked away from you.

You keep lying to yourself so you can keep loving him and keep your hopes up and waiting for him to come back to you like nothing happened.

Well I hate to teach you this because I know it's the last thing you want to hear and is something you're trying to run away from, but this man doesn't love you.

I know also that you are well aware of this painful reality, but instead of looking into its eyes, you spend all your time silencing that little voice in your head telling you the bitter truth .

Don't get me wrong – your ex may have loved you in the past or had some feelings for you but it is more than obvious that he has stopped loving you or that he doesn't love you enough or something like that you love him.

Because the one who loves you won't let you down. Everything else is just empty excuses.

No, he doesn't need time to do his shitß to fix. No, he didn't leave you because he realized you were too good for him.

No, it wasn't the wrong timing. No, he's not emotionally unavailable or a commitment phobe.

He just doesn't care enough to fight for your relationship.

He doesn’t care enough to stick by your side through thick and thin and do his best to solve any problems you two might have.

Because when a real man loves you, he will stay by your side no matter what.

He will fight by your side to make it work and he will do his best to make all the Overcome obstacles that you will both encounter along the way.

When a man loves you, he is willing to make certain sacrifices for the betterment of your relationship.

He is willing to move mountains for your love and there is nothing and no one to stop him could prevent.

When a real man loves you, he loves you both at your best and at your worst. He understands you and becomes your best friend and not just your lover.

This man doesn't even think about walking away if the slightest inconvenience arises.

Instead, he sees the two of you as partners, and he knows; it's better than leaving your teammate behind.

When you're with a real man, he'll do everything in his power to always find a reason to love you, and he never will think you're unlovable.

He will never compare you to other women because he couldn't be with anyone but you.

For this man, leaving is not even an option, despite all the difficulties you both might face.

He knows that love takes hard work and getting out is never something that he would even consider.

But let's face it – your ex is not that man and he could never be that man.

Instead, he was a coward who deserted you at the first hint of trouble. And so he showed you that he was never and never will be worthy of your love.

Yes, it's hard to get over him, but you have to understand that you're looking for someone who never deserved you.

For putting your life on hold for someone who has long since moved on.

And most importantly, you to realize that you are indeed lucky that you got rid of that immature boy.

That you should thank him for leaving and breaking your heart.

Because if if he hadn't done that, he would never have paved the way to the man who will come into your life and show you what true love is.

< strong>He would not have made room for a man who will stand by your side through good times and bad, and a man who is destined to be your eternal happiness.


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