This is how you lose a woman who saw your worst side and stayed

That's how you lose a woman who saw your worst side and stayed anyway

I've always been proud of being a woman always go all out.

When I love, I love to the bone. I'm here for you, in good times and in bad.

I don’t count mistakes and I always find a way to make things better. I am an open minded person with a big heart.

I know how to forgive and I can see through your pain. I'm a unique woman, but all this wasn't enough to make you realize that you should have treated me better.

I've seen you from your worst side. I've seen you hit rock bottom when you seemed scared of everything.

I've seen you behaving exactly as you promised you never would to behave. Maybe you couldn't take it.

Maybe you were ashamed of it and took it out on me. Well, the saddest thing is that while your problems are not mine, I would have gladly helped you if you hadn't ruined everything.

You acted so insecure. I couldn't do anything without you anymore. You got selfish.

Everything you told me became a manipulation tactic and you didn't even let me breathe.

And on top of that you were full It doesn't really matter whether I feel loved or respected. You were possessive yet cold.

I was tired of doing my best for someone who doesn't deserve me. I knew that life is not about constantly taking care of the needs of others, but about mutual understanding.

I knew that life was is more than watching you make the same mistakes over and over again, not changing and not even realizing all the things I'm doing for you.

I've always had a hard time leaving people and this was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I made it anyway.

You didn’t destroy my soul so I still had some self esteem. I knew that if I didn't leave you I would end up broken and lost. And I'm not that kind of woman.

I'm not someone you can control, I'm not a punching bag for personal-emotional baggage.

I know exactly who I am and what I can do and offer. I know that I am extraordinary.

And that's exactly why whiteß I know you'll regret losing me once you realize I'm gone forever.

It takes me so long to leave someone, but once I'm gone , I'm gone forever. Then you lost me.

My heart is broken, but my soul is whole. I will find a way to heal my heart, but you will never find a way back into my heart.

You should never have believed that your weakness is your pain, but the way you let it control you.

You have turned your fear into your insecurity and then you let your insecurity destroy our love.

Love is not fear or control or walking on eggshells just to avoid triggering the other.

Love is about honesty, feeling big and being vulnerable in front of your loved one.

Vulnerability takes courage, and you don't have it. You let your bad side devour you and sacrificed our love for it.

I know you well enough to know that you will never change, so I had to I'm leaving you.

One day you'll think about us and wonder how you couldn't see the true love I gave you.

We could have healed together, but you wanted the pain. Not me. That's why I'm here, writing you this while I reflect on what our love once was.

I hope you don't do this to someone else. I hope my love taught you to face your demons instead of blaming others.

I've come to realize the strength of my soul. I've learned to set boundaries. I finally realize that not everyone is worth my time or my love.

I've learned that two people need to work together and exchange energy in order to love has a purpose. It takes two to love and it's about reciprocity.

Realizing this made my heart slowly heal.

Today I can proudly say that I'm looking ahead because now I knowß me that I didn't lose you – but you are me.

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