This is how she will give up on you

This is how she will give up< /p>

You don't have to worry about her making a scene. She won't get upset. She won't give up on you Hollywood style. It won't be like that.

She won't make an epic exit from your life. There will be no screaming and clamoring.

There will be no crying and begging. She won't fall on her knees, she won't tear down the house or bang her fists in the wall.

This time she won't try to leave just for you to stop her can. She won't look for a reason to stay.

She will no longer look for a reason to fight for you. She will not hold onto her hope that one day things will change.

It will be a quiet, gentle, and graceful surrender. It will be so effortless to pack up her things and leave.

It will be a silent carrying of her emotional baggage up the stairs and a slight glance over her shoulder, to see what she's giving up.

She won't look back because she doubts her decision. It took her a while to figure it out.

She's already thought it through. She has written all the pros and cons and there are a million reasons why she should dump you. All she needed was a reason to stay, but she couldn't find it.

She fought loud and clear for you. She showed all her cards; she didn't hide anything. You knew where you stood with her.

You knew how much she loved you and how much she wanted to try. You know how hard she tried to make you love you.

Her efforts were endless and she was restless. All she did was scream your name and how much she cared for you.

But somewhere along the line of giving everything and getting nothing in return, she got tired. Her strength was exhausted.

She will walk away in silence because she fought loudly for you. she spoke to you She tried to explain.

She tried to show you. She tried to show you everything she was feeling and how much you mean to her, but somehow everyone else could see it except you.

When she was on screamed the loudest, you couldn't hear them. So she decided to leave in silence.

There will be a silent sigh dedicated to all that you could have been if you cared enough. But it wasn't.

There will be a single tear trying to roll down her face, but it will stop it.

Your departure will be a task with a head held high. It will be a walk away from your life with no intention of ever coming back to you.

Just so you don't forget, she tried everything. But no matter what she did, she could never wake you up.

You never loved her the way she deserved. You never appreciated her and she was always a given.

And even if she leaves in silence, try to remember the time she last spoke and this Sound of her voice, because that was the last you heard from her.

You hated her words, but her silence will haunt you even more.

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