This is how a toxic relationship killed my best friend

So did a toxic relationship kill my best friend

I saw a video recently of some friends burying their buddy who was neglecting them for his girlfriend and has this made me want to mention my girlfriend in the comments.

But I didn't because I didn't see the point in it. It wouldn't have made any difference.

You know, I met this amazing woman at school. We even went to college together and had a great time together.

She was always the funniest person in the room. She always answered everything with a joke and she always has smiled.

People were very fond of them. Her looks always made her stand out—she had copper hair, chubby cheeks, and was very short but very cute.

She was cute until she opened her mouth – then she was extremely cheeky. And she had nerves of steel.

She didn't care what other people thought about her and she could achieve anything she wanted.

In a moment she wasn't happy with her looks and decided to lose a little weight.

And suddenly she was a beautiful woman. I mean, not right away, but you know what I'm getting at.

Can you imagine a person who has both a beautiful nature and a beautiful soul? Well, she was.

She was one of those ”independent” Women and she has never sought the attention of men.

Yes, she has had a boyfriend here and there, but that's about it. She never put too much stock in her appearance, but she had the ability to impress other people. I guess it was her charisma.

I enjoyed every moment with her and I felt like we were soul mates.

We weren't siblings by blood , but sisters in spirit and I thought this was the only friendship that would last forever.

I could have even pictured her as a maid of honor. That's all.

And then she fell in love.

I was very very happy for her. At first it all seemed like he was the one for her. They both had the same weird sense of humor.

It kind of fit between the two and I was really happy for them both. I really thought that this man could make her happy.

Thing is, I was terribly wrong.

The moment things got serious between the two of them, I was out of the game.

We stopped dating, we stopped sharing secrets, we stopped fooling around and we didn't talked to each other more.

Like it was my fault.

I've watched their relationship since we shared an apartment and I didn't like what I saw have.

We'd been "best friends" for a while; and I knew what makes her happy and what doesn't.

I never met her as a jealous person, but suddenly she became one.

I did I've read so many articles about toxic relationships, but I've never seen one with my own eyes, or maybe I didn't even realize it.

I personally could never have endured their relationship .

From day one, the two were one of those couples who do everything together. I find that people who spend so much time together early in their relationship break up quickly.

People get bored easily and then? They live from the glamor of the past.

The two were very, very happy at the beginning of their relationship. Each had their own life, but after a while each hated each other's friends.

I wouldn’t have so much stomach ache about the whole thing if it weren’t been the only one who compromised and only did things with his friends.

< p>She has completely neglected her old friends and has only been hanging out with people she has hated for months.

Butshe wasn't happy.

strong>They stopped holding hands. They stopped kissing in public and suddenly he didn't care about her.

I didn't know what he was looking for but either he got it or she had it in the first place not.

I often saw them together, his friends and her. She was always chasing after them like she wasn't good enough to be in the front row.

I bet she was still the most interesting person of all.< /p>

But she wasn't herself anymore.She wasn't the happiest person in the room anymore.

I wanted to talk to her, but it was beyond impossible. It's still beyond impossible.

I know that once he got mad because she talked to us about their relationship and then broke up with her.

We haven't known what's going on inside her since that day.
She begged him to come back to her and I think that the moment he came back to her she finally said goodbye to her friends.

We are not in touch more, but I'm still waiting for my best friend to rise from the dead and talk to me.

I know this sounds creepy, but I mean it figuratively Sense.

Her body may not be dead and she still walks around, but she is just a living corpse.

She doesn't talk anymore, she spends no more time with other people and she doesn't go out either.

By going out I mean that she doesn’t leave her room unless it is really necessary.

She spends days in bed ministering to her needs – Food, water, bathroom and her boyfriend and that's it.

He absolutely destroyed her personality and she let it happen.

She's not dead though , but my best friend isn't exactly alive either.

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