This is how a narcissist targets you

This is how a narcissist takes you targeted

Have you ever wondered what it is about you that draws all those narcissists into your life?

Are you stressed that somehow you can't get rid of them can?

You finally got to know her main characteristics – her inflated ego and her ruthlessness towards everyone but herself.

But why are they targeting you of all people?

If you want them to stopö Those who love to knock on your door and bring drama and toxicity into your life, here are a few things they look for in a partner to lure them in.

Be warned, and good luck!

1. You have low self-esteem

A narcissist targets people with low self-esteem because that gives them a better chance of catching you.

His empty, lying words will likely flatter you a lot, and he'll make you fall into him more easily to fall in love.

You're not used to receiving compliments.

So when he showers you with love and tells you that you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, you believe him because it makes you feel good.

Also, he assumes you're probably not that comfortable in your own skin, so you'll probably accept his shitty behavior. Idiot.

2. You are too caring

He sees how considerate and caring you are with your friends and the people around you, even when they don't deserve it , so he takes advantage of that and thinks you'll bend over backwards for his sad narcissistic ass too.

He knows that you give him his shit. even if he treats you like dirt, so you're his ideal target.

3. Your circle of friends is small

Narcissists are attracted to people who only have a small circle of friends.

This is how they make sure you don't have a large one ;have a solid support group when they suck you dry and take advantage of you.

You are a closed person and you only let people close to you who are really close to you.

He thinks he can use that against you and manipulate you more easily. Bitch!

4. You are intelligent

But your intellect is not really the reason why he is attracted to you. No.

Narcissists seek out smart girls because they want to prove they are smarter. That they can trick you.

You will be a kind of challenge for him in his mind games, which are ultimately about manipulating you until you become completely enmeshed in his deceptive web of lies of false promises.

Don't let that happen. Use your intelligence to see through him and get out. Show him you're a size too big for him.

5. You are ambitious

You are an intelligent, competent woman who does not waste time but goes out and does everything herself!

You are powerful and ”normal” Men would probably find you intimidating – this is exactly why narcissists think you are the perfect catch for them!

They are usually charismatic and manipulative go-getters, and that is why they would like to find a woman who is their equal .

It boosts her ego to destroy a woman with your skills.

6. You've had a recent breakup

You're fragile, weak, still not over your longtime boyfriend who just dumped you out of the blue, or you've been through some other kind of lovesickness.

This is where the narcissist comes in game.

He sneaks into your life, pretends he just wants to help and be there for you, and seems so sweet and helpful.

But as soon as you when you open the door for him, it doesn't take long before he takes off his mask and reveals his true colors – the face of a sneaky asshole who used your fragility to get through to your broken heart and won't let you go.

So if you're newly broken up, watch out for the guys who are too keen on helping you and being there for you.

Give yourself time to heal first, and when you're mentally fit again, your judgment will be much better .

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