The wrong one will make you feel worthless, the right one will show you that you are worth it

The wrong one will make you feel worthless, the right one will show you that you are worth it< /p>

When we end up with the wrong people, it's easy for us to feel like there's something wrong with us.

We need time to understand that they were nothing but that – the wrong ones.

But before we realize that, we have to go through hell of self-analysis and asking why we weren't good enough for this person, even if we did our best.

It's a terrible one Feeling constantly offended when you say or do something, especially when that something reflects your whole self.

How many times has he not let you speak your mind or threatened you, after doing something that was not good or acceptable in his selfish views?

It's like someone telling you that being yourself is wrong and you know what?

Life is closed short for such people and relationships!

Life is too short for anyone who makes you feel worthless or inferior.

If he can't see what you bring to the table and only looks for what isn't there, then he's not the right person.

If nothing you say is respected and you feel like you have to hold back all the time, then he's not the right one.

You can't change anyone, he only sees what he wants to see and only thinks of himself and his well-being.

He is too busy ignoring his own mistakes and there is nothing you can do about it.< /p>

Yes, you can love that person and still leave them for your own good.

We don't choose who we love, but we do choose what we make of our lives.

It's hard, but once we do it, everything evolves into the right direction.

Don't fall into the trap of other people's opinions and their own selfish expectations.

You are not worthless, you are not helpless and you can change your life.

It is not easy to bounce back from an abusive relationship, but it is possible.

You need to clear your own image of him and understand that he is not in any way better, stronger or smarter than you.

You must realize that he is probably the opposite.

People who possess true strength, intelligence and love for other people are almost always sweet and understanding, as opposed to those who enjoy putting you down.

You need to forget all the lies he told you when he was trying to regain your trust.

That's the hardest part because that's how it is hard to believe someone could say they love you today only to make you feel worthless tomorrow.

When the right one finally comes into your life, you will the way he treats you all the time, not just when he feels like it.

The right one will genuinely care about how you feel and what you want.

You will feel like a team player and not like a reserve player on the bench.

The right one will do all the best for you appreciate it and make sure you see it.

He will celebrate you for who you are, not how he wants you to be.

He won't be afraid to show vulnerability, so you'll know you can trust him.

There won't be any vague plans or broken promises.

You you will feel like he is seeing the real you, that he is seeing more than just your body.

You will feel loved even if you are fighting because you know that you both have a lot of understanding for each other.

There will be no mind games, no aggressive behavior, no ghosting or anything like that.

Your communication will be direct and open.

You will finally be the real you.

You'll feel stronger and better when you're with him, and that can only mean being yourself.

You deserve someone to make you feel that way, you deserve someone to show you that you deserve true love, because you certainly do.

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