The worst relationship of your life will be with someone who does these 15 things

You will have the worst relationship of your life with someone who does these 15 things

1. Never date a guy who hides his phone from you.

There is clearly no trust in your relationship.

He would nothing to hide and if he were honest with you he wouldn't hide his phone.

There are probably some things you don't want to know and in the long run this could be a problem.

2. Never date someone who will take away your self-love.

Never date someone who makes you feel like you're not good enough.< /p>

Someone who makes you feel stupid and worthless. Someone who thinks they're better than you.

3. Never date someone you catch lying.

He may have told you it's a one-time thing, he won't do it again.

He panicked and didn't know what to do. He didn't want to hurt you, so he lied to protect you.

These are all stupid lies he wants to deceive you with.

4. Never date someone who doesn't know what they want.

Someone who is fickle.

Maybe he really is just confused, but there's also a chance he's keeping you in this situation on purpose because he intends to disappear when he's had enough.

5. Never date someone who controls what you wear.

Someone who has a problem with the way you dress.

If he starts telling you what to wear, he will take away your freedom.

Now it tells you what to wear, later it will tell you what to do.

6. Never date someone who doesn't accept you for who you are.

Someone who wants to change you. A man who loves you would never do that. 

You are who you are and if he doesn’t like it then he should move on.

There is a person for each of us. He's not for you.

7. Never date someone who wants to be followed.

You deserve better. Never chase after a guy because you're the one who deserves to be followed.

Never date someone who's waiting for you to make the first move or plan a date.

Someone who obviously doesn't care that much about you.

8. Never date someone who makes you feel inferior.

Someone who thinks they are above you.

Someone who insults you because they think they're better.

They're just so insecure that they have to be a manipulative jerk to convince themselves that they're better than you .

9. Never date someone who doesn't treat you like a priority.

Someone who always puts themselves first.

Someone who is so selfish that they don't see your needs and the fact that you also need to be loved.

10. Never date someone who treats you like a punching bag.

Someone who takes their anger out on you. Someone who takes it all out on you when they're having a bad day.

Never date someone who doesn't care that you're having a bad day too.

With someone screaming for no good reason. Someone who can become violent when things don't go their way.

11. Never date someone who cheated.

Someone who took someone's heart and broke it into a million pieces.

There's no surefire guarantee he won't do the same to you. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

12. Never date someone you don't know anything about.

Someone who is so mysterious that they won't let you near them .

It's okay to have a dose of mystery in the beginning, but if it continues like this, it's not good for your relationship.

13. Never date someone who doesn't listen.

Someone whose problems matter most and yours don't.

Never date someone who will weigh you down and cry on your shoulder when they're feeling down, but when you're going through a tough time and need their support, they're nowhere to be found.

Someone who talks to you to express their concerns, but doesn't listen when you talk.

14. Never date someone who avoids making your relationship public.

Someone who will swear their eternal love when you are alone, but refuses to hold your hand in public.

He may pledge his love to you, but if he is not willing to proclaim it, it is not true love and he is is a coward for hiding it.

15. Never date someone who criticizes you all the time.

There's a difference between a positive criticism and a mean criticism where the person is just doing it for the sake of hurting you.

Never date someone who is constantly thinking about things you have or haven't done.

Someone so insignificant that they has to humiliate you to feel good.

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