The ultimate list of things that turn you on: For boys and girls

The ultimate list of things that turn you on: For boys and girls

What turns a person on? It's a very specific and profound question that varies from person to person.

What might be super arousing for one might be repulsive for another. To each their own!

We're all wired differently, so it's no wonder people always find new things that appeal to them.

Imagination is our sanctuary from the twilight. of gray everyday life, where we can move without restrictions and free from all external judgments and enjoy our erotic, secret desires.

But when it comes to fantasies, they tend to be very different from the things that turn us on in real life.

In our fantasies we allow ourselves to delve deep into our most intimate parts of our bodies and minds without any barriers.

The things that turn us on in real life are another story.

What do you mean? Doesn't necessarily have to match your secret fantasies and that's great because it lets you find out more about yourself than you thought you could.

Men and Women have different ideas about what excites them sexually, what appeals to men usually doesn't appeal to women and vice versa.

First, let's discuss ours Focus on what is absolutely arousing for men and what turns them on in women.

What most of you will probably find amazing is the fact that not all of these things are physical.

There are more subtle ways to really turn a guy on so he desires you more than you do that you can imagine in your wildest dreams and you don’t even have to touch him…

Let me explain it to you.

Here are all the ways to hit on a guy without touching him:

The biggest things that turn a man on:

1. Take control and make the first move!

While the idea of ​​approaching him first and getting over yourself, talking to him first is a bit off-putting appears, be aware of the benefits too.

First, you show him how fearless and intrepid you are by taking the reins into your own hands.

And he will fall in love with a girl who doesn't hesitate to take what pleases her! Second, it will give you the courage to try again (only if you don't succeed this time, of course) and you will draw conclusions from the experience and learn from your mistakes.

And third, that is Worst that can happen, a “no” to get, right?

You put this experience away, it's only two seconds of your life after all, turn around and never see that guy in your life again!

But in my experience, he will love a girl, that knows what she wants and wants to get it.

And he will appreciate the fact that you don’t assume that men always have to make the first move, so there&rsquo ;s bonus points for that!

2. Look him straight in the eye (it will drive him insane!)

Eye contact is one of the surest ways to get a man's attention and make him want you.

I know it takes some getting used to, a guy you're dating right now only learned to look straight in the eye as it makes you a little vulnerable… but you know what?

Eye contact is extremely sexy! It doesn't matter if you just met or if you've been dating for a while.

If you're sitting in a bar and talking all over the world, don't forget to make eye contact and show him your interest in him and what he's saying.

That's a surefire plan, um to let him see that you mean business and that you really want him. Very much so!

And in return, he will be very excited to see how this evening will end…

Be sure to keep your goal in mind and don't forget to grab it at the end.

3. Make him hot and weak with news!

If you've been with a guy for a while, that won't be a problem, but even if you've only dated someone a few times, this is the perfect opportunity to break the ice between you and start some erotic messaging.

There's no better time than now, right? Let's get started then.

If you're not ready to start texting him yet, don't worry, that will come with time…

You can start something more innocent at the beginning. Here are some ideas:

  • I've just finished a long, hot shower… I wish you were here to dry me…
  • My favorite pajamas are in the wash right now, well I'll sleep in your T then shirt you left on my bed.
  • An idea for tomorrow. Netflix and chill? With a heavy emphasis on “chill”.
  • Too bad our date ended so abruptly… But what the heck, who knows what tomorrow will bring… I can't wait to make it up to you!
  • Last night was amazing! Ready for round two tomorrow? It's definitely me… Clothing optional.

Depending on how long you've been dating, you can pick one of these suggestions and turn him on without lifting a finger.

You can blame me later Thank you.

4. Wear RED!

In case you don't already know, it's a proven fact that the color red increases blood pressure and heart rate , so use it to your advantage!

It is well known that red is the color of passion, so light its fire!

If you're wearing something red or a red piece of clothing, it's guaranteed to turn him on.

Then he'll want you even more, especially if you're in a hot dress (although it is not required).

If you don’t dare to do that yet, it is not absolutely necessary to wear something red on your body… your lips are enough!

Many studies have shown that men are much more attracted to a woman who wears fiery red lipstick.

So pick one of these two erotic options and you can be sure that his pulse will start racing and his eyes will pop out.

Just be careful not to over-stimulate him.

5. Got a secret signal that suggests dirty thoughts

Now this really is a surefire recipe for freaking him out!

< p>Here's what you should do. Come up with a secret signal (it can also be just a random word that has a special meaning only for you) in case you are naughty (read: horny) and run away and want to go.

Knowing that only the two of you know the true meaning of that gesture or word is hot on its own, but the thought of committing to one Sneaking into forbidden place to fool around is a whole new level of HOT!

He'll be so turned on by this (as will you, to be honest) and he'll jump at you as soon as you disappear into the restaurant toilet or any other place.

After that you will come out like nothing ever happened, this will be a huge satisfaction and make you feel good.

The signal can be as simple as a wink or a flick of your hair, but it can also be a random word you throw into the conversation and only the two of you will understand that it's the signal for you Quickie on the toilet!

Pretty awesome, am I right?

Now grab your man and figure out your code word so you can try it out soon , if you want to do something crazy, horny and wild without anyone else checking it.

6. Pretend you're strangers in a bar!

This works especially well if you've been together for a while and want to spice up your relationship.

First you sit separately in a bar.

Then your husband comes to you and introduces himself as if you are meeting for the first time.

You play along, let him sit with you, let him buy you a drink and you start chatting.

You can decide how you want to play the game.

If you want, you can do your little role-playing game all night.

Let him seduce you as if he were real try to win you over and don't make it too easy for him.

Let him work up a sweat.

And if he finally gets you around you take him home and you keep pretending you don't know each other… and let your imagination run wild.

There's that raw, sexual image of seducing a stranger in a bar. It makes a man feel confident and potent and it boosts his ego.

So give him this satisfaction and let the night happen on his terms… caress his ego (as well as other things…wink) and make his fantasies come true.

He'll be so turned on by it that next time you're in the mood for some bedroom activity, he'll oblige your every whim.

You can Both will benefit from this erotic, fun game.

Just play the right cards and your man will be delighted.

7. Let him know that you are not wearing any underwear!

Ok ladies, this point goes without further description!

If you both already do intimate with each other, this is your first choice to turn him on instantly.

If he is taking you out on a date, let him know that you are not wearing your underwear by whispering slowly and softly in his ear as you enter the restaurant.

Don't even look at him. Just say it and move on with a subtle smile on your face and know that he can hardly contain himself at this very moment. Let the anticipation build up.

Just imagine Imagine how amazing it will be when you leave the restaurant and get into your bedroom… he'll be crazy about you.

But I mean the positive “crazy”.

Letting him stew a little only increases his enthusiasm and will pay off for you in the end.

There's a reason they say patience is a virtue.

Now that we've uncovered all of the non-physical means of turning a man on, let's get into the physical realm.

Now that you know all the sexy and erotic ways , him hotß and weak without having to touch him (although touches are more than welcome afterwards), there are also means to achieve the same results including physical contact:

8. Give him a massage!

I really don't understand why everyone keeps thinking that only women love a massage when men enjoy it just as much, if not more!

When your husband comes home after a long day at work, let him relax next to you on the couch and surprise him with a good foot massage.

Take some massage oil and slowly and gently rub it on his feet and move your hands ;nd up if you want to go a little further (and I bet he definitely won't mind).

Massage him with gentle touches and get a bit sensual as you progress to his next part and from there I'm pretty sure you know what to do.

9. Don't let him use his hands!

Show him you're in the mood and set a few ground rules. You'll make him really happy…but only under one condition.

He can't use his hands.

This will make him horny as fuck! If necessary, tie him to the bed and get to work. Slowly undress him and gently stroke his body from head to toe.

He can only moan with excitement and be thankful that he has such an amazing, sexy, imaginative girlfriend.


When it comes down to it, it's up to you to keep his hands immobilized or untie him.

Decide what will turn him on more and go for it let's go.

10. Share your fantasies with each other!

Tell him about one of your secret fantasies that you have never told anyone and act it out with him.


Think of the kinkiest fantasy you have and don't skip any details.

It will not only turn him on, but you as well! Also, listen carefully to his fantasies and if you haven't been horny by then, while he is telling his story, you will be.

The whole point is to exchange secret sexual desires that you would never say out loud and if you dare, make them come alive. I bet just the thought of it is already turning you on.

So grab him and dive into his secret desires because you'll be damn satisfied by the end.

11. Wear whatever underwear he likes to see on you!

There's nothing hotter than a hot, confident woman who isn't ashamed to show off her hot body!

And when you add this sexy red panty to the mix wearing lace and a little red bra…it will totally turn you on, let alone him.

Let him wiggle a bit and when you get tired of it, let him take off your clothes one piece at a time&hellip ;and be (pleasantly) surprised when he sees what you're wearing underneath.

Not only will it make him super horny to see you so sexy, it will also make you feel sexy and powerful.

12. Blindfold him!

Another way to seduce your boyfriend is with the good old blindfold! By doing so you are depriving him of a purpose and he will have to use his other senses to please you and his attention will be exactly where you want it.

He will be particularly sensitive to touch as he won't see her coming and his arousal will be maximized.

He will probably have goosebumps all over his body and be impatient for your n’s n’ wait for the next touch without knowing when you'll make him go crazy again.

The unknown makes this game so hot.

He won't be able to tell where you're going to touch or kiss him next…so it's going to be one of his most unforgettable sexual experiences with you.

Okay , now we have explained the way men want to be turned on and how to do it in detail.

Now that you're fully kitted out, you know what to do, ladies.

And speaking of us women, here are some sensual ways a man can return the favor and make his girlfriend moan with excitement in more ways than one.< /p>

The biggest things that turn a woman on:

1. Tell her you think she's beautiful.

This may sound totally cheesy, but we women really aren't that complicated!

Tell yours Friend, how great she looks when she least expects it and if you're lucky, she'll thank you in more ways than one.

2. Pull her to your side of the bed when you wake up.

Believe me she will love this. Feeling safe in your arms when she opens her eyes is the best way for her to start the day.

And when she feels like it, it will it's worth it for you too.

Just give her the feeling of security and love and she will know how to thank you for it.

3. Gently touch her knee under the table.

It doesn't have to be too sexual, just slowly and secretly caress her knee with your hand without anyone noticing or touch her with your leg. She will love this unexpected touch and it probably turns her on. Try!

4. Make her laugh.

Making her laugh is probably one of the most important and most attractive qualities in a man!

Nothing is more appealing than a good sense for humor and knowing exactly what makes your girlfriend laugh.

Then, after she's done laughing, other activities will follow. Women really aren't that complicated.

Make her laugh and it will be worth your while.

5. Whisper in her ear.

It doesn't matter what you tell her, as long as your face is very close to hers and she can feel your warmth.< /p>

She gets totally hot. and if you whisper another sexy little message in her ear…she'll get goosebumps all over her body.

6. Give her a massage after a hard day's work.

You don't even have to come up with an excuse to give your girlfriend a massage.

Show her simply show your appreciation by gently rubbing her neck, foot&rszlig; or whatever part of her body you're massaging.

She will love your touch all over her body and chances are that before you know it it can turn into something more sensual.

7. Surprises.

Most women can't resist a nice gift, whether it's sending her roses to work, bringing home her favorite candy bar, or giving her buy that pair of earrings she's been eyeing for weeks.

The point is, she needs to see you're listening!

She will be very grateful to you and God knows how many ways she can thank you.

8. If you're lying on the couch, put her legs on you.

She'll love this gesture because it shows her how much you value her closeness and touch appreciates.

She loves the feeling of being close to you and this seemingly small gesture will surely make her smile on the inside.

She will appreciate this small token of affection more appreciate than you can now comprehend.

9. Touch her as often as you can.

Women want to feel your touch. It is really that easy. It doesn't matter where you are right now, whether you are at home, sitting on the couch, or in a bar surrounded by friends…

Touch her whenever you can and she will love it every second love.

Innocent physical touches make us feel wanted and hot; to be and so will your girlfriend.

A gentle touch can go a long way.

10. Kiss her everywhere.

Women love to be kissed, it's no secret. But instead of kissing her lips, start somewhere else.

Kiss her neck and move further to her neck, then move down a bit, to her bosom and wherever your imagination takes you ;hr.

Don't just focus on her lips.

Before you know it, she'll be in love with you.

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