The truth about what it's like to give a scammer a second chance

The truth about giving a scammer a second chance

Cheating is a choice. No one is forced to make you endure so much pain, suffering and shame, and yet they do.

Cheating is a treacherous act and any person involved should be removed from your life .

Even if it was someone really close to you. That makes it all the worse.

Don't you think that if he loved you that much he would have stopped and thought about what he is doing to you?

Let that sink in.


When cheating is taking place, there are so many ways to stop.

As often as one or both parties are able to stop and shut up realize what a shitty thing they are about to do.

And yet it didn't happen. So next time you think about giving your husband a second chance after he crushed your soul with this heinous act, think twice.

He wanted to not thinking about you while he was doing it, so why the hell would you give him the chance to do it again?

If you have been bullied by your cheating partner, you need to know that you are not alone.

Take comfort in the fact that there are so many of us out there who strive to cope.

Trust someone who's been through this before and then given out more second chances than I can count and I regret it to the bone….

Here's the h&aml; ugly truth. They don't change.

They never take responsibility for what they have done, even though they try to make it look like it.

Their perspective remains the same and they are not reforming in any way.

It's a pointless fight, trust me, I've been in it more times than I care to admit.

And I'll tell you what they're too good at.< /p>

They will easily convince you with their charming regretful smile, puppy eyes and just the right words for you to hear that it was just a moment of weakness that will never happen again.

Not only will they not take responsibility for their actions, they will list countless ways how they were actually compelled to do so by you and your behavior.

You didn’t have enough time for her. You were too busy at work to nurture their fragile egos.

You're always on the go, so they had no choice but to find a girl who will be there.

It's easier for her to go out there and find solace in the arms of another woman than to be a man, have balls and talk to her friend about the issue that's bothering her.

Cheaters are too good with words, always remember.

They are the most despicable, manipulative liars you could ever have around, the ones with your brains will play after they wrong you and will break your soul by blaming you.

They are masters at bullying themselves and making you the bad guy.

Please be smart and don't let them lure you back into their world of toxic manipulation and mind games, that do you more harm than good.

They have destroyed you before, why did you let them go to the second round?

People who cheating, don't understand the true meaning of love.

The unconditional kind of love where there's mutual respect and where partners go through all kinds of crap together but don't let it stop them.

They're not afraid of a challenge because they know it is good as long as they stay side by side.

Cheaters aren't wired that way. Her attitude toward love is warped at best.

Having her toxic soul around will only harm you further and lure you back into the toxic world you came so close to escaping.

Get out your ticket and never look back. Once they cheat, they can do it again.

You deserve better than someone who is okay with hurting you that badly.

Hope yourself enough to say "no" accept. You're too good for him anyway.

Show him your strength and leave him with mercy. Let him see what he's missing.


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