The top 8 signs that you are his dream girl

The top 8 signs you are the girl of his dreams

No matter how complicated the dating world and relationships seem to be, one thing is for sure.

When a man believes that if you're his dream girl, he'll make sure to fucking show you that!

He'll do everything to make you feel unique, with his words, actions and gestures.< /p>

Unfortunately, sometimes we women tend to misunderstand some of these signs, or simply overlook them because we pay too much attention to the trivial.

However, there are some signs any guy will show when he thinks you're his ultimate dream come true (and when he's treating you that way)!

So in case he hasn't already told you that you are his dream woman, but he shows these 8 signs, you can be sure that you are his ultimate dream woman and the only one for him!

1. He doesn't play games with you

First of all, a guy who really wants his wife to stay with him doesn't play games with her at all.

He never makes you think too much about his behavior or care about where he is and who he is with.

He is always honest with you and you get the feeling , that you can trust him as he'll fucking show you that you are his top priority and he wouldn't hurt you in any way possible.

2. He's extra devoted

He is truly a gentleman and treats you like a lady as you are his most valuable “property” and he thinks he needs to take extra good care of you.

He respects you, treats you like the lady you are and never makes you question his loyalty.

He is truly devoted in every aspect of the relationship and is always striving to make things better and make you smile.

He is willing to work on both himself and the relationship, which is evident in his every word and every action.

3. He is talking about your future together

He is talking about your future together as you are the one he has been dreaming about all along and now that When he finally meets you, he will make sure to stay with you forever.

He wants to make sure that when he goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning, your face the first thing he sees.

Meeting you is the best thing that has happened to him and a future without you would be like a summer without sun for him.

You are his sun, heart, moon and stars – his future.

4. He has lost interest in other women

He no longer notices other women since you are the only one he is interested in.

He loves you deeply and deeply and wouldn't even consider replacing you with someone else or cheating on you.

Other women are invisible to him, because it doesn't matter how they dress or the way they talk, they will just never be you and be able to replace you.

He only has eyes for you.

You are his little world, which he discovers himself and he has sworn that he will fight hard to keep it that way.

5. He longs to be in touch with you

When you're not together, he always makes sure to call or text you.

He always tells you how much he misses you and that he can't wait to see you, firmly hug and never let go.

He longs for your closeness, which is evident in his demeanor.

He always wants to know what your plans, preferences, Tasks or problems are and will always be at your disposal, since your happiness is also his own.

6. He is always happy when he is with you

When you spend time together, his eyes light up and his smile is twice as big as used to.

It is obvious that he is always happy when he is with you, no matter what you do.

He would be happy too , if you would just stare at the ceiling.

That's because you are his best friend, sister, lover and dream girl.

As soon as he meets you, he is extremely happy because you are just there.

The feeling he gets when he is with you is so strong, that it makes him happy immediately.

7. He has pet names for you

He rarely calls you by your real name.

Instead, he mostly calls you by very special, cute pet names that he thought up especially for you.

He also calls you beautiful, adorable and wonderful because he really means it!

Even though you think you have many flaws and are far from perfect, to him you are most beautiful woman in the world; his dream woman.

8. Your gut tells you

When a woman is treated as she deserves and when she is selflessly loved, her gut always tells her.< /p>

Her intuition tells her what her mind can't tell her.

You'll know you're the girl of his dreams when you feel it too.

Because if you weren't, you wouldn't think about it or feel like you were.

You feel deep down that he appreciates you, respects you and that you are everything he ever wanted you to be because he makes you feel that way.

He does all this because it is his main goal to make you happy and to conquer your beautiful heart again and again.

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