The top 7 things men do to destroy their marriage

The Top 7 Things Men Do to Destroy Their Marriage

„Good marriages don't happen by chance or luck. They are the result of a consistent investment of time, attention, reconciliation, love, mutual respect and a rock-solid bond between husband and wife.”

In summary Marriage can be said to be a wonderful rollercoaster ride in which two people must constantly keep the flame of their relationship burning.

You never know what's going to happen next, which is what makes it so special, but at the same time it's a curse (especially when your partner doesn't put as much effort into your lovemaking as you do).

Speaking of which, there are a few major factors that can destroy a marriage and the men are mostly the ones to blame.

There are some things a man does that will irreparably destroy his marriage because he simply forgets that he chose to be there for his partner through the good times and the bad.

He is destroying his marriage because he doesn’t make sacrifices for his marriage and doesn’t put his wife’s happiness before his own.

He only looks out for himself, and that is just it Mutual give and take are the keys to any successful marriage.

Top 7 Things Men Do to Destroy Marriages

1 . Not caring about his wife’s feelings

Women are naturally more emotional and their minds are more complex and that is why they always notice every little thing.

If you keep looking at other women, she will notice, but in most cases not bringing up the matter, which in no way means that she is not hurt inside.

So the number one killer of marriages is to constantly hurt the woman's feelings.

Not caring about your wife's feelings is like not caring about her at all.

2. Don't try to make your wife feel special

Simple gestures mean a lot to any woman, especially in a marriage. If you constantly neglect her happiness by not giving her enough affection, you will willfully destroy your marriage.

If you don't tell your love with simple gestures like making her coffee or tea, bringing flowers or telling her “I love you” write, express, then you intentionally quench your love flame by not making an effort to make her feel special.

If you never f’ r she's there when she needs you, you let her know that you don't care if she feels alone.

And if you never wonder if you're doing something wrong, then you don't worry about your marriage.

3. Don't let her be a part of your life

If your wife asks you where you've been or what your new hobby is like, don't just say to her, 'I've got for “There's no time now” because it makes her sad and unwelcome.

Not making her a part of your life may mean the end of your marriage.

If she asks you what's bothering you or why you're so annoyed, don't remain silent, because your wife wants to help you and be there for you.

Not giving her the chance to showing you her affection will make her lonely in your marriage and will destroy everything you have built.

4. Running from the responsibility of your actions and not being a real man

As mentioned earlier, marriage is made up of ups and downs, constant work, happiness and sadness, Give, take and forgive.

You will always make mistakes (big or small), which is perfectly normal in a marriage, but not owning up to the mistakes is not ok.

Men who not taking responsibility and not owning up to the consequences of your actions is a big mistake.

Men endanger their marriage by not behaving like a real man who recognizes his mistakes admits and strives to get it right.

5. Punish them with silence

The worst thing you can do after an argument is to remain distant and punish your partner with silence, and that's what a lot of men out there do.

Not being emotionally mature enough is the biggest sign to destroy your marriage.

Both partners should always engage in conversation and discuss any issue that comes your way.

The last thing you should do is ignore your partner because ignorance is the silent killer of every marriage.

6. Stealing her freedom with your pushy and judgmental ways

Women are naturally sensitive and fragile beings and if they feel that someone is restricting their freedom, they will betray themselves feel and there is hardly a worse feeling.

Many men forget that their wife is capable of making her own decisions and she doesn't need someone to tell her where to go.

Your wife through pushy and Taking away her freedom in a judgmental way will destroy your marriage and your wife's confidence.

7. Never apologizing

Apologizing means sorry for something you did to your wife and will never do it again, while no apology means that you don't give a damn what she'll think.

Those men who never apologize for their actions show their wives low regard.

Those men who never apologize for their shit willfully destroy their marriage.

If you want to preserve your love and protect the marriage, don't treat your wife like anything , which can easily be replaced.

Treat her like a delicate flower, water her with love and don't forget to remind her of her true beauty.

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