The top 12 signs you are dating an emotionally mature man

The top 12 signs you are dating an emotionally mature man

At what age is a man emotionally mature? What are the characteristics of an emotionally mature man and how to spot one?

When it comes to maturity, we all know that women mature faster than the opposite sex – the men.

To understand this better, just think back to the days when you were a kid or later when you were in high school.

I'm pretty sure you noticed how boys and girls behaved completely differently.

The boys were always the ones who acted childishly in front of the girls, who… making fun of themselves and others for no particular reason and so on.

And later it was always the boys who had trouble understanding their own and other people's emotions.

And over the years, some of these guys have never really matured, so they've become emotionally immature men who are scared of commitment and confused about anything else related to relationships.

< h2>At what age is a man emotionally mature?

Dating an immature man can only frustrate a woman, and his insecurities can lead to that the relationship suffers and fails before it even begins.

Well, the real question is at what age is a man emotionally mature?

I'm sorry to tell you that there really isn't a specific age at which maturity begins.< /p>

Actually, age has little or nothing to do with it.

But there are some things that characterize every mature man, and if your man shows these 12 signs, you can be sure that you are with an emotionally mature man!

1. His priorities have changed

He decides to sleep rather than go out on a Friday night.

He's gotten to the point where going out isn't an option makes more sense and now he would rather spend the evening sleeping, resting or just lying on the couch and watching Netflix.

It doesn't necessarily mean your husband is mature if he stays home every Friday night, but it's a great indicator that he's realized how important sleep and rest are to him and his health.< /p>

Also, another great indicator that your guy is emotionally mature is his ability to keep promises and stick to his decisions.

For example, he promised you that you would go on a romantic trip together and meanwhile his boys invited him to go out with them but he refused because he is a man of his word and he never disappoints you ;would wash.

2. He has become more forgiving

An important sign of his maturity is when he forgives something that he would not have easily forgiven before.

This is not easy to achieve and requires in personal growth first.

To become more forgiving, you must first become more understanding, open-minded, and learn to hold grudges and control your anger.

You know, the easiest thing a man can do is yell at you for the smallest of things and for no valid reason.

But if your man is really trying to work on his tolerance and overall behavior , you can be sure that he is a real, emotionally mature man.

3. He respects differences

Respecting differences is certainly one of the biggest signs your man is emotionally mature because it's one of the hardest things to learn.

While some people do this have an innate ability to respect and praise everything that is different, the majority of us have to work really hard to reach the level of total acceptance and tolerance of others.

If your man is mature, he is probably aware of the importance of respecting people of different sizes, abilities, ethnicities and ages.

After all, the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same, and it's the incredible diversity of people around the world that makes it such a fascinating place.

If the man you are dating is aware of all of this and shows no signs of disrespect for different behaviors, styles and preferences, then it is clear that he is mature enough for you.

4. He shows his feelings

Emotionally mature men don't suppress their feelings even though you think they do.

You know it Pretending to be tough and strong is not a sign of maturity, but embracing your feelings is.

They also know that communication and being able to do things with share some of the most important points when it comes to relationships.

If your guy is comfortable expressing his feelings to you and talking about his fears or dreams, you can be sure that he is emotionally mature.

< p>Otherwise he wouldn’t feel so comfortable opening up to you.

5. He tries to avoid drama

You will see your husband's maturity in your first argument. You can learn a lot about him by observing his behavior.

An emotionally mature man will stay calm and admit he was wrong or sometimes even prefer to stay silent than to engage in a pointless argument.

He never yells at you or verbally abuses you because he always respects you whether he is angry or not.

He also tries to calm you down and offers solutions if you have any problems.

He is willing to do anything just to avoid hassle and unnecessary conflict.

6. It gives you space

An emotionally mature man will give his woman space. That means being present, available and open to talking to you.

It means that if he wants to run away, he will stay put and that he won't judge you or be emotionally fussy when you need him.

When you are sad he is always there to comfort you or to make you laugh because he understands the emotions you are going through and he wants with all his heart to make you feel better.< /p>

He also understands your need to have some space for yourself and he doesn't judge you when you want to go out with your friends.

This is a great indicator that he is emotionally selfless and devoted.

7. He’s always growing

A willingness to learn new things and grow as a person are clear signs of emotional maturity.

Any emotionally mature man knows that clinging to old, unhealthy patterns will only lead to the same problems over and over again.

And that's why he's always ready to offer advice to you and to people to look around him or ask for help with things he's not sure about.

He's not afraid to show that he's not that good at something because he's aware of the fact that you can't be good at everything and the only way to grow is to be honest about your abilities being and willing to work on them.

He is working hard to become a better person.

His ambition and motivation to keep getting bigger and better becoming will increase his maturity, strengthen your relationship and fulfill not only his life but yours as well.

8. He respects boundaries

Emotionally mature men will never violate people or their privacy.

He is confident enough to be with an independent woman and he is willing to respect the boundaries she has set in the relationship.

He never makes excuses for anything what he has or hasn't done, and if he hurts you, he makes sure to apologize and work hard to regain your trust.

An emotionally mature man places and respects rules themselves.

He's aware of the fact that nothing will ever change unless he's willing to work at it.

And that's why he's determined to become the best version of himself.


9. He is close to his friends and family

This is often mentioned, but it can never be stressed enough that a man who is on good terms with those around him can easily affect his romantic relationship ü can transmit.

Most men have close friends who share the same interests, but only a mature man will distinguish himself by being close to the people he cares about.

You can tell by how he talks to them or talks about them.

He is full of kind words and compliments for them, he respects them and is always willing to have a good time with them, it doesn't matter what he does.

10. He is ready to have difficult conversations

Handling sensitive and emotional conversations is difficult for anyone, especially men.

But if your guy seems comfortable with you… Talking about something, or better yet, when he initiates difficult conversations, you can be sure that he is beyond emotionally mature.

Another sign of maturity is if he is always respectful is opposed to your ideas and never makes fun of you or criticizes you no matter what you say.

He is willing to listen to you and respect your every word, no matter the circumstances.

11. He is understanding and sensitive

When he sees an elderly person, he immediately jumps to help them cross the street or carry their groceries.

He stands up for people in need, no matter what. He is understanding and empathetic not only to you but also to other people.

Emotionally immature men are not so aware of other people’s needs and wants because most of the time they only think about themselves or just don’t know what to do.

But if your guy shows these qualities of being understanding and empathetic towards you and the people around you, you can be 100% sure that he is an emotionally mature man!

12 . He is trying to mature

When he is emotionally mature, he has become so aware and he is constantly evolving with the intention of becoming even more emotionally mature.

He is ready to plunge into the unknown, into vulnerability, instead of suppressing feelings and running away from them.

When your man works hard on his behavior, his mistakes and other small things, he is striving to mature and he knows that it's the only way to achieve it.

He knows he's not perfect, just like the rest of us, but he also knows that with hard work and will, anything can be achieved .

And that is the biggest sign that you are with an emotionally mature man who is in touch with his feelings, who is ready to get over himself going out to help others who is willing to build mutuality and work on your relationship just like you are.

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