The secret of happy couples: 13 tips for a happy relationship

The Secret of Happy Couples: 13 Tips for a Happy Relationship

Uand they lived happily ever after their days. Is there really such a thing?

Having a happy relationship is something we all strive for and want to have in life. Now more than ever it seems to be the hardest thing we can achieve.

We easily take on the challenges of other areas of life.

We strive to advance our careers, maintain relationships with friends and family, but when it comes to love, we're a bit skeptical.< /p>

Finding a balance and maintaining a good relationship seems to be a real challenge because we hear more and more about breaking up, getting divorced, being in a toxic relationship or marriage , love has faded, cheating etc.

On the other hand, the happy couples we can see all around us are proof that everything is only half as bad.

People maintain a happy long-distance relationship despite the distance, find a common language despite the age difference…

Still in love despite the years that have passed and living in long-term relationships despite the many stumbling blocks along the way.

But how do they do it?

How do you manage to look at each other with a look of love and adoration even after 10 years of relationship?

How is it possible that people who have been married for 50 years are still holding hands and exchange caresses?

How do you avoid getting bored and bored?

How to keep the flame of love alive and overcome all the obstacles that will lead us to a happy relationship?

One thing you need to know: there is no recipe for a happy one relationship, but there are a few things that couples need to do.

If you think it's just a matter of luck or coincidence that happy couples find happiness in each other you are sorely wrong.

Nothing happens by itself and neither does a happy relationship.

A happy relationship doesn't mean that couples never fight and that they don't have relationship problems.

A happy relationship doesn't mean flowers and gifts in every moment of life.

A happy relationship means enjoying the rays of happiness while battling the storms of life together.

A happy partnership is based on the fundamentals of love but is a product of a lot of work, patience, effort, understanding and compromise and below you will find out what makes a relationship happy.

< p>13 tips for a happy relationship

1. Honesty

The foundation of any successful and healthy relationship is honesty.

Without honesty nothing can work, because every secret or lie sooner or later revealed and can put the relationship to the test.

Of course, it's not easy to share some things with another person, especially when it could change their partner's opinion of you.

But the partner is the Someone to trust and rely on.

Trust me, honesty paves the way to happiness in love, because honesty is the most valued virtue.

Therefore, it is important to place all cards face up on the table from the start. Share your worries, thoughts and feelings with your partner.

Don't pretend to be someone else and don't try to be perfect because none of us are.

2. Support

Your partner tells you that he wants to devote himself to his career and that he has to sacrifice a lot of time because he is expected to business trips, dinners, extra training and the like.

What do you say to him?

I think that's not a good idea. How will I take care of the children myself? Who will pick her up from school? We don’t have enough money for something like that…


Better would be: If you really want it, then you can count on my support. It may be a little difficult, but we will make it. Don't worry!

Sometimes it is difficult to support the partner when their desires differ from ours.

But at this very moment we have to prove our love: a part of us and our ego for’ r to sacrifice your partner's dreams and happy relationship.

3. Understanding

Sometimes we all experience crises in life and there are moments when we wish we were alone in the world and it were nobody around us.

No matter how much we love the people around us, sometimes the stress and pressures of everyday life are stronger than love.

In these moments we can experience a relationship crisis when the partner changes our behavior doesn't understand. Therefore, both partners should develop a mutual understanding.

One should be understanding of certain behaviors, moods and problems and offer comfort to one's partner by talking to them, hugging them and letting them know that they have someone by their side who understands and cares works to help him in joy and sorrow.

4. Trust

Lack of trust in a relationship leads to outbursts of jealousy and the desire to control one's partner.

Constant checking; Opening the smartphone, questioning the partner as if he were in court and had to prove his innocence.

All of this unfortunately leads in the direction of an unhappy relationship. You fight all the time and always feel stress, tension and anxiety when your partner goes somewhere alone.

Without trust, the relationship is on shaky ground and happiness is far away removed, as it is well known that jealousy is the biggest killer of relationships.

On the other hand, couples whose relationship is built on the foundations of trust are sure to have a happy relationship because they know what to expect from each other and that they can rely on each other.

5. Proof of love

Do you remember the phase when you were in love, when you had butterflies in your stomach and when your world suddenly became more beautiful because you fell in love ?

Very often we forget this phase and honestly it is one of the most beautiful phases of a relationship.

In this phase you conquer your partner with the nicest words, look at them with the nicest eyes and do the nicest things for them.

Over time this somehow fades away because you don't have the time or energy to behave like a teenager in love.

But that's exactly what a relationship needs to rekindle the spark of love.

Gl&uuml ;handsome couples tell us that in order to stay together for life, you need to constantly prove your love through actions and words.

It doesn't have to be about plucking the stars from the sky, just small things like:

compliments, tenderness, surprises, like a bouquet of flowers or breakfast in bed, a hug in passing, taking on onerous tasks, massaging swollen feet and anything that counts as tokens of love.

6. Joint ventures

To break the monotony of everyday life and to avoid the risk of getting into a relationship that only becomes routine, it is good that the partners are on the move and do things together.

This includesö rt not only to spend holidays together, but also to take time for oneself in the everyday rhythm of life.

It could be a language course, a picnic in the park, skydiving or just a whole day before to be television – depending on what you prefer.

The most important thing is that you enjoy the togetherness and have fun. together.

Joint activities strengthen the relationship, make love grow and create memories of wonderful moments that are fondly remembered.

7. Enough space

As important as it is to spend time together, it is also important to spend time apart. Sounds ridiculous?

Couples who have other relationships in addition to being in a relationship that balance family and business life have happy relationships.

If you become too attached to your partner, your home and when his family is tied up and doesn't have time for himself, various frustrations arise that definitely have a negative effect on the relationship.

Even in these cases, jealousy and control mania appear because of the overload ;’s emotional dependency.

Therefore, everyone should have enough freedom to do what they enjoy. to have his own hobby, to go out with his friends, to pursue his career, etc.

Those who manage to find a balance between partnership and their own life have a path to a happy life. found a happy relationship.

8. Respect

Respect is inseparable from honesty and trust, and true love also means respect for your partner and yourself.

When you respect someone, you treat them with care, kindness and consideration, and a respectful relationship is a relationship of equals.

We will always listen to the people we respect and reflect on their words and actions even if we don't agree or understand them.

However, just respecting your partner is not enough – it is very important to respect yourself in order to run the relationship well.

By putting yourself in a subordinate position in relation to your partner, you inevitably give them full control your life and you need to be aware of it.

The lack of self-esteem gives rise to insecurity, fear and self-pity, which are reflected in the relationship.

This lack of self-esteem is a major cause of dissatisfaction in a relationship and stands in the way of true happiness.

9. Acceptance

Being in a relationship with someone and loving them means accepting them for everything they are.

Of course we all have our quirks and nobody is perfect. It makes us human and special.

Some things are not easy to accept, such as B. Snoring. But you learn to accept the situation and live with it. But fun aside.

One of the most important things for a happy relationship is to accept your partner for who they are.

Don't try to change their styling, let alone other habits and traits that make him out.

This can lead to low self-confidence in the partner, as well as frustration and sadness because the person they love wants to change them.

Acceptance is in progress and some things will take a long time, but with the right partner this will not be a problem.

10. Common Goals

It's nice when you have the same taste in music, food, movies, like the same activities, etc., but nothing connects anymore than to plan a future together.

We all have goals in life. They are what drives us to move forward. To fight with all our strength and to take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to us.

Unfortunately, a relationship in which two people don't have the same views about the future is doomed from the start.

You feel pressured to live up to your desires sacrificing their partner's pleasure and constantly blaming their partner for the one missing piece of the puzzle in their life.

While people who share the same goals walk hand in hand on their life journey. Your love ship is so strong that even life’s strongest waves and storms can’t do anything about it.

That is why it is important to focus on common goals and achieving them, because when when you reach it with a loved one and turn around and see what you've created, love only grows and gets stronger than ever.

11. Arguing

To quarrel? Yes, you read that right: argue. I'm not talking about breaking dishes, screaming and slamming the door, I just want to say that it's normal to have different opinions and sometimes argue about it.

Couples who say they never fight are either lying or one of them is hiding something.

No relationship is ideal and no matter how much people have in common, there will always be something that will surprise you or your partner disturbs and should not be swept under the rug.

Communication is number one in problem solving, but don't think that a fight means an unhappy relationship.

And you know yourself that reconciliation after a fight is the sweetest ;ßest is. ?

12. Compromises

And how else to resolve disputes and disagreements other than compromises?

Whether we like it or not, not only in love but in life in general we have to make compromises for our own good and for the good of other people.

We have to accept that sometimes it can't be our way, no matter how painful it is for our ego.

Whether it's going to the sea or the mountains, or living in the city or in the country, compromise is the only solution.

And this is especially true if we want to have a happy relationship.

Just make sure you're not always the one making compromises because then you're easily manipulated. Equality everywhere and also in this case!

13. Positivity

And in the end everything needs to be improved further with a lot of positivity and optimism.

Good energy, laughter and a good mood are always desirable ;desirable.

Everyone wants to have such people in their life. In contrast, constant dissatisfaction, complaints and nagging lead to negative emotions, kill mood and have a bad effect on the relationship.

So keep positivism even in times of crisis, because it it will be easier for you to overcome them and continue on the path to your happy relationship.

Conclusion: There are no guidelines for happy relationships , which guarantees that they will last for the rest of life.

Almost every relationship goes through a crisis at least once and there is nothing wrong with that as long as the partners are willing to work on it, including through couples therapy when needed.

In order to build a happy relationship, it is necessary to constantly work on giving your partner enough attention, interest, love and Cultivate trust and build it on honesty and respect en.

Only then will one feel all the charms of true love and the happiness that it brings. ?

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