The right one will love everything about you that the wrong one wanted to change

The right one will love everything about you that the wrong one wanted to change

Do you remember how you never felt in your previous relationship had to be good enough?

How you didn't feel right about anything you did and how you could never please your ex and make him happy?

How he could never love you the way you deserved, no matter how much you cared for him and how hard you tried to win his heart?

Remember how he never accepted the real you?

How he tried everything to change the essence of your personality?

How he kept pointing out your flaws and annoyed you with all the things you should do differently?

How he wanted to convince you that he knew better and better what was the right thing for is you?

Remember how throughout your relationship your ex wanted you to be something you are not?

How he tried everything to model you his way and turn you into some kind of box?

Remember how this guy never liked the way you look, dress, talk or act? How he always found fault with everything?

Do you remember how he never liked your friends, your taste in music, your career choice? How he wasn't satisfied with anything you did?

Remember how this man used to accuse you of being too loud, too emotional, too limp, too independent, being too disobedient…?

Remember how he used to make you feel like you weren't meant to be in love? How he convinced you that it was you from the start and that your relationship didn't work out because of your character flaws?

Remember how he convinced you that every guy you met after him would be the same?

How he convinced you that you were incapable to make a man happy and that you don't have the qualities of a good partner?

Of course you didn't believe him at first. After all, before he came into your life, you were a woman who knew her worth and who had a lot of confidence.

However, for years he has done his best to change that and change you.

He has tried everything to kill you spiritually, bend you, turn you off and destroy your mind.

And the worst thing is that he almost made it.

Even though you might not want to admit it – this guy made you question yourself. It made you feel self-doubt and insecurities.

What you don't know, however, is that he only did all this because, deep down, he knew that he really wasn't good enough.

He knew you were better, stronger and more competent than him and he had no choice but to drag you down to his level so he wouldn't feel so inferior to you.

< p>He had problems with his confidence and that's why he wanted to destroy yours. He was so intimidated by your self-esteem that he had to invalidate you.

This guy couldn't accept that you weren't too demanding – he just wasn't up to you.

You weren't too loud – you just had your own opinions and he couldn’t bear to have a girlfriend with her own personal opinions.

You weren't too emotional – he was just a bugger who never treated you properly and your reaction to his toxic behavior was completely natural.

You didn't ask for the impossible – he just didn't give you enough.

You weren't ”little Miss Know-it-all” as he liked to call you – you were just smarter, more ambitious and better educated than him.

The whole time this guy felt threatened by you. He felt threatened by your size and the fact that he couldn’t feel man enough around you.

But that is his problem – not yours. And it's clear that he wasn't the right man for you.

When the right man comes along, he will love everything about you that your ex was so desperate to change .

This man will be more than happy to have such a woman by his side. He will never try to break you, nor will he be intimidated by your strong personality.

Instead of putting you down, this man will push you with all his might. Instead of stopping you, he will be there to support all your goals and dreams.

Instead of feeling threatened by your inner strength ;he will be proud of it.

He will fall in love with your soft heart and your hard-hitting charisma. He will love you completely, just as you are, with all his heart.

This man would not change anything about you, even if he had the chance. On the contrary, he will even love your imperfections as much as your qualities.

So please stop settling for men who don't have what it takes, to be with you.

Stop associating with men who can't keep up with you and who need to put you down to make themselves feel better.

Let go Don't hook up with guys who want to be above or below you, those who act overly dominant, or those who want a mom instead of a girlfriend.

Don't let me Guys who expect submissiveness from you just because they're men, or with immature boys who depend on you for their entire lives.

Better be patient enough to open up to wait for a man who can be your equal partner, and don't settle for less.

Even though you may think that such a man doesn't exist – trust me when I tell you, he'll come.

And finally, remember: You weren't wrong to be yourself. Your only mistake was that you chose men too cowardly to walk shoulder to shoulder with you.

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