The Right One Will Do These 12 Things Your Ex Never Could

The right one will do these 12 things your ex never could

1. He will be loyal

The right one will know that a real relationship takes a lot of effort, so he will be loyal to you.

Even if there are women around him, he will always be loyal to you and will not do anything to hurt you.

For him, emotions and feelings are high on the list of priorities and he would never jeopardize them for any one-night stand.

2. He will support you

A real man will be there to support you and not to tell you that you are a complete failure when you do something wrong.

He will know that the foundation of any relationship is something that needs constant work, so he will go out of his way to make you happy to do.

3. He will listen to you

Your ex probably never really listened to what you had to say because he took you for granted.

That's why your soulmate will behave very differently from him and he will be there for you in your moments of sorrow.

He will know that he can help you, enn he listens to you and that's what he really wants.

4. He will take care of you

When the right man comes along, he will take care of you completely. You will be loved, courted and cared for in the most beautiful way.

And that's the main difference between him and your ex who didn't give a damn about you.

A man who you are worth is coming, but you just have to be patient because good things don't happen overnight.

5. He will never give up

If you meet the right one, he won't give up on you when you meet the first obstacle on the way.

He will be with you through thick and thin and will be there for you , no matter how bad it all looks.

A real man will do everything in his power to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, to make you feel safe and secure. This will be his mission in life and he will never give it up.

6. He will understand you

The right one will really understand you. And when I say understand, I don't mean that he will nod his head to everything you say, but that he will really try to understand you and give you as much advice and action as he can. like to help.

He will try to be your best friend and your lover at the same time.

He knows that it takes a lot to have a stable relationship with someone and Understanding is an important ingredient.

7. You will come first

A man who puts you first is someone who deserves your best.

When he thinks he's so damn lucky to have met you and will do anything to make you make a happy woman, then he is definitely worth your love.

Therefore you should keep him and let nothing and nobody come between your love.

8. He will love you the way you are

Maybe your ex never accepted you with all your flaws. Maybe he didn't love you enough to handle problems and maybe he's just an emotionally unavailable man who has no one to love.

But no matter what the reason, if you find the right one, you will forget all the things that went wrong in your last relationship.

The right one will accept everything about you and will consider themselves lucky to have you.

9. He will put his trust in you

The right one will have faith in you. He won't be jealous and he won't think you're cheating on him just because you come home late sometimes.

He knows that you have your own life and yours have friends of your own and he will respect your free time.

He will never smother you with his toxic love and he will always wear his heart on his sleeve. And such a man is definitely the right one.

10. You will feel safe with him

When you meet the right one, you will know. You'll know with every gesture he makes, every time he makes sure you're okay.

You'll just feel safe and secure when you're with him.< /p>

He will motivate you to become the best version of yourself and no matter what happens, he will always be your support.

He will be everything your ex never was and everything you long for so much.

11. He will never let you down

When you meet the right one, you will see that disappointments in relationships are not common.

< p>You will see that a man who really loves you will never let you down and that he will always be someone you can trust.

Such a man will do everything to achieve a Having a stable and healthy relationship with you and he will spare no effort to make it happen.

12. He will love you with all his heart

If you don't have love, you have nothing. You never got the love you craved from your ex, but now with the right one, everything will be so different and you'll wonder if maybe you've landed in a fairy tale.

When you meet the right one, he will love you as best he can.

And you will see that this love is real, because his love will feel like home.

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