The more you chase him, the more you hurt yourself

The more you chase him, the more you hurt yourself

We've all at some point in our lives chased after someone who didn't care or care about us enough loved.

While there's nothing wrong with taking the initiative when it comes to the man you like, there's always a degree of measure; of dignity that you must preserve.

Remember that there is a big difference between fighting for someone and chasing after them – whether showing interest or humiliating yourself.

Be honest, how long have you been after this man?

How long have you given yourself completely to someone who never admits it appreciate without getting anything in return?

How many years have you waited for him to pull himself together and return the favor for everything he got from you?

For him to start treating you right and giving you the space in their life that you deserve?

And how much more time do you want to waste?

How long do you want to keep chasing after someone who obviously doesn't want to be caught?

It doesn't matter if it's a man who doesn't want to commit himself, a man who doesn't give you a chance at all, or a man who doesn't want to change his behavior.

Anyway, the point is the same: you shouldn't chase after someone who's obviously doing everything they can to get away from you.

I'm not telling you this because you're a woman. I'm not telling you this because like a princess you should wait patiently for Prince Charming to come to your rescue.

I'm telling you this because you're the kind of person whose feelings will be hurt if you continue like this.

Most of all, I'm telling you all this because it doesn't make any sense – what you hope for, you will never achieve, no matter how hard you try.

The more you chase him when you know you shouldn't, the more you lose you yourself.

Without realizing it, you are trying harder and harder to become another version of yourself: a woman he would find more attractive, a woman he would love more.

The more you chase this man, the more you show him that he doesn’t have to bother for you.

That he doesn’t have to do anything to conquer you, because you do all the work for him.

The more you chase after him, the more you let him take you for granted.

You tell him that you will always be with him, even though he does nothing to keep you by his side.

The more you chase after him, the more you settle for less.

Your ideas about love will be distorted, and even if you meet a new guy, you will find this behavior acceptable.

The more you chase after him, the more jealous and bitter you become by the day.

You'll see how much effort other guys put into their girlfriends and you'll wonder what they have that you don't have.

Why are they better than you? Why can't her friends really love her and your boyfriend can't even give you a crumb of his affection?

Most importantly, the more you chase after him, the less you'll think about yourself .

You may not realize this yet, but in time you will begin to doubt yourself.

You will wonder why you are not good enough and why the man you love is running away from you all the time. are you the problem Did you do something wrong?

Aren't you beautiful, smart or interesting enough?

Why can't he choose you once and for all without playing all these games?

The more you chase him, the less you will love, respect and value yourself.

Unknowingly, you will the lack of his love and respect for you will affect your self-esteem, and over time you'll start to think that's all you deserve.

So, think about it Do that again and tell me if this guy is really worth it.

Is he worth losing your pride, belittling yourself, degrading yourself?

Believe me, one day someone will make an effort for your love. But not this man. 

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