The hottest positions to make out that will increase your erotic moments

The hottest positions to make out that will increase your erotic moments

Looking for the hottest positions to make out that will leave your partner wanting more?

Your search is over. Welcome and buckle up for this erotic ride!

Essentially, making out is about being casual. Forced making out is never a good idea simply because you're constantly thinking about what you're going to do next instead of enjoying the moment and feeling great.

< p>Your partner will notice, and frankly it's a mood killer.

I know everyone is a little nervous the first time around (me included) but the first and most important thing to understand is that the best make out moments happen when you're most relaxed and ready for something new.

If you can't remember the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone, then you know things have to change.

When looking for the perfect position to make out, it's all about exploring your partner's body and trying your own comfort zone to see what works best for you. Making out should always be mutual and casual.

So if you're feeling ready to bring out your inner sex goddess from the realm of making out, then you'll find everything below you need to start your erotic journey and increase your intimacy. You can find here:

• The ultimate tips for the best make out moments

? The best kissing techniques

• The hottest positions to make out that will increase your erotic moments, all detailed.

Then let's get started!

The ultimate tips for the best make out moments

1. Let's get up close and personal!

We all love to be touched. I mean who doesn't like that? Of course, as long as it's someone we'd like to be touched by.

The idea behind touching is to show your partner that you want them and nurture them. want to take the next step.

Put your hand on his thigh while you're talking to him, run his fingers through his hair while he's joking around, and when the atmosphere heats up, release your inner beast.


Men don’t like making out or even having sex with women if they are just lying motionless or with their arms still.

It shows that you are not that into making out and basically, it feels like something is missing. And most of the time what's missing is your enthusiasm and after all that's a mood killer.

Put your arms around his neck and pull him closer to you as you kiss. Don't be afraid to undress him while you're making out because it will show him that you want him and what better aphrodisiac than knowing your partner wants you?

That inner struggle between your wild side and your shy side will drive him crazy and he will fall head over heels in love with you!

2. Be in control

The easiest way is to let passion lead the way. You arrive, it's already quite hot; and you know it's going to be great, so your work here is done, isn't it?

Wrong thought. Show him that you're in control, which you basically have.

So why not take advantage of that too? When making out with him, be upstairs or in his lap as you can set the pace.

Increase the pleasure with kisses and touches.

Rice get rid of his clothes and if you feel like you can't take it anymore feel free to whisper something dirty in his ear or even shove him on the bed and lead the way.

Switching positions and power between the two of you is what makes great sex.

Or if you want to play with him sometimes then make out with him for a long time until he can't take it anymore and then back off.

Deny him sex and it will only make him want more next time.

< p>Men are hunters and being a smart prey will spice up your whole relationship.

Which makes us wonder: who is the real hunter here? Poor boy, won't even know what hit him.

3. The teasing can go a long way

Men are not as into foreplay as women are, because a targeted touch is enough to get them going at full speed.

But we women need more time and to get off we need to be really turned on.

So make him love it the same way you do. Tease him with kisses by kissing him anywhere other than the mouth, butt; pull him away when he least expects it and pull him back in with greater passion and desire.

Nibbling on his ear and flashing him a mischievous smile when you kiss him go away.

Get him running after you and don't be afraid to make it playful. There is no perfect recipe for good sex, so feel free to do it however you like.

Hunt, play different games, tease or even dance while you do it – the possibilities are endless. The only rule: enjoy it!

4. Mix it up

When you start, be sensual and slow. Make eye contact and run your hands through his hair.

They are meant to be long kisses and genuinely enjoy every second of them. Wrap your legs around him and show him that you want him, right here and now, but take your time until you're ready.

Pay attention to his erogenous zones and don't be embarrassed, his hands in the direction of your zones.

Ultimately, it's about building intimacy and spicing up your sex life in a slightly different way.

But remember that a long foreplay tends to get boring unless we mix it up a bit.

Start slow and then pick up speed; then interrupt and tease him for a minute or so; then slow down again.

Get really crazy with different types of kisses (including the “Spiderman kiss”) and your hands in his hair and then let him take the lead while he’ while you enjoy it. Take control and then give him the power.

That way, neither of you will get bored and you can get the most out of that make-out moment with him.

After all, it's okay to be a little selfish in moments like this – as long as you don't turn over and go to sleep as soon as you're done.

Oh wait, more men would do that. Oh forget it.

5. Confidence is key!

The most attractive trait of all is self-confidence. There is no man out there who could resist a confident woman – a woman who knows what she wants, who knows her worth and isn't afraid to show it.

You want it? Get him. You want him to kiss you? Tell him. You want him to touch you?

Run his hands along your body; he will understand the hint. Don't be afraid to ask for things you want to do in bed, as long as he's okay with it too.

Kinky things and fantasies always need to be discussed beforehand, but you already know that.

And all the flaws you think you have that he's supposed to hate? Stretch marks, a little baby fat on your stomach or whatever?

He doesn't even see it. Believe me. I've hated my body for far too long due to a toxic relationship I was in and it took me far too long to realize I'm the only one who sees these flaws.

When you feel great, start moaning and enjoy the moment, all he will see is the sparkle in your eyes, the passion in your voice and the desire in your movements.

< p>When you enjoy it, you look like a true goddess and no man can resist that. So forget all the flaws and fears – and accept the truth that you are flawless!

The best kissing techniques

Now that you know some essential tips to make your making out extra good, here are some simple kissing techniques that will lead to great results. Basically, with a little effort, you can knock his socks off and he won't wait to retaliate.

On the other hand, chances are you're already doing it. Keep it up girls!

Also, if you feel ready to skip to the hot positions to make out section instead, then just read on below!

1. Nibble

A good kiss is worth millions, so knowing a few different techniques is a good “investment”.

His Zä Using without while kissing is a real turn on (well, as long as you don't switch to cannibal mode).

Take it slow and remember that the first kiss should always be gentle! You don't want to nibble a moment before you should, lest you ruin the mood.

The nibble should occur about halfway through your making out.

So when you kiss him, lean in, grab his bottom lip between your teeth and gently pull it away.

It's just about making him feel a little different; to give than that, if you just kiss like that.

You can nibble both his upper and lower lips, his tongue, his earlobe – there are no limits…as long as you do it gently and playfully.

2. suckle – but not too much!

Remember that you're not a vacuum cleaner (which could be said of many men I've dated).

Take it slow – suck on his lip, neck or earlobe. It's up to you.

The idea is the same as with nibbling – just making him feel different than what he's used to.

Just make sure you don't leave hickeys on his neck while you suckle. You guys aren't teenagers anymore!

Also make sure you find a perfect kissing position while making out.

You know, it's all about incorporating as many different exciting moments as possible and finding the best kissing position for ultimate pleasure. You can try one of the following positions:

• Chest to chest where you slowly sit down on his lapß sits while kissing

• Side by side where you either sit or lie side by side kissing deeply (perfect for long cuddles)

• Missionary position where you are on top and you are kissing.

3. Touch, touch

That's the one rule to keep repeating and never forget. Imagine you are kissing or making out with someone and their hands are just hanging there.

It feels like kissing a doll ;rdest – there is no emotion, no desire and no passion.

Which is why it's really important to include the hands. Touch his neck, his chest, pull him closer to you or push him away and thrust; then get back together with him.

Think of it as some kind of game – just have fun and enjoy it. Run your hands through his hair, around his neck, or on his back. Wherever your feelings take you.

4. Playing with the ear

You probably know this, but if you don't, the ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

Even a light suck on them can make him crazy about you and heat up the mood.

You can kiss his ear, breathe in gently (don't blow or you'll hurt him), in his Moaning in his ear, whispering nice (or dirty) things into him, sucking on it, or really gently, and I mean really gently, nibbling on it.

If you're nibbling on his ear, you have to be really careful , more careful than his lips.

Since his ears are really very sensitive, you have to be careful. But a little gentle nibble will turn him on… a lot. So let's go!

5. The Neck

When you're kissing or making out, don't ignore the neck. Just as women love to be kissed on the back of the neck, so do men.

And more importantly, the back of the neck is packed with nerve endings, which is why this region is so sensitive to touch ;reacts.

Try moving from his cheekbones down to his neck, then suck, nibble, or kiss his neck (and don't forget to include his collarbone).

Thou shalt give him it shows how much you like him and men tend to learn from practice.

If you pay attention to his neck, ears or other erogenous zones, he will do the same.< /p>

And is there a lovelier relationship than one where the partners care about each other’s pleasure? I don't think so.

6. Careful with your tongue!

This isn't strictly a technique, but the reason it's mentioned here is that it's extremely important to practice think.

We've all had really bad experiences when it comes to French kissing.

Too much tongue feels like kissing a car wash or having a sword fight with your tongues – which is not only ugly on the eye but really sucks.

Slide your tongue along his. Take it slow or use your tongue to gently lick his neck before kissing him.

There's no need to stick your tongue down his throat (or vice versa, mine gentlemen!) or to avoid them altogether.

You have to find a middle ground with your partner and that's not that difficult to achieve once you find his rhythm.

The hottest positions for making out that will increase your erotic moments

Now that we've covered a few basic tips and kissing techniques that will truly make you a goddess of making out, let's move on to positions for making out – why you are actually reading this article.

And don't worry, you don't have to be a world gymnastics champion or made of rubber to try any of these. All you need is a strong will and patience!

1. Lapdance

Spice things up a bit by adding a little twist to your make out moment.

Put on some soft and seductive music and put on sexy underwear to show yourself in your full glory.

Believe me, he will only have eyes for you. And that's a great position, not just for a lap dance, but for any kind of making out.

You can do this while the two of you are lying on the couch watching TV while’ while he is eating or working at his table.

Surprise him or follow your gut and do what you think is right at the moment.

You can face him while you do it, so you can increase your intimacy with slow kissing and cuddling, or you can turn your back to make it a little more naughty and kinky.

Another kick is doing it in front of a mirror with your back turned.

It gives you the ego boost you need when you're in the Spiegel sees you rocking it and he's completely flabbergasted and well, it looks pretty cinematic.

2. Missionary

You may think that this is just a normal position, something you always do, but it's a great position to increase the intimacy between the two of you.

You canö You can't make eye contact and it's also a perfect position for smooching. You can hold his face while you kiss him and give him a tight hug when the moment calls for it.

There's a reason this is a man's favorite position.


They can see your face while you're doing it and that way he knows if he's doing it right.

So don't be ashamed of your facial expressions. They are extremely important for both of you to get the most out of it.

And they especially love this position as they have control, which is an aphrodisiac in itself.

He can nibble on your ear, kiss and bite your neck, tie your hands over your head and let's be honest – it feels great, especially knowing we have someone who enjoys making us happy.

And at least it justifies all the dry sex that we had as teenagers.

It stimulates all the right things and especially in this position it pushes him to the edge of his nerves. It's really a great way to maximize your intimate zone stimulation.

3. Spoon position

At times when you're not in the mood for a lot of action or exercise and you just want to lie next to each other and enjoy the time you spend together, the spoon position is the perfect position for you you.

This is also the perfect position for those days when you just want to be together without making love – or you have just arrived and want to be close.

You can sync your breath and heartbeat while he hugs you from behind. You can kiss in this position and he can still suggest a few sex moves to increase the excitement.

It's also a good way to make love if you do just want to take things slowly and calmly and enjoy the time together without haste.

And once again, he's mostly in control here. His hands can travel all over your body and you can turn slightly to kiss him and grab his head with your hand to show how much you enjoy it .

But honestly, this is the best position after sex as he can just breathe in your scent and you can fall asleep while your hearts beat together. This is extremely romantic.

4. Against the wall

There's something hot when he holds you against the wall, puts his hands behind your neck and head and that cinematic kiss lies down.

One that will melt you away and take your breath away.

While it's pretty much impossible to have sex while pressed against the wall, this position does the trick perfect for making out on such an erotic night of passionate sex.

There's plenty of room for your hands to roam around, it's a lot easier to undress him and he can pick you up so you can do yours legs around him.

And while you're in that position, he can easily carry you over to the bed and continue from there.

There's a reason movies always show this position when it's expressed want to know how passionate the couple is.

He can kiss your neck (guys, that's a sure ticket to paradise – for heaven's sake do it!), nibble on your ear, all while you enjoy the sight. And that's a damn hot sight, let's face it ladies!

5. Love from above!

Tie your husband to the bed (or floor, we're not judging), sit on his lapß and kiss him madly.

There's a certain appeal in a woman who knows what she wants and grabs what drives men crazy.

Or it could be the fact that you want him. Whatever it is, it's incredible and super sexy at the same time.

Put his hands over his head and take the time to explore his body and erogenous zones.

It's a great way to find out what he likes and what he likes too great way for him to feel wanted and appreciated.

Plus, he gets to see you in your full glory! And he'll want to retaliate, believe me.

6. sit side by side

Although this may sound a little strange at first, trust me – this position for making out is really hot.

Let's say you're sitting on the couch and watching TV. This 'sitting side by side' position also means you are sitting next to each other with your legs pressed together and your arms wrapped around each other.

This is all about temptation. These positions for making out leave you wanting more, which in turn is the main ingredient when it comes to surging passion and an erotic atmosphere.

It's going to be hard to hold you back, not to fall on each other's necks after a few minutes, which will make your make-out moment the hottest ever.

Final Thoughts

Making out is something that should never go out of style. You can't go wrong with these make out positions and kissing techniques.

You will be a true goddess in his eyes. But first of all you have to remember that it all starts with you – or, to be more precise, with your self-confidence.

No one can resist a self-confident woman. There's nothing more attractive than a woman who knows her worth and isn't afraid to show it.


Take the initiative from time to time. Don't just sit/stand/lie there and let him do all the work.

join us Show him that you really want to make out and that you really like him and he will do anything for you.

Put your insecurities aside. Don't let them stop you from being overjoyed – both in and out of bed with your man.

The biggest turn on for him is seeing you happy and content. So trust me, confidence is key!

If you're still full of self-doubt, remember that he's kissing you, looking after you like the apple of his own eye.

His heart beats faster when he's by your side and he gets a bulge in his pants. What more proof do you need to confirm that he loves the way you look?

Also, don't think of making out as something that necessarily leads to sex.

Sometimes you can make out just for the sake of making out; so you can be close and bond more intimately than sex ever could.

These tips are meant to be a guide of sorts when you get down to business, but don't keep them on your mind.

Like I said at the beginning, when you're not relaxing and in the moment enjoy, if you make out it will all be for nothing.

You'll be too stiff and it just won't work out that way. It's best to think of this item as something that adds value to you. Something that sparks your imagination and gets you trying something new and exciting.

Don't be afraid to spice things up and mix it up a bit.

Be open and honest with your partner and tell them if you don't like something. Remember: it's also about your pleasure.

Also give him a hint what you like. You don't always have to put it in many words.

Sometimes a smile or a groan is enough. You intend to make him do it again.

Don't underestimate the power of a kiss either.

< p>Kiss often. Passionate. Kiss him good morning. Kiss him goodnight.

Just kiss him whenever you feel like it, because a simple kiss is enough to make someone's day.

A kiss is like when you say, 'I want you; I'm thankful to have you; You are important to me” without saying a word.


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