The harsh reality of the toxic relationship between a narcissist and an empath

The harsh reality of the toxic relationship between a narcissist and an empath

An empath and a narcissist. Good and bad . Light and darkness. Yin and Yang.

As you can see, all of these pairs are opposites, but they have something in common – they are part of couples and whether we want to admit it or not, they are in a kind of symbiosis.

One of them is bad and the other one is good.

So if you stop for a second and think about it, you will see that in life there is always something good mixed with something bad ends.

So does an empath with a narcissist.

An empath is like an angel who came down from heaven to bring peace among people.

This type of person thinks that everyone around them is good and they never think that people have hidden agendas or that they could hurt them.

They think that they shouldn't judge anyone and that they should just let others be.

An empath is someone who feels all the emotions , which you don’t talk about, but since they have a keen sixth sense, they can see how you’re feeling just by looking into your eyes.

They are the Aware of the fact that you are suffering and they will always try to help you as much as possible.

In some situations, they will put you first and neglect themselves because they know you need help.

An empath is someone you really want in your life because he is an honest and sincere friend, a loving partner and also someone who can turn your life into the most beautiful story.

And then there is the narcissist.

A narcissist is a person who is not intentionally so. They probably had some kind of trauma in their past that affected them so much and turned them into the monster they are now.

A narcissist is someone who gets you going , just to get what he wants, someone who will use you in any way possible and someone who won't stop tormenting you even when he's crushing you, crawling on the floor , and begging for mercy.

They will always want to feel worthy and in a relationship they will feel above their partner just so they can be comfortable in their own skin.

The feeling of being… Being superior and dominant is greater than any kind of love and that's what all narcissists believe in.

The worst part is that they never feel guilty, for everyone the bad things they do to the people they love and they never accept the help of others to change.

They are someone you don't even want to know or be in a relationship with want.

They are someone you should stay away from because all they know is to hurt people.

So you have an empath and a narcissist. You have a good person and a bad person.

And the worst thing is that in most cases, they fall in love with each other.

You ask you probably why, but there is an explanation.

There is an unknown attraction between them and somehow they always bump into each other.

They fall in love so easily and every moment they spend together is like a fairy tale.

They don't even get to know each other well enough and think they've chosen the best person to be with.

Basically, a narcissist doesn't mind what will happen if because he is emotionally unavailable.

He needs someone to feed on, and an empath is the perfect victim for such a crime.

On the other hand, an empath is head over heels in love with a narcissist and thinks he's found his soul mate.

He thinks he's hit the jackpot by hitting it, but it will soon be revealed that he's hit rock bottom.

< p>The relationship between empath and narcissist is not something that can succeed.

It is something that is doomed to fail from the start.

Something you would never try if you only knew how much you will suffer.

And even if you think such a relationship is worth trying, you are wrong. That's not love at all.

It's just a way for a narcissist to vent all their anger on someone as innocent as an empath.

It starts out as something beautiful, but over time it turns into a horror that you just want to run away from.

An empath is someone who is always trying to make things work, when’ While a narcissist sees this clearly and wants to benefit from it.

Each time the empath shows more love and affection , the narcissist inflicts pain on them.

Once an empath shows that they are in love and that they need their partner, the narcissist sees an opportunity to hurt them in order to make themselves feel better ;to be able to.

They will do all sorts of things just to get what they want.

They will take advantage of the love their partner has for them and abuse them mentally and physically, and blame them for their behavior.

He will tell the empath that his behavior is to blame for his behavior and that he should change.


A narcissist will convince an empath that they are the crazy one and that they will create problems where there are none.

He will drive them insane, ignore them, neglect them; agree and pretend they are their worst enemy.

And each time the empath threatens to leave them, the narcissist changes the story by telling them that because of their enormous love, that he wishes him success and that he is his only bright spot in life.

He knows that the empath will feel sorry for him and that he will fall back into his claws again.

And when he does, the agony continues. More tears, more pain, more sleepless nights, more abuse but less love.

The empath will feel like they are in a bind because there is someone on the one hand who he loves no matter what he does to him, and on the other hand he's obviously not okay with him.

And once at such a crossroads, most will choose their abuser over themselves.

They choose to continue living in torment until the next time their world falls apart again.

Until next time they feel like they are going insane and until next time an ambulance will take them to the hospital fighting for their lives .

But what you need to know is that there is nothing you can do to change a narcissist.

There is no amount of love you can give them to make them feel normal behaves like that.

They are broken and don't want to be healed.

They are totally deaf the way they are and because they are like that they want to make someone else despair.

Their main priority is to destroy the life of a person capable of loving because they cannot do it themselves and they are jealous of anyone who shows these feelings.

Therefore, the best decision for any empath would be to run away as quickly and as far as possible as soon as they saw the first sign of a toxic and narcissistic relationship.

< p>If you see that you are not getting the love you need or that you are not feeling well in your relationship, try talking to your partner, but if they are a narcissist who doesn't want to change, you should you just go.

I know it hurts to walk away from someone you love. I know it's bad when you leave everything you had twice, but let me ask you something:

Who was the first to give up your love? Are you the only one who has to struggle to make it work? I don't think so.

Love is a two-way street and you should know that. Love is when you share your happiness with your loved one and not when he destroys it.

Love is when you tell him all your darkest secrets because he is your living journal and not because he himself is your dark secret that you hide from the world and are just trying to show a picture of a happy relationship.

Love means all the good and bad with yours to share the other half and feel content in that relationship.

Love is feeling that you are worthy and sufficient for the person you share your bed with.

And what an empath has with a narcissist is not love.

Maybe he doesn't use his fists, but it's still abuse. It's walking on eggshells all the time.

It's afraid to let him know how you feel about the love you have for him because you know you do piss him off by saying it.

It's doing everything they want and nothing you want.

It's insane and that's not what what you deserve Basically, it's something nobody deserves.

It's something that can eventually kill you because you can't take all this toxicity for too long.

< p>So go while you can. Go and never look back.

Leave without thinking about the consequences. Go while you're still alive.

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