The hard truth is I don't want you in my life anymore

The hard truth is that I don't want you in my life anymore

I thought this moment would never come .

I thought I would always love you and I would always want you near. But this time I don't feel that way.

This time I don't want you in my life anymore and I mean that. I'm sick of your lies and manipulations.

I'm tired of you blaming me for every single problem. I'm sick of not getting the love I so desperately want.

All I ever wanted was true love.

I just wanted someone who would always be there for me, in good times and bad. But you didn't.

You were never there when I needed you while you expected me to be with you in your worst moments.

You were the selfish idiot who only thought about his needs and emotions.

You didn't feel remorse for all the bad things you did to me, nor did you say that you're sorry.

You just moved on like nothing happened. And I, madly in love with you, accepted all your conditions.

I accepted them because you were the air in my lungs and I couldn't imagine my life without you .

You were all I had and I didn't want to lose you.

Because even when I knew you weren't the right person for me I was so scared to let you go.

I didn't know what I would do with my life after you.

I knew I would be totally confused and that I would never be my old self again would.

Because you made me whole in a weird way. You made me feel like I was enough when I was with you.

You knew every weakness I had and you had such a good way of healing every wound , from which I bled.

You were my savior and my killer at the same time. But lately you've only done me harm. I recently realized that I can't function like this anymore.

I need a reliable man who will love me every day and not just when he's in the mood for it.< /p>

I need a hand of salvation when confronting the demons within me and not someone to bring them closer.

And when I saw that you took advantage of me again and that you have no intention of loving me, I decided that I don't need you anymore.

Me realized that life with you would never make sense because we were never meant to be.

I realized that you are selfish enough to never give me the love, respect and support ;to give the satisfaction I deserve. And I need it so badly.

So don't act like you're surprised. You knew this was going to happen.

You just thought that I'm going to be an idiot for a while and that I don't have the strength to leave you.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't want you in my life anymore.

I don't want any more tears, false hopes, a heart that rips apart every time you don't choose me and your lack of love.

You're only doing this so I'll stay, just so you can feed on me again.

I don't want your fake kisses and hugs that you can't wait for .

I can't take it that you criticize me and that nothing I do is ever good enough for you.

Please let me live my life again.

Let me feel the fresh air in my lungs and let me laugh like I used to.

Leave me alone and find your happiness far away from me. Because to be honest, I don't want you around anymore.

I know it's hard for you to accept that it's over , but it's better to leave than to hold on to something that isn't real.

And to be honest, I know; not if it was ever real. I know only it was over before it even started.

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