The Great Love Test: Am I Ready for a Relationship?

The Big love test: Am I ready for a relationship?

Have you been single for a few months or even years? Are you wondering when love will finally knock on your door? Even the horoscope for your zodiac sign has nothing to say about relationships?

Do you even think it might be you? Not sure if you're ready for a relationship?

Then you've come to the right place. I know how you feel now. Very many people go through a single phase at one point in their love life, which sometimes lasts a little longer.

You then ask yourself where the problem lies, where we make a mistake and canö Is there anything we can do to change the situation?

The answer is yes! Yes, there is a way to turn the skewerß to turn around But since this doesn't happen by itself, we first have to find the reason why you are single, even if you really don't want to be.

Possible reasons why you are are single

Of course there are many reasons why someone is single. But if you have the desire to be in a relationship and you don't succeed, you have to try to find out what the background is behind it.

Here are the most common reasons why you are single despite wanting to. Along with each reason, I have also prepared an advice how you can change this situation.

1. Fear of commitment

Do you know the feeling that you want a relationship, but at the same time you reject any possibility for one? Or is a no-strings-attached relationship acceptable to you, but when you feel it's getting serious, do you start looking for reasons to break up?

If you recognize yourself in these examples, it's possible that you are afraid of commitment Fear of commitment doesn't necessarily mean that you don't want a permanent relationship at all.

It's actually a fear of all the bad things that a relationship or its end can bring: You can get hurt, it can close Scams come, one can be left …

You can avoid the fear of commitment and have a loving and lasting relationship. It doesn't come on its own, it takes work, but when you think about the price that can be unconditional love, it's worth it.

You have to be serious about yourself and your partner. Through communication you can get to the source of your fears. If your partner knows what you are afraid of, it will be easier for him to help you.

A loving, patient partner is just what you need. Then you are no longer single and he will also help you to overcome your fears.

2. Unlucky in Love

Do you sometimes have the feeling that everyone else is much more successful in finding a partner than you? Are you longing for great love, but you can't even get any further than the first date?

Do you often get turned down while you are getting to know each other? Or do you think nobody is good enough to be your partner that you don't even start a relationship?

We often make a mistake ourselves by expecting way too much from love. Yes, love is wonderful, but romantic comedies often idealize it.

We then believe that a perfect person will suddenly appear in front of us, we will hear music from somewhere, it will be love at first sight, we will always live in harmony and spend our lives happily together.< /p>

That's the only way great love can look… Oh, how wrong!

Love at second or even twenty-second sight can be just as sweet. be. Since you're not perfect yourself, it's weird to expect our partner to be perfect.

A happy and successful relationship doesn't need perfectionism, just two people who are willing to compromise and actively work on the relationship.

3. Traumatic Breakup

No breakup is easy, but some are even harder. If you think you have found the love of your life and that from now on a beautiful future together is waiting for us, but then you are left, it can be very traumatic.

The lovesickness, that you then experience can be so strong that you lose faith in love.

It can be as bad or even worse if there was cheating in a relationship. Once you lose trust, it's hard to believe anyone again.

The old relationship can have a huge impact on the new relationship. It's very difficult to start a new relationship when you can't get over a breakup.

If you've been through a tough breakup, it might be better to give yourself some time before you start looking for a partner.

If you do start a new love affair, it's best if you're completely honest with your new partner.

Tell them what you've been through and how difficult it is for you right now, someone new to let into your life. If he shows understanding and patience, you'll know you have someone good on your side.

4. It's okay to be single

You enjoy your freedom and don't think you're missing anything in life? You only think about a relationship because others ask you why you are not in one? Or because all your friends are already in a committed relationship or marriage?

Being ready for a relationship has nothing to do with our age or stage in our life.

Alone, being happy and successful does mean that you are a very good potential partner, but if you don't feel that you really want a person in your life, don't force yourself into it just because someone expects it of you.

It will bring you no luck and neither will your potential partner. Just keep enjoying your life the way it is. It's never too late for love ?

Signs you're ready for a relationship

Now that you know t why you're still single, you're already well on your way to answering the am I ready for a relationship? question.

I have prepared some signs for you, which you can also use as a kind of test. If you recognize all, or at least most, of these signs, you have the answer to your question.

Here we go!

1. You love yourself

If we don't love ourselves for who we are, we can't expect the same from our partner. And if you don't love yourself, you can't love another person as they deserve.

Without self-love there is usually no self-confidence, which can lead to many problems in a relationship, such as a lack of trust and the resulting jealousy.

That's why it's so important to love yourself and to know what a catch you are and how lucky your partner is to have you around.

Love begins with self-love.

2. Realistic Expectations

Since you love yourself, you are also satisfied with your life. You are not looking for something from the outside that would fulfill your life. You know that inner peace and true happiness come from you alone.

Someone who seeks a partner who should fill their life will always be disappointed.< /p>

Everyone who is looking for a perfect partner will be just as disappointed. There are no perfect people, each of us has our corners and edges. True love means accepting someone even with their bad sides.

If you know that for a successful relationship, love alone is not enough if you know that you can be in a relationship has to work, that you shouldn't take anything for granted, then you're ready for a relationship.

3. Your ex is part of the past

Most of us have an ex who is or has been a big part of our lives.

Sometimes we have had a difficult breakup and lost faith in love or have a hard time trusting someone because the breakup hurt us so much.

Then that ex is like a shadow that haunts us and that we can't get rid of even though it's not really a part of our lives.

Others never really break up with their exes. Either he stays in your life as a friend and you continue to meet and do a lot together, or you have an on-off relationship with him.

Of course it is difficult to enter into a new relationship, when the ex is still around. Or at least it's still on your mind every day.

But if you have no idea where your ex-partner is, what he's doing, how he's doing or that doesn't matter at all in your Life is playing, even if you know it, you can be sure that you have overcome your relationship and breakup.

Only when you no longer have any unresolved relationship problems from the past can you be ready for a new relationship.

4. You want a partner

Well, that's the best sign you're ready for a relationship. If you are happy with your life but would like to share it with someone, then now is the right moment to start looking for a partner.

To share everyday life with someone and life as a couple enjoying is wonderful.

Creating a little cozy nest where all worries disappear and only love and joy awaits us is even better than having to create it on your own.< /p>

I wish you the best of luck in your search for love. And you have to know, if you find yourself in trouble on this quest, I'm here for you.

Together we solve all problems and sooner than you think you'll be enjoying your togetherness.

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