The fact that he had to hurt you only proves his weakness

That having to hurt you only proves his weakness

When your ex broke your heart, it took you a while to get better.

You went through several periods of grief, but in the end you didn't miss him the way you did before.

You still haven't completely gotten over it, but you've come to accept that it's over.


You stopped hoping that this man would knock on your door and ask for forgiveness.

So his absence is no longer a problem for you. Whether you liked it or not, you just had to learn to live without this man.

But what bothers you the most is that it all ended with no certainty or debate.

You need an explanation for your entire relationship. You want to know the reason your ex never treated you right.

When you think about the past, it seems like all he did was cause you pain.< /p>

He didn't break your heart when he left you. He did it all the time.

For years he used every opportunity to bully you and destroy your self-esteem.

< /p>

You were never good enough for him. He didn’t appreciate your efforts and never gave you the respect you deserved.

In fact, it looked like this man could only be happy when it hurts you.Like he enjoyed seeing you cry.

Seeing you on the ground brought him satisfaction and inexplicable joy.

Now, now that you've got it all behind you you're just asking yourself WHY. Why did he behave like this when it was the last thing you deserve?

< strong>After all, you only loved him. You never did anything to him and you tried everything to make him happy.

All these years you've just been trying to be the best friend in the world. You respected him, gave him your whole heart and saw a future with him despite his behavior.

You no longer think of him as the love of your life. Now all you want are answers.

Well, I'm here to give them to you.

Know you, this man is a narcissistic son of a bitch.Although he wanted you to think that he had high self-esteem, the truth is actually quite different.

On the contrary, he is terribly insecure, which is no justification for his behavior.

The only way he can get temporary relief from his emotional and mental problems is to beat you up.

< p>He only felt valuable when he put you down.He only felt confident when he destroyed your self-esteem.

He only felt like the greatest man in the world when he put you in fell into the abyss.

I bet it's the last thing on your mind, but the truth is he was intimidated by you.

< p>All this time he was fully aware of what an extraordinary lady you are.

At the same time, he also knew that he didn’t deserve you, and he was afraid that one day you would see that you would settle for less.

To prevent that, he thought he was would have to humble you.

It was the only way to bring you down to his level, because he could never rise to your level.

All along he wanted you to think he was the strong one. He pulled all the strings and played the dominant role in your relationship.

Nevertheless, the reality is that he is nothing but a giant coward and his need to hurt you is that living proof of his weakness.

It is living proof that he could never fight his demons and instead projected them onto you.

He never had the courage to fight his insecurities and instead he tried to project them onto you so he wouldn't feel inferior.

Go ahead don't worry your ex never really hated you. The horrible truth is that he actually hates himself.

He treated you like this because you represent everything he can never become.

Every quality of yours was a source of his frustration, and every accomplishment of yours reminded him that he is nothing but a failure.

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