The best relationship sayings for every moment of your partnership

The best relationship spells ;Cheer for every moment of your partnership

Am I ready for a relationship? we ask ourselves at least once in our lives. Whether we've just enjoyed being single for a long time or we're just recovering from a breakup, it's a tough one.

Letting someone into their lives and sharing everything with them has its good and bad Pages.

While loving and being loved is a beautiful feeling, remember that in order to have a happy relationship, you have to work at it from day one.

If you've already found your loved one, then you know what it's like. There are wonderful days when you celebrate love, but also some difficult times.

In this article you will find sayings that show both sides of a relationship, the joy of love and being in love, but also the agony of lovesickness. Hopefully you will also find a saying that is right for your situation.

But if you are wondering what is important in a relationship, you can find the answer here.

Beautiful relationship sayings: love and infatuation

Here you will find a selection of the most beautiful love sayings and beautiful sayings on the subject of love and infatuation.

1. Love lets you find those hidden places in another person. (Hilary T Smith)

2. The best relationship is one where you complement each other perfectly, like peanut butter and jelly.

3. A good relationship doesn't just happen overnight.

4. Love is life because it opens feelings, mind and senses.

5. Marry someone you can't imagine living without.

6. Don't ever forget to tell her how good she looks every day. Even on days when she doesn’t wear makeup and her hair isn’t done.

7. A true love story never ends.

8. You know you're in a real relationship when both your presence and absence matter to the other.

9. I want a relationship of the kind that makes others look at us and say I want what they have.

10. When two people in a relationship really care about each other, they will find a way to make it work.

11. Our soulmate is the one who brings life to life. (Richard Bach)

12. Not the perfect, but the imperfect need our love.

13. I have loved you since the moment I met you and I will love you forever.

14. Love Isn't All We Need – Love is all there is. (Morgan Matson)

15. There are people with whom you can let your legs and soul dangle. You can just be yourself, without a facade, without doubts, sometimes even without words.

These people are rare, once you've found one, you have to hold onto them.

16. My love for you only grows more every day.

17. I always feel like our love is as new as the first day I fell in love with you.

18. I can barely remember what I was doing with my life before you showed up.

19. Immature love says I love you because I need you. Mature love says: I need you because I love you. (Roy Croft)

20. With you I never have to pretend to be someone I'm not. I can be silly and goofy all I want when I'm with you.

21. Beauty does not decide who we love, but love decides who we find beautiful.

22. Every person's love is different, just as every person is different. (Christian von Kamp)

23. You know you've found someone special when they make you laugh and smile all the time.

24. No relationship is perfect, but a good relationship is worth the work.

25. Isn't it strange how someone who was once a stranger can become the love of your life?

26. The world can be a rough and confusing place, but I'm glad you're here with me to experience it.

27. The heart has good reasons for some things that reason doesn't even know…

28. Sometimes the best relationships are the ones that surprise you when you least expected them to happen.

29. I used to think I knew exactly what made my perfect soulmate. I was wrong, because you are even better than anything I ever imagined.

30. When you're in a real relationship, you never have to pretend to be someone you're not.

31. Thank you for letting me be myself and loving me for who I really am.

32. I can't wait to see where love will take us.

33. The love you take is equal to the love you make. (Paul McCartney)

34. When I'm in love, I catch myself smiling for no reason. (Nicholas Sparks)

35. Having complete trust in a loved one is like a child's basic trust in its mother; it knows instinctively to be loved even when making mistakes.

36. It's one thing to fall in love. It's another to feel someone else falling in love with you and to feel a responsibility towards that love. (David Levithan)

37. When we are together the world feels like it is in perfect harmony.

38. There's nothing you can do that can stop me from loving you.

39. I fear nothing – nothing – than the limits of your love.

40. Love means nothing if you're not willing to commit to it. (Nicholas Sparks)

41. Love is a two-way street that is constantly under construction. (Carroll Bryant)

42. The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: when there is a reaction, both are transformed. (Carl Jung)

43. Love is the gift of oneself to another – a gift that does not lead to loss but to fulfillment.

44. You are even better than a knight on a white steed because you are real and I know you were made just for me.

45. Love is when it's fun power to be faithful.

46. I'm a better person because of you. You help me to be the best person I can be and you always encourage me to reach my full potential.

47. In the best of relationships, you know each other's pasts and love each other even more because of it.

48. We'll have to work on this every day, but I want to do this because I want you.

49. Find someone who will make you a better person.

50. There is nothing better than being in a relationship with the person who is also your best friend.

Cute Relationship Sayings

These cute relationship sayings are ideal for congratulating your loved one on Valentine's Day. You don't always have to use the same words to say I love you.

1. I would rather spend one lifetime with you than live through all the ages of the world alone. (J.R.R. Tolkien)

2. I would rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you. (Pocahontas)

3. I will never love you less than I do, right this second. (Margaret Stohl)

4. Even if there are many fish in the sea, you are undoubtedly a perfect match for me.

5. There's no such thing as a boring day with you.

6. We balance each other out so perfectly.

7. Even after all this time you make me weak in the knees.

8. Everyone becomes a poet when touched by love

9. You are my favorite person of all time. (Rainbow Rowell)

10. I'd rather be poor and with you than a lonely millionaire. You are all the treasure I will ever really need in this life.

11. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are alike.

12. You are my dream and always have been. (Nicholas Sparks)

13. I've got a crush on your mind I have feelings for your personality. Your looks are just a bonus. (The Notebook)

14. There are many people who can call you by name, but there is only one person who makes it sound so special. (Kim Jarabelo)

15. The only true magic that exists for me is love.

16. You are my lucky charm. That's why I want you with me wherever I go.

17. Cuddling you is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

18. I think we're good individually, but together we're even better.

19. There aren't enough words in the dictionary to adequately describe how lucky I am to be with you.

20. You are my reflection, all I see is you. (Justin Timberlake)

21. You are my stronghold, my home, my everything.

22. I'll love you more and more when we're old and gray.

23. Take my hand and we can get through anything together.

24. I can't wait to someday tell our love story to our children and grandchildren.

25. Sometimes I catch myself smiling because I'm thinking of you.

26. Things of love can only be seen through the eyes of love.

27. Our life together is one for the history books.

28. I want everything about you, forever, every day. (Nicholas Sparks)

29. Kiss me and you will see how important I am. (Sylvia Plath)

30. You are the compass that guides me through life.

31. If I could go back in time to choose the love of my life, I would just try to find you a little earlier so I can spend even more time with you ;nne.

32. wish’ I have no companion in the world but you. (William Shakespeare)

33. I could start a fire with how I feel for you. (David Ramirez)

34. You always know how to make me smile even when I'm having a horrible day. You know me that well.

35. To me, waking up in the morning with messy hair and no makeup makes you look even more beautiful than spending an hour getting ready to go out.

You you are perfect to me and even more beautiful in your natural form.

36. You made me the man/woman I am today.

37. Forget fairy tales, I think our love story is the best story ever told.

38. Everything that happens is nicer with you. (Sandol Stoddard)

39. A real relationship is when two people who know they aren't perfect don't give up on each other.

40. I love being the reason you smile.

41. I could never quite express how grateful I am to have you in my life.

42. You changed my world the day I met you and I've never looked back since.

43. I already know the end of our love story. It's “and they lived happily ever after.”.

44. Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and becoming rich yourself.

45. No matter how bright the stars, moon and sun shine, you will always be the brightest thing in my life.

46. There's nothing you can do that can stop me from loving you.

47. Because of you, every day is a new adventure.

48. Today I love you more than yesterday, and less than I will love you tomorrow.

49. You make me see the world in bright colors when all I've seen before were dull shades of grey.

50. Close your eyes. Climb the rainbow with me. On a ray of sunshine. Up to the stars. To infinity.

51. I love that I can have you all to myself.

52. My life has been such a wonderful adventure since you've been here.

53. I don't mind if I'm not your first love, but I hope I'm your last.

54. No matter where I went, I always knew the way back to you. (Diana Peterfreund)

Sad relationship sayings: lovesickness, long-distance relationship and separation

Being in a relationship is not always easy. Problems, arguments and arguments often arise.

But true love is worth fighting for and not letting go right away. In difficult times you can seek consolation in these relationship sayings.

Relationship sayings lovesickness

You can write these sayings and wisdom to your partner, when there has been a quarrel or other problems between you, to show your willingness for a reconciliation.

You can also use them as WhatsApp status messages if you have something want to be more subtle.

1. The pink glasses often cause a dull look.

2. Trust is a delicate plant. Once it's destroyed, it won't come back any time soon.

3. A long argument proves both sides wrong.

4. I'd rather fight with you than make love with someone else.

5. Sometimes we disagree, but at the same time there's something perfect about you and me.

6. We give those we love the right to hurt us.

7. Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle. Only the drivers, the passengers and the road are problematic.

8. When in a relationship, never go to bed angry.

9. Sometimes someone in a relationship just wants to know that you care enough about them that you would fight for them.

10. Words do not lighten a heavy heart.

11. If you get a little jealous, at least that means you feel enough for that person.

12. Every couple has ups and downs, every couple fights and that's the thing – you are a couple and couples cannot function without trust. (Nicholas Sparks)

13. Never trust the words of a person who loves you. Because she lies. You can trust a stranger because he has nothing to lose.

14. No matter how long you've been in a relationship, remember that no one can read minds. Always communicating with each other.

15. When I was looking for you, you weren't there. When I found you, you walked away. But when I disappeared you sought me, and when I was lost you found me.

16. I don't care if we fight as long as we kiss and make up afterwards.

17. We were together. I forget the rest. (Walt Whitman)

18. We all deserve someone to love us, even when we're not at our best.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

A special kind of lovesickness can be experienced in a long-distance relationship. The joy of having a loved one is mixed with the sadness of not being able to be with them.

In a long-distance relationship, you have to cherish every beautiful moment together as you sometimes you don't know when you'll be together again.

Here you will find the most beautiful sayings, inspirational quotes and wisdom that will give you the strength to be persistent in your long-distance relationship.

1. Sometimes a long-distance relationship can give you a chance to really miss and appreciate each other.

2. I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I've been strong for too long.

3. Through the tears and the laughter we are stronger than ever.

4. The important thing is not the proximity of the cities, but the proximity of the heart.

5. Forgive me for not wanting to let you go. I know well, we'll get through this together and we'll be in each other's arms again soon.

6. Distance means nothing if you love someone enough.

7. 1000 wishes become small next to the big one to be with you!

8. When you write to each other, you are connected like a rope.

9. And when we're miles apart, I'm glad we know each other. You are one of those people who are never forgotten. Because you're special.

10. It's worth waiting for great happiness, even if it's sometimes difficult.

If you can't kiss your long-distance love every day, you can send him/her the most beautiful good night and good morning sayings by message!

Relationship sayings breakup

Not every relationship is a good relationship. Sometimes it's better to end the relationship than to be unhappy in one.

Whether you're the one who's breaking up or the one who's been abandoned, it's not easy. Every separation brings sadness.

Here you will find the best sayings that will help you to overcome your lovesickness.

1. Don't settle for a relationship where you can't be yourself. (Oprah)

2. Why didn't we manage to hold on?

3. I renounced myself for love of you. It would have been better if I had given up on you out of love for me.

4. You always hear about people who have lost their minds in love. But there are also many who have lost love out of sheer sanity. (Jean Paul)

5. Hopes and expectations are two different things. Don't settle for the former.

6. The greatest revelation is stillness.

7. Love is hard to find, nice to have, easy to lose and damn hard to forget.

8. Those who lose love should not search for their happiness obsessively. She will come back one day, albeit in a different guise.

9. I would be so lost without you.

10. Love begins with a smile, continues with a kiss and ends with a tear.

11. If I lost you I would cry, oh how I love you baby. (Ike and Tina Turner)

12. You'll never know how much I loved you because nobody asks a healed wound if it's ever hurt.

13. Come on let's play. I feel something you don't feel.

14. Sometimes you have to accept that some people always have a place in your heart but never in your life.

15. You have to treat your neighbor the way you want them to treat you.

16. The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to them and know that they will never be yours again.

Funny Relationship Sayings

To be in a happy relationship, it's also good to have things in common. One of them is also a similar sense of humor.

If you and your loved one can laugh about the same things, you have a better chance of your love lasting forever. Here you will find some funny sayings about life in a relationship.

1. If happiness is a drug, I want to be your dealer.

2. My relationship is like a Porsche. I don't have a Porsche!

3. A man is only truly married when he understands every word that his wife has not said. (Alfred Hitchcock)

4. In a good relationship, no one wears their pants. They only bother…

5. When a relationship breaks down, it's always both to blame. So the wife and the mother-in-law…

6. A relationship should be like a hot bath… let in. Enjoy. Stay until you wrinkled…

7. Looking for a stable relationship! Offer 1/3 duvet, can be extended by fighting…!!!

8. When we are in a relationship, your clothes are my clothes too. Don't ask me why I'm wearing your shirt. This is our shirt.

9. The man is the most popular of all inventions that are supposed to make work easier for women or to save them. (Oscar Wilde)

10. In the beginning a woman resists a man's onslaught, and in the end she prevents his retreat.

11. “Are you taken?” “Yes.” “Is it a serious relationship?” “Nope, sometimes we laugh too.”

12. After 4 years of relationship, my girlfriend still wants to rip my clothes off. Only to fill up the washing machine, but hey…!

13. Love: Two heads without a single thought. (Philip Barry)

14. Love is that you are the knife I dig into myself with.

15. A relationship is lived forward and understood backward. (Kenneth Branagh)

16. That's why it's called a crush. If it were easier, it would be called something else. (Sixteen Candles)

17. Every long and deep relationship begins with a short circuit between the heart and the brain. (Ernst Ferstl)

18. The perfect relationship is one where you can be weird together.

19. THERAPIST: ”And your partner not being into vinyl and not liking cats is such a big problem for the relationship?” CATWOMAN: “Yes.”

20. I am a woman. I can get jealous without us being in a relationship.

21. A wise man never contradicts a woman. He waits until she does it herself. (Humphrey Bogart)

22. In relationships where nothing is going on, the television is on.

23. I asked an old man who, at the age of 93, still called his wife ”my sweet”, ”my darling” and "my angel" tells you what the secret of their relationship is.

He replied: “I've forgotten her name for about 10 years and don't dare to ask.”

Anti-relationship spriü che

Not everyone's heart melts when it comes to relationships and not everyone longs for a partnership. There are many men and women who would rather be single than in a relationship.

The closest relationship sayings and relationship quotes also show the other side of the coin, why not every person in a relationship wants to be.

1. Marriage is an attempt to be at least half as happy as a couple as you were alone. (Oscar Wilde)

2. Freedom is the ability to forego opportunities. Use the freedom, renounce it and live in the here and now.

3. Most women will do anything to change a man and once they change him they don't like him anymore. (Marlene Dietrich)

4. We all use each other and call it love.

5. “Want to go with me?” "Where to?" “Nah, I mean being together like that.” ”Where are we supposed to be together?” “Nah, I mean start a committed relationship.” “Oh. No!”

6. When a man enters into a relationship with a woman, he also renounces the right to own a blanket!

7. “I would like to have a solid relationship. And you?” ”I’d like a beer” ”Orrr, I meant what you want for us” ”Oh, then 2 beers!”

8. A relationship is like a sports club, but sometimes you just want to play a few rounds without joining the club.

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