The best relationship of your life will be with someone who does these 10 things

You will have the best relationship of your life with someone who does these 10 things

1. He appreciates you

Be with someone who appreciates you because they know that women like you are hard to find these days.

< p>Someone who loves all your pros and cons and little imperfections because they make you so perfect.

Someone who doesn't mind putting in the extra effort to make you happy to make happy.

A man who puts your happiness first, because if you're happy, so will he.

2. He supports you

Be with a man who supports you with all your dreams. With a man who doesn't hold you back and lets you do whatever makes you happy.

Be with the man who will help you grow and be the best version to become of yourself.

The one who will see all your mistakes, who will still choose you every day.

3. He's proud of you

If your man is proud of you, it means he cares about you and the things you do matter to him too are.

Such a man will always give you a boost when you think you are too weak to fly.

He will be your common sense when you don't think clearly.

He will listen to your opinion before making decisions for both of you.

He is the one who will support your ideas even if they are not the best in the world. It only matters to him that it's yours.

4. He's trying

He won't stop trying just because you're in an already long-term relationship.

He will always try his best for you because he is afraid that another man will come into your life and give you everything he could not.

He will keep the spark alive in your relationship and making sure you grow as a couple.

He can't even imagine giving up on you or leaving you out of his plans.

5. He will protect you

A man who can protect you is halfway to winning your heart.

If you're comfortable in your own skin when you're with him and you know that he would never intentionally hurt you, then you don't need to look for that in another man.

You will have all the ingredients for lasting love and be so thankful that God put him into your life.

You will always know that a man like that is on your side will be and will never let anything bad happen to you.

6. He can open up to you

A man who will just let down the walls in front of you is really someone you can spend the rest of your life with.

It means he can trust you and consider you his best friend.

He will tell you his darkest secrets without fear that you will tell someone else.

A guy like this knows what kind of woman he is by his side and he is grateful for every day he spends with you.

7. He will laugh with you

Meeting a guy who is able to have a great time with you regardless of the circumstances is the best thing there is!

It means that you are both true soul mates and one have true and great love.

This is just a sign that you are compatible and belong to each other on all levels.

I know it's important for you to laugh and have a great time now, but imagine how important it will be when you grow old with him.

8. He accepts you for who you are

When a man accepts you for who you are without wanting to change, that's a surefire sign that he is head over heels in love with you.

A man like this can offer you the best relationship of your life because he will only focus on all the good things.

There won't be any bad ones, there won't be anything to work on or fix.

He just wants you by his side 'till death do you part.

9. He trusts you

If the man you've fallen in love with trusts you, you don't have to worry about him being skeptical of the other men in your life ;might be over.

You'll be able to have lunch or dinner with your male co-workers without worrying about him freaking out.

He knows what kind of person you are and that you would never do anything to hurt him.

He knows that what you both have is valuable and that only a fool would risk that for a one night stand.

10. He really loves you

You can have anything in a relationship, but when there's no love there's really nothing to hold on to.

< p>But if a man loves you the way you are and doesn't want to change you a bit, then he's the one.

It means he's happy with his choice and loves it to be near you.

And all his efforts to make you happy, all his support when you're down, and all his words of comfort when makes you feel like shit are just a testament to what is missing most in the contemporary world – this vintage love!

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