The 8 most common things men say when they don't care about you

The 8 most common things men say when they don't care about you

If a man doesn't care about you, then he will behave differently.

He will not lift a finger to work on the relationship or to make you happy.

Additionally, he will say things that are hurtful and condescending.

What he says will make clear his indifference and lack of interest in you and your life.

Here are some of the most common things guys say when they don't care about you are:

1. “It's your fault, not mine.”

He will try to break the gameß turn around and make it all seem like your fault.

He will twist the story to suit him.

He will turn the words in your mouth and you make you think you're doing something wrong.

He's so good at playing the victim that he doesn't even bother trying.

He's just too self-absorbed to admit that you're right.

2. “That was never the problem – you just think too much.”

He wants your problems and worries to seem small, so he manipulates you into thinking you are exaggerating.< /p>

If you know you're legitimately upset about something, don't ignore it just because he says it's not a big deal and that you're making a giant out of a mosquito or analyze too much.

3. ”Do what you want!”

”Do what you want” is his comment on almost anything you want to do.

You already know you can do whatever you want, so it's redundant and condescending of him to say that.

He no longer wants to be an active participant in your life or share his insights with you.

By saying so, he is showing his indifference.

4 . “If you have a problem with that, find someone else.”

He doesn't want to clarify anything. He just wants to sit still and show his bad behavior or leave.

If a man cares about you, he will reconsider his actions and do his best to find common ground with you .

He would never push you away or say anything like that. It's not complicated, he just doesn't care that much about you. 

5. ”I don’t need to explain myself.”

In cases where the woman is overly jealous for no apparent reason and is acting more like a detective than his partner, this statement is not offensive.

But in almost all other cases She's a red rag to everyone.

Why not explain your actions to a person you care about?

Is your relationship nothing worth your words is?

If he doesn't want to get things straight and be open and honest with you, then clearly he doesn't care about you at all.

6. “Your friends are jerks”

Or any similar statement is something to be angry about.

If he respects you, he should also respect your friends.

He may or may not like them, but he should never speak ill of them.

They are an important part of you life and that's how he should treat her.

7. “I don't care if you meet someone else.”

That statement is pretty blunt and painful.

Of course you don't want an over-enthusiastic boyfriend, but he should care if you date other people or have sex with them.

If he says something like that, he sure as hell doesn't care about you – don't doubt it for a second.

8. “I can't take care of you right now.”

He's sort of saying he doesn't have time for you or your problems.

He says it's not his problem and he doesn't want to waste his time dealing with it.

You're only worth his time when everything is going well in your life and you have no problems.

Relationships are all about discussing the good and bad.

When he's escaping a conversation, when things are going downhill for you or if you're hurt or upset, he doesn't care enough and isn't the one who deserves your time.

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