The 5 most painful things any narcissist will do to you

The 5 Most Painful Things Any Narcissist Will Do to You

Under normal circumstances, the worst outcome of a harrowing breakup is a broken heart. Unless you've been with a narcissist.

Don't get me wrong – I'm not trying to say that a broken heart isn't a big deal as it is definitely one of the most painful things we all experience.

But narcissists don't stop with a broken heart, and the consequences of a relationship with them are far more devastating.

1. They humiliate you

The first thing every narcissist tries to do right from the start is to demean their victim. And what's even worse is that they do it at first without you even realizing it.

You know, narcissists have a big problem with their low self-esteem.< /p>

They don't feel good about themselves even though they claim to be the most confident people ever.

And the only way they can make you feel the same is to drag you down to their level. They know they can't control the independent, strong woman you are.

So a narcissist makes it their mission to distort your self-image.

He will enrich your insecurities and do everything in his power to make you think as little of yourself as possible.

2. Gaslighting

Another technique that all narcissists use is gaslighting.

When a narcissist gaslights you, they make you question your own sanity and they try to convince you that you're the maniac, when actually it's the other way around.

This one Man will make you doubt your own words and actions.

He will lie, manipulate you and try to convince you of something that is not true just to make you am end up looking like a bad guy.

This man will twist everything that happens between the two of you until he completely gets inside your head and you start believing every single word he says.

3. They make you feel guilty

Narcissists have no sense of responsibility. And even if they know they're to blame, they won't admit it to anyone, let alone their victim.

Each narcissist has their own way of justifying themselves and their toxic behavior.

< p>ber he won't stop there – he also wants to convince you that you are the one to blame for everything that goes wrong in your relationship.

Of course, in the beginning you are well aware how it all works.

But in the end, this man manages to convince you that you are the cause of all the problems in your relationship and that you are the one who is needs to improve.

Even when a narcissist pretends to take the blame, they do it in a twisted and sick way.

Even when they're asking for forgiveness and admitting they're at fault , he will manipulate you into thinking that you were the one who made him be this way and the one who made him hurt you.

At the end you start to think that you deserve it and that you deserve everything this man did to you. And that's been a narcissist's master plan all along.

4. They change the essence of your personality

As has been said before, narcissistic people don't stop when they break your heart.

No, they have a need to destroy you completely and also to destroy your mind in any way they can.

After spending years with someone like that, you find it hard to recognize yourself because they have erased every trace of the person you were before they came into your life.

You lose find yourself completely in this quest for happiness alongside the wrong man.

And when a narcissist sees that they have succeeded in their endeavor, they think they have won.

He knows that he has managed to leave a lasting mark on your personality and that boosts his ego disproportionately.

5. They make you lose your faith

Leaving a narcissist is one of the hardest things to do. And if you went through that, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

But the healing process after narcissistic abuse is even more difficult.

You know, being a narcissist brings cause you to lose faith in men and people in general.

This man has done you so much harm that it is only logical for you to expect that everyone else man in your life will treat you the same way.

You think that everyone has the intention of breaking your heart and that there is no man on this planet who will truly love and appreciate you .

But the worst part is that narcissists make you lose faith in yourself.

They convince you that you cannot be loved and that you don't deserve to find true love.

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