The 3 sex secrets of happy couples you should know

The 3 Sex Secrets of Happy Couples You Should Know

We all know that sex is not the most important part of a relationship. However, it is an integral part.

It separates friendship from a relationship. It brings couples closer together.

You know what they say: when the sex is great, it's only 20% of a relationship and when it's bad, that's all.< /p>

This is all you know, and it fills you with dissatisfaction and disappointment.

You actually feel like you're missing something. And indeed you do – you miss sexual tension, a connection, passion and bonding that we all naturally crave.

To prevent that from happening, we need to know a few little secrets that all happy couples share know.

In a way we can learn from them and listen to their advice because they obviously know what they are talking about.

1. The desire doesn't go away (if you don't let it)

The frequency of your sexual activity will inevitably decrease.

You cannot stay in the honeymoon phase of the relationship forever and be there all the time.

< p>However, if you have a real connection, the quality never decreases. It doesn't matter how often you have sex, it matters more that it's satisfying and pleasurable.

Just because you spend so much time with someone doesn't mean you stop wanting them.

Every day you can find something that you find sexy and compelling about your partner. You just have to remember to look.

2. Pleasing your partner is a must

Selfishness is not something that will perpetuate your relationship and the same goes for the sexual aspects of your relationship.

< p>No one wants to have a partner who is only focused on their own pleasure.

It can be very frustrating when your partner doesn't care if you cum and is only focused on themselves.

It immediately puts you in a state where you are neither emotionally nor sexually satisfied.

So make sure your partner knows that you care about them and that you care about their needs.

Let them see that you still care ;ere satisfaction is in making him scream and beg for more.

Relationships are about mutual pleasure, to make each other happy in life and in bed.

3. You have to innovate

Your sex life requires actual work. It takes investment, effort, and back and forth, injecting yourself with something new.

It can't always stay as fresh, interesting, or fun as it was in the beginning.

< p>So if you and your partner are open to new things easily, you will have no problems in this area.

New ideas are more than welcome. They don't have to be over the top either.

Sometimes things that are so simple can make a huge difference, like having sex on the kitchen counter instead of in bed , try a new position or kiss longer.

There are so many things you can do, you just need to explore, express and undress each other .


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