The 10 qualities of a good partner

The 10 properties of a good partner

There are many men who are willing to get involved in something serious. There are men out there who are looking for the right partner who will make them feel like they have found their other half and the undertaking is amazing but they are trying to fulfill their dreams ;to achieve with the wrong women.

If you are a grown man looking for a good woman to form a relationship with, it helps to know what makes a good woman.

1. Finding the right woman won't be easy

You won't always get what you want right away. She won't dance to your beat – she dances to her own music. She won't start the conversation with nude photos.

You can stop dreaming about it because she has principles and knows how hard it is to find a good man.

2. You will have to wait a while for sex

She's not prude, but she doesn't just search for her soulmate through physical affection. Sex seems to be the main topic in relationships today. You've only known each other for a few days and are about to get into the box.

A real woman will keep you waiting because she values ​​what's on your mind more than what's on your pants.

No, you can't sleep with other women , until she finally thinks it's time because you're only going to lose her that way.

3. She won't be crazy about you

You won't have to ask her for more space.

A sign that your girlfriend is a good woman will be seen in the space you have because she won't cling to you and beg you to talk to her all the time.

Her will give you your space without asking, because she's a grown woman who needs her own space too.

4. You will not find the right woman in a girl

If you are looking for a responsible woman who can handle a grown man, you will not find her in an 18 year old ;find your girl.

She may look perfect, but what can become of a grown man and girl in the long run?

The right woman has been in this world for a fair amount of time and has life experience and white color ; how everything works. That's why it's better to be with her.

5. No, you won't share every interest

And you shouldn't either. A good friend doesn't like everything you like or doesn't do everything the way you do.

Opposites sometimes attract and she won't get attached to you while you're doing something you like.

Instead, she will take the opportunity to pursue her own interests and she can Tell each other about your day later because I'm sure you'll be glad you spent time doing things you like instead of forcing each other to do something you don't really like .

6. It will feel so good with her that you will forget all other women

She will be very different from your ex and you will never even think of comparing the two. Do you know why?

Because she is a woman in her own right and doesn't do anything your ex did. Since things are going well with her, you will never have to think of anyone else.

Never mind – she will always be better than them.

7. She is not a model

And that shouldn't bother you unless you're Ryan Gosling himself.

She's not Adriana Lima, she's wearing her own beauty. The problem is that men want a good woman, but at the same time expect her to be a top model.

It's okay to have a few quirks here and there, because those are the most end not important. Forget her – they are irrelevant if you have the right woman by your side.

8. She has no ultimatums

She won't give you ultimatums, because this woman cares that you are doing well in the relationship.

Your feelings are important to her and that's why she won't force you to stand between her and a Matter to decide.

She won't make you any “marry me or leave” speeches because she doesn't want to force anything. She knows that women who do this are not fit for a relationship and only care about themselves.

9. She's the one you can trust when it comes to deep conversations

Sometimes she can't quite understand your situation, but it's only because she's never experienced it herself.

It never will be because she doesn't care. You will always want to talk to her first.

She will always be your first choice when you want to tell something because you know that she will listen and make an effort ;ht to see things from your point of view.

10. Everything in your relationship will feel amazing

Once you have a grown woman by your side, she will make you feel like home.

It will always feel like the right decision no matter how many ups and downs you go through together.

Do you know why? Because the bad moments outnumber the good by at least five times.

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