That's why you're going to have the relationship of a lifetime with the girl who went through hell

Therefore you will have the relationship of your life with the girl who went through hell

1. She will help you deal with your problems

One such girl has been through hell and back before and she knows; what it means to suffer. Things she's been through are things she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy, and if she sees you struggling, she'll be there for you.

She will hold your hand tighter when you push her away. She will follow you if you decide to run away. She will do all this because she behaved the same way, but unfortunately nobody was there to help her at the time.

2. She will understand

If you tell her that you are not comfortable with something, she will not judge you but will understand. She knows that we are not all the same and that different people fear different things.

A girl like her will always be helpful and try to make you feel like happiness and respect when you are with her. She will give you everything she craved then and never got.

She will help you heal without touching you, just with her words.

3. She will analyze things

She has to do this because she's been hurt too many times before. She just doesn't want to have her heart broken again and that's why she will analyze what you say so she can discuss it later.

If you have a problem, she will come up with your best Assemble a friend and talk to him so the two of you can function.

She's not one to give up and when she decides to do something, she sticks with it, no matter how difficult it is.

4. She will try

This girl knows that making an effort is essential to make something work. She has had meaningless relationships and they have all failed due to a lack of effort.

So she will do everything in her power to make things work out for both of you. You'll never see her give up and she'll never be the one to start an argument.

She's someone who likes to settle things in a calm way, so there won't be any raised voices or swearing with her give. She is an adult and she acts like one, with no drama in her life.

5. She will tell you her darkest secrets

She will admit that she was broken many times. However, she won't say this to make you feel sorry for her, but to make you feel closer.

She knows that intimacy is very important in a relationship, so she wants that you know everything about her, good and bad.

She doesn’t want to fool you, she wants you to get to know her and see if you can follow her and carry her ‘luggage’ you're okay She will be honest with you from the start and will never intentionally hurt you.

6. She doesn't need a perfect man

What she really wants is someone on her wavelength – a man who is perfect in her eyes. She wants a man who will love her even when she's a little crazy, when she's suffocating and when she's clingy.

And when she finds that man, she will give herself to him completely .

7. She will be your best friend

She knows that for a couple to develop a stable relationship, they need to get to know each other well.

That's why she will try to be your best friend first and if you feel connected on an emotional level, she will try more than friendship.

She just wants a man she can believe in and who won't run away from the next difficulty.

8. She is grateful for the little things

Such a girl does not need expensive gifts as proof of your love. She'd rather have little things, like a sneaky kiss when nobody's looking, a rose from your garden, or an “I love you” when she least expects it.

She knows that little things matter and doesn't need to be impressed with something big from you. She wants you to shower her with loyalty because she knows that feelings are more important than material things.


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