Strong women need men who are even stronger

Strong women need Men who are even stronger

We often hear about how strong women intimidate men. That's not true.

You don't intimidate all men. They only intimidate those weaker than them.

Which is no surprise. Men who only talk but do nothing have nothing to offer a strong woman.

You cannot feed her with false promises and superficial stories – at least not for long.

A strong woman requires action and content. That's why she needs a man who is even stronger than she is.

She needs a man who will give her as much as she gives him.

And let's be honest – she doesn't need much. But respect, trust, genuine feelings and a reasonable dose of affection would do.

Unfortunately, she lacks even that most of the time.

She needs to see kö Know that the man she's dating isn't afraid to pull up his sleeves and start the relationship with her.

She doesn't need him to do all the work. They will invest equally.

Love must be reciprocated and nurtured, otherwise it is all in vain.

There is no point in forcing things or being the one with the heaviest burden on your back.

She already did that. It never worked.

She doesn't want to find herself again in the middle of a relationship where she feels lonely, a relationship where all her efforts are only half met ;repaid.

If you ask a strong woman, nothing in the world is sexier than a man making an effort.

She will immediately admire his initiative and be amazed by his tenacity.

A man who doesn’t give up at the first obstacle and is willing to step out of his comfort zone and do just a little bit more is the right man for her.

He will make her feel safe give.

He will gradually tear down the walls she has built around herself over the years.

He is becoming patient and he won't mind taking it slow. He knows that all good things take time.

He will be there to remind her that she doesn't have to carry all the burdens herself.

From time to time it's ok to relax, slow down and enjoy life.

She tends to be hard on herself and is her own worst critic . A strong man will calm her down.

He will calm her down and tell her that she doesn't always have to be perfect.

He will teach her that everything doesn't have to be planned.< /p>

Sometimes the best things are done in the heat of the moment, things you don't think about and just do.

This man will know that she would never ask for help and that is why he will help without asking her.

She is used to relying on herself and everything will be her be unfamiliar.

But once she gets used to it, it will be like a breath of fresh air, a change for the better that she has always needed.< /p>

She knows that he’s there for her, even if he’s not physically present at times.

Throughout their busy day, his kiss and warm hug becomes everlasting something to look forward to.

She knows that even when he is around, she is more than capable enough on her own feet but that doesn't make him any less important.

She wants him in her life with all her heart.

She knows&rszlig; that ”Even Superwoman sometimes needed Superman’s soul” (Sia)

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