Strong women don't give players a second chance

Strong women don't give players second chance

I know you're used to women always having their doors and hands open for you, no matter what you're doing.

That women always forgive your misdeeds and take you back no matter how you treat them.

You're a big deal, aren't you? A player who can get any woman he wants – nobody could resist such a macho man.

Well, I'll tell you something now: it doesn't work that way with this woman. Because she's unlike anyone you've ever known.

You know with a strong woman like her you only have one try. And if you fail, you're out of the game forever.

A woman like that will wear her whole heart for you on her sleeve.

She will love you like no other, take care of you, listen to your needs and respect you.

But she will only do all this as long as you love her back – as long as you put as much effort into your relationship as she does.

But be careful: If she notices that you are just fooling her, she will dump you.

She will neither warn you, nor beg you to change, nor give you an ultimatum.

She'll just pack her bags and leave you in the past where you belong.

Before you get involved with someone like her, remember that she’s no ordinary woman.

First of all, she will not play mind games with you.< /p>

Not that she doesn’t know how to play it, she just doesn’t want to as she sees it as a waste of her precious time and energy.

She is an adult and mature woman and the last thing she needs is a man who has no idea what he wants and who can't decide for her.

She's not going to wait for you to finally figure out what you want from her, or for you to finally give her the title she deserves and make your relationship official.

You have to do one thing understand: this woman doesn’t need you, she chose to be with you and she can just as easily choose to live without you.

She is not and never will be dependent on you financially or emotionally. She is not afraid of being alone, nor does she believe that if you two break up, she will never find someone else.

So a woman like her has absolutely no reason to be yours Putting up with crap.

Remember, she's not an unstable woman who you can manipulate and emotionally blackmail into feeling sorry for you and emotionally blackmailing you every time you make a mistake takes you back.

As much as she loves you, she doesn't idealize you and she will see through you.

She won't romanticize or justify your mistakes, or pretend that somewhere deep inside you still love her.

Most of all, you will as much as she loves you, she loves herself more and more.

That's why she won't give you or anyone else a chance to hurt her and break her heart again break it because she's smart enough to know that a second chance is nothing more than a green light for you to continue with your toxic behavior.

She seems a whole lot work, right? Well, not if your intentions are pure.

If you're a normal guy who won't act like an idiot and will love her with all your heart, none of this will be a problem for you. r be you

Just don't screw it up and you won't need a second chance at all.

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